Apr 18

Quick Print

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Quick Print

A handy utility that allows you to print in an incredibly quick way.

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $6.99

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Quick Print prints the Finder's selected items without opening the native application and prints the Clipboard.

Currently it supports:





Text files

Web browser files



Content of folders

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later and Intel Mac – Full Mavericks compatibility.

Apr 17

Mail Stationery

Once in a while, plain words are just not enough.

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Jumsoft presents the Mail Stationery collection of 150 high-quality templates for Apple's Mail, divided into 9 categories. Our professional designers have produced not only visually attractive but also highly functional designs to enhance your emails. Most of the templates come with up to eight extra color themes or design variations, which will maximize your available choices for creative solutions. You can explore these by simply clicking on the background of an email created with your choice of stationery.


System Requirements:

OS X 10.6.6 or later, Mail

Apr 16

SixtyFour for Mac

Reduce Memory Overhead by Opening Apps in 32-Bit Mode.


SixtyFour presents a list of 64-bit apps that can open in 32-bit mode and facilitates the setting of a preference to force a listed app to open in 32-bit mode.


Normally: $2.99

ZOT Price: $0.99

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SixtyFour, a Memory Optimizer for Mac

Not all Macs are created equal. Not every Mac comes with the RAM needed to open and run a dozen RAM-hungry Mac apps.
If your Mac is older, or short on RAM, there’s a system utility to help you reduce memory usage and start up apps faster. All you need is any recent 64-bit Intel-powered Mac, or even a G5-powered PowerPC Mac.
In tough economic times some of us may have to extend the life of our Macs. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest Mac that’s loaded with lots of app-crushing RAM.
If you want to run more apps at the same time, and, at the same time, open apps faster, but can’t upgrade to the newer, faster Macs with more RAM, this is the app for you!

SixtyFour's main aim is to improve performance of Macs with less RAM and extend the life of older Macs.

What SixtyFour does is simple. An app usually contains several versions of the code: a version intended to run on 32-bit Intel processors, another one meant for the more recent 64-bit Intel processors. This ensures that the app will run on all the platforms that support OS X. SixtyFour analyzes the apps you have installed and ignores apps that will only open in 32-bit mode or 64-bit mode, leaving only 64-bit apps that can open in 32-bit mode.
SixtyFour is simple to set up and use. When SixtyFour starts, it presents a list of 64-bit apps that can open in 32-bit mode. A selected check box indicates that the app will open in 32-bit mode and a non-selected check box indicates that the app will open in 64-bit mode. Check those 64-bit apps you want to run in 32-bit mode, and you’re good to go. Changes made in SixtyFour will be kept across reboots. It is not required to keep SixtyFour running. That's it!

Apps running in 32-bit mode on your Mac take up far less RAM.

Forcing a 64-bit app to open in 32-bit mode reduces its memory usage significantly and its startup time. Opening a 64-bit app in 32-bit mode reduces its memory usage by at least 10% and not uncommonly as much as 50%.
On Intel-based Macs the lower RAM requirements and reduced startup times are quite notable. Even on older, PowerPC-based Macs (certain G5?s only), the result is that apps use less RAM, and usually start up faster. SixtyFour works especially well with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion releases of OS X. That means you can keep your Mac running longer, but running better.

Expert Reviews:

"SixtyFour is one of those rare Mac apps that helps you keep your Mac longer, even when today’s apps are 64-bit and require much more RAM than Macs of just a few years ago." – Mac360

Client's Testimonials:

"Memory is king. By forcing some apps into 32-bit mode does save me more RAM for running memory-hungry applications." – Tom Tsui
"It's a very good little application, quite helpful to run those everyday applications in 32-bit mode in Lion, i.e., Safari, Mail, WebProcess, etc., to reduce memory usage. For more demanding applications, 64-bit is good." – Edgar Cabrera

System Requirements:

Intel/PPC, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.5 or later

Apr 15


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Your new "Swiss army knife" typeface

Normally: $44.00

ZOT Price: $15.99

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Cantiga is an all new quality typeface from Isaco Type on Fontbundlr. Cantiga is intended to be used in a variety of applications and styles. It is ideal for large titles as well as body text. The many styles of Cantiga make it ideal for websites, logos, business cards, and more!
- A workhorse typeface
Each "big" family of Cantiga (Normal & Condensed) has 11 versions with its respective italics, totaling 44 fonts for all purposes.

- Impressive details

Besides the sobriety of sans fonts in text blocks, Cantiga has charming details, with delicate endings and junctions, perfect for titles.

- Rigorously tested

Each version undergoes a battery of tests, with a systematic review of each "font table" (internal data of final files). This eliminates the possibility of errors in the font.

- Format & Language

Cantiga fonts are available in OpenType PS format and have an extended character set to support CE, Baltic, Turkish as well as Western European languages.
- Licensing
By purchasing this copy of Cantiga, you are able to use this font for web and desktop use only. You may not resell, modify, or share this font.
Another deal by Fontbundlr

Apr 14

Output Factory Server

Automate Adobe InDesign's output workflow with hot folders

Normally: $699.95

ZOT Price: $349.95

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Automate InDesign's output with hot folders Output Factory Server is a powerful output workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign, which automates printing and exporting by processing files from watched hot folders. Output Factory Server offloads output from InDesign to a central system leaving operator stations free from the output process.



Watched hot folders
Print and export InDesign documents automatically from watched hot folders. Output Factory Server is intended to run on a dedicated workstation and serve unlimited number of users via hot folders on a network.
Create hot folders for various workflows such as hi-res PDF, laser printer, EPUB etc. Users can submit single files or collected jobs and books. Fonts will be auto-activated if needed.
Output Factory: TIFF export from InDesign (screenshot)

Powerful output options

Export InDesign documents as single pages. Update links automatically. Output files invisibly, accelerating the output dramatically. These are only a few of available options to streamline and simplify your everyday production workflow.

All the formats you need
Output Factory supports printing and exporting to PDF, PostScript, EPS, Flash, IDML, HTML, EPUB, INDD and several image formats.
InDesign formats
Variable file names
Output Factory offers unmatched abilities to create variable output file names. Compose file names interactively using powerful tokens with unlimited name parts. You can even insert dynamic content from your documents using the script label variable. Output Factory for InDesign: variable file names (screenshot)
Layer versioning
Output InDesign layers and their combinations as separate files automatically – an indispensable feature for multilingual documents publishing and other projects with layered contents. Output Factory for InDesign: layer versioning (screenshot)
Preflight InDesign files
With Output Factory, output errors are a thing of the past. Thoroughly check files using InDesign's built-in preflight or Output Factory's own options, and define conditions for skipping files. Errors will be stored in the History with their detailed description. Output Factory for InDesign: preflight options (screenshot)
PDF preflight
Output Factory can also automatically check final PDFs using Acrobat Pro's preflight droplets, increasing your confidence in the final output even further.
Email notifications
Output Factory Server can send automatic e-mail notifications based on powerful variable templates. Notifications can be triggered by errors and other events. Output Factory for InDesign: email settings (screenshot)
File delivery
Send output files to FTP, Amazon S3 and other servers or by email via seamless integration with Deliver and Deliver Express. Output Factory for InDesign: delivery settings (screenshot)
Keep track of all processed jobs as well as errors, warnings and final output files. Output Factory for InDesign: history (screenshot)


Output Factory Server: What's new compared to BatchOutput Server

Support for EPS, Flash, EPUB, HTML, IDML, INDD and several image formats
Layer versioning: output layer combinations as single files
Preflighting (InDesign based or basic)
Token-based variable file names
Split InDesign files into single-page files
Revamped and streamlined user interface
Workflow-based email settings
File delivery to FTP, Amazon S3 and other servers
Improved stability and reliability


System Requirements:

Adobe InDesign CS3-CC
Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9

Apr 12

Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac 75% Off Now!

The world’s best combined and fasted Video Converter software and DVD Ripper software for Mac users!

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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For most people, especially movie fans, watching movies on Mac computer is not an easy task as Mac computer gets quite few media player software apps to play movies in various formats. For example, if you want to play WMV movies or RMVB movies on QuickTime, you might get stuck for the format incompatibility. Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac offers the best solution for Mac movie fans to handle the format incompatibility issues.


Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac includes almost all media converting solutions for Mac users. It offers comprehensive solutions for Mac users who want to handle DVD, video and audio conversions on their Mac computer (including the latest Mavericks). This 3-in-1 media converter suite could act as Mac video converter, Mac DVD converter and Mac audio converter. It could help Mac movie fans convert DVD/video to videos in multiple formats, and get audios out of DVD/video/audio for multiple audio players in lossless quality. Also, 3 bonus functions make it more popular. The built-in Photo Slideshow Maker helps generate slideshow videos from photo collections in one click, the Screen Recorder captures any on-screen activity while the Webcam Recorder records videos with Mac's built-in camera or external webcam. Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac could convert created photo slideshows and  recorded videos to other formats like MP4, AVI, FLV,etc. for multiple uses. Besides, it also features some quite easy to use but powerful user-friendly bonus functions like the video editor, built-in 3D movie converter, subtitles selector and loader, media player, etc.


Key Features


Convert DVD/video on Mac to 180+ formats

Designed as a professional media converter for Mac OS, Leawo’s Video Converter Pro for Mac offers comprehensive solutions for Mac users to solve format incompatibility issues between video, DVD and audio files. It could convert DVD and SD/HD video to videos in 180+ formats like AVI, MP4, WEBM, RMVB, RM, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MOV, M4V, FLV, F4V, MKV, WMV, 3GP, MTS/M2TS/TS/TP/TRP(AVCHD, H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2 HD), MOD, TOD, DV, ASF, 3G2, DVR-MS, etc., and extract audios off video/DVD and convert audios to save in FLAC, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, M4A, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, AU, WAV, WMA, MKA, etc. High quality output video and audio files are ensured with advanced technology included.


Convert DVD/video on Mac with preferred subtitles retained

For movie enjoying, subtitles and audio tracks play a very important role in satisfactory movie experience, while Leawo’s Video Converter Pro for Mac allows you to select and retain subtitles and audio tracks from source video and DVD movies for output files. What’s more, for source videos, it could even allow you to load external subtitles for output files. The subtitles, audios and videos are well synchronized in the output files.


Get videos in desired video and audio parameters

To let you enjoy movies on multiple media players or popular devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Surface, Android devices, Windows devices, etc., this Mac video converter suite offers 180+ profiles, including profiles specified for different devices. You could directly select to convert DVD/video to your own devices, with no worry about the video and audio codec issues. For further controlling of the output files, it offers you the chance to adjust the video and audio parameters of output files according to your target devices. These adjustable parameters include video codec, video size, quality, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, channel, etc.


Convert DVD/video on Mac for multiple uses

Not only for movie enjoying, this Video Converter Pro for Mac is also perfect for people who want to edit DVD/video files in iMovie or FCP, or upload DVD/video to YouTube and blog, but have been blocked by the format incompatibility issues. With this video converter combo, you could realize almost everything on your Mac computer.


Create photo slideshows in one click

Featuring a built-in Photo Slideshow Creator, this Video Converter Pro for Mac could help you easily turn your photo collections into photo slideshow videos in one click, and then assist you to edit created photo slideshows, and convert generated photo slideshow videos to other formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. for uploading to YouTube, editing in iMovie or playing on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices, Microsoft Windows devices, etc. 


Screen Saver to record on-screen actions

With a Screen Recorder, Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac allows you to easily record any on-screen activity into MOV videos. You could create game walkthrough or tutorial video for uploading to YouTube or blog for sharing. This Video Converter Pro for Mac also allows you to convert recorded screen activity videos to other formats for diverse uses.


Webcam Recorder records videos with camera

Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac also includes a Webcam Recorder that could record video with Mac's built-in camera or external webcam in MOV format, and then help you convert recorded video to FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. on Mac for multiple purposes. It even allows you to edit the recorded videos with the internal video editor and add 3D effect via the built-in 2D to 3D converter. Thus you can upload to YouTube, FaceBook or simply play it on your iPad, iPhone, Android device or 3D movie players.


Video editor and 3D movie creator

The bonus features also make Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac top others. It includes a simple video editor, with which Mac users could trim video length to get desired clips converted, crop video size to remove black margin, adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation and volume to change video effect, rotate video angle, apply image or text watermark as signature, etc. Meanwhile, the internal 2D to 3D converter could allow Mac users to create 3D movies out of 2D DVD/video files, with 6 different 3D movie effects available: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved and Side by Side. By changing the 3D depth, people could get vivid 3D movies.


Useful bonus features

With a neat and clean program interface, Leawo Video Converter Pro for Mac is quite easy to use. It gets a built-in media player that allows people to play source DVD/video/audio files, preview video editing effects and preview 3D movie effects. Also, it supports batch conversion, quick profile setting via the profile search bar, merging files into one big file for continuous movie enjoying, etc.


"This is my first use of this product for "Mac". I have used a similar product for Windows since May, 2011 and it has always functioned properly. I have now gone to the "dark side" and using Mac, so I will write another review in the future to let you know. The trial of this product worked just fine. I would recommend it to anyone.

                                                                                                                                 – From Roger


System Requirements:

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 Mavericks Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel Processor RAM: 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended) Others: DVD drive

Apr 07

300 Vector Illustrations with an Extended Royalty License – Just $25

Normally: $1200.00

ZOT Price: $25.00

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Illustrations are an incredibly valuable resource for any experienced designer. They can be used in package designs, flyers, brochures, wedding invitations, web backgrounds or any other design you can think of, both web and print.

We know how much you love them, that’s why he came up with a huge collection of 300 illustrations from Vectorious separated in 4 categories such as floral, spring, summer and Mother’s Day for you to download and use!

All these items come with an extended royalty-license, allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. And now you can get them for an incredibly low price of only $25. That’s a huge 98% discount from their original value of $1,200!

Take a look at what you get. Click on the images for a full preview of the set.

75 Floral Vector Illustrations Worth $300



75 Spring Vector Illustrations Worth $300



75 Summer Vector Illustrations Worth $300



75 Mother’s Day Vector Illustrations Worth $300


Bonus Files:

If you liked these illustrations, but aren’t convinced yet, you can download a free sample containing 4 gorgeous illustrations and test them as you want.



System Requirements:

- All these files are suitable for both Windows and Mac OS – To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS+, Adobe Photoshop CS+ or any any other similar application which supports vector formats ? Files are delivered as an instant download (almost 1 GB in 2 zip files) – Files have an extended royalty-license and can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects ? Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

Apr 05

Insights – Advanced version

Model. Predict. Simulate. Discover. Associate. Gain new Knowledge and Insights. From Data.

Normally: $270.00

ZOT Price: $79.00

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Make Better Decisions Based on Relevant Data.


"Lovely maths and algorithms. Nice and simple product. Feel that it can significantly assist me." 

— Dr. Conrad Mackenzie, Australia


Insights (formerly KnowledgeMiner) is the next-generation, self-organizing, predictive modeling app for the Mac. Find unknown relevant relationships in your scientific, business or personal data stored in Excel, for example, by using outstanding, automated knowledge mining methods for prediction, classification, identification or simulation tasks in various fields.


Users in nearly any field without being an expert in modeling can analyze data sets and build powerful models, which help to gain new insights into complex phenomena, predict future behavior, simulate "what if" questions, and identify methods of controlling processes. Insights is used for predicting sales, production and demand, engineering problems, climate change, health or life sciences-related questions, or mining collections of data from government agencies.


Make your business more smart and be one step ahead your competitors by implementing predictive behavior into your business processes or services. Insights provides cutting-edge self-learning modeling technologies for short- to longer-term forecasting of complex processes such as market prices, market demand, or sales figures. Insights v3.1 now adds Autoupdating of models. Run simulations on historical data stored in Excel for backtesting, for example, or use it on real-time data for continuous forecasting of processes several steps ahead. All results are reported and stored in Excel for further use.


Insights comes with documentation, extra literature, sample data and models such as:

  • Forecasting hourly bike sharing demand 48h ahead
  • Crude Oil price forecasting till 2025 and related questions 
  • Indoor temperature forecasting for energy consumption optimization
  • Monthly forecast of Global Mean Temperature and Ozone concentration till 2017
  • Fetal Monitoring and evaluation or prediction of ecotoxic effects of chemicals

Forecasting hourly bike sharing demand 48h ahead. Continuously. Every hour. Within seconds.



Feature Highlights:

  • High performance adaptive learning modeling and knowledge mining with ease
  • Hides the hard work, such as knowledge extraction, model development, validation, and variables selection, from user
  • Self-organizes regression models autonomously from up to 2000 inputs reliably and auto-generates the equation that describes the data
  • Similar Patterns sequential pattern recognition method for time process forecasting including autoupdating from Excel data sources
  • 64-bit parallel software out of the box that scales to the number of processor cores in your Mac

  • Live Prediction Validation technology
  • Implements models and model ensembles in Microsoft Excel or exports them to AppleScript or Text/MATLAB format

Models developed with Insights can be implemented in Excel, automatically, for further use.


Learn more about Insights to get all the details of the content above.


Why Do I Need a Model?
Humans have for centuries been seeking proxies for real processes. A substitute that can generate reliable information about a real system and its behaviour is called a model and they form the basis for any decision. It is worth building models to aid decision making, because models make it possible to:
  • Identify the relationships between cause and effect. This leads to a deeper understanding of the problem at hand by deriving an analytical relationship between them,
  • Predict the respective objects can expect over a finite future time span, but also to experiment with models. The ability to continuously make predictions from auto-associative past patterns is the core of human intelligence.
  • Simulate the objects' behaviour by experiment with models, and thus answer "what-if" questions essential to decision-making,
  • Control the objects by finding suitable means to effect the objects and enforce a specific behaviour.
There are many cases in practice where it is impossible to create analytical models using classical theoretical systems analysis or common statistical methods since there is incomplete knowledge of the processes involved. Environmental, medical and socio-economic systems are but three examples. In contrast, inductive models obtained by knowledge mining are derived from real physical data and represent the relationships implicit within the system without or with only little knowledge of the physical processes or mechanisms involved.
There are a lot of complex problems, which do need decision-making, but the means – the models – for understanding, predicting, simulating, and controlling such systems are missing increasingly, because we only have insufficient knowledge to follow theoretical modeling approaches. A powerful, proven in many applications, and easy-to-use tool that fills this knowledge gap is inductive, self-organizing modeling as implemented in Insights.
"I believe that tools like this are definitely the start of something very big in getting a handle on mountains of information." — Douglas, Dartmouth Medical School
"Insights is the most advanced implementation of the GMDH approach now. It uses the inductive method, which is different from deductive techniques used commonly for modeling on principle. Many important successful results were received using this tool recently. They show the advantage of it over analogous well-known software."
— Prof. Alexey G. Ivakhnenko, author of the GMDH approach
"I like Insights because its algorithm does not make any assumtions on the underlying data; well, at least not during the initial model-building phase. I also like the fact that it generates sets of equations that the user can review with detailed understanding of the interactions and dependencies of each variable. Also, the algorithm(s) behave surprising well under extreme conditions for certain complex dynamical systems. Congratulations for your excellent work."
— Alexis Pobedonostzeff, Pfizer Inc., Director, Health Care Issues Analysis & Management


System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 Lion or newer, optimized for OS X 10.9
  • Any Mac with 64-bit CPU and
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixel
  • Optional, for Excel support, Excel versions 2011 or 2008
  • Localized for: English, Spanish, German

Apr 04

Strip HTML for Mac

Extract plain text from any HTML code in the blink of an eye.

Strip HTML captures and cleans up text from any webpage and .html file, transforming it from HTML to plain text.

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $5.00

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Strip HTML for Mac

Thousands of professionals count on Strip HTML: it captures and cleans up text from any webpage and .html file, transforming it from HTML to plain text. Removes code tags and restores the page’s text, ready to be reused in other documents. In addition, it magically creates a clear and accurate list of all links and media in the page.


Enjoy the wonders of drag and drop

With Strip HTML it’s really easy to extract HTML text using the drag and drop function: just drag a .html file, web address or a portion of code in the application and Strip HTML does the rest. No need to click!

  • Drag any .html file to the app
  • Drag a web address directly from Safari or other browsers
  • Drag any portion of HTML code

HTML Stripper - Drand And Drop





Over-zealous about productivity?

Clean up text directly in the clipboard
Just copy your portion of HTML code, use the Strip Clipboard function in Strip HTML and paste your code-free text. Copy, Clean-up and Paste. Doesn’t get any faster!

Use the app’s main field to compose the final text
One of the functions you’ll appreciate most in Strip HTML is a real breakthrough. Copy HTML text from any source – the text will already be cleaned up of any HTML tags when you paste it to the main field. And with Strip HTML you don’t need to work from an entire HTML page, since you can paste any part of it.


HTML Stripper - Strip Clipboard




HTML Stripper for Mac - Main window


Your media and links ordered and aligned
Strip HTML can instantly extract links and media from a page, removing them from the text and placing them in a convenient list in the application’s lateral bar. So you can see the plain text on one side and the resources on the other: everything in its proper place.

Feed it anything
Feed the application any HTML, whether it’s a portion of code, a file from your Mac, or even a web address, dragging it directly from Safari! Strip HTML is a “HTML-omnivorous” app!

HTML Stripper - Task Accomplished

In brief

Strip HTML cleans up any HTML code tags, transforming the contents into plain text, grouping together links and media in the page in a convenient list.

Feature Highlights:

  • Transforms any web page or .html file into plain text in the blink of an eye
  • Quickly removes HTML code tags from text
  • Groups together links and media in the page into a convenient list

… and more:

  • No need to click: just drag any HTML directly into the app’s window
  • It’s a “HTML-omnivorous” app: cleans up text from .html files, web addresses and portions of code!
  • Use the Strip Clipboard function to save time: cleans up text directly from Clipboard content
  • Use the Word Count to quickly assess the number of words in the text
  • Ready for Mavericks






Apr 03

Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery for Mac (Up to 60% Discount)

Easily & Efficiently Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Contacts!

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


With Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery for Mac, you can retrieve WhatsApp chats (texts, photos, videos) from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To save time, it provides features to preview and optionally recover WhatsApp messages and contacts. The following paragraphs describe 3 of the greatest parts of this tool.

Powerful & User Friendly
Maybe your WhatsApp messages are lost by error deletion, iPhone damage, WhatsApp update, iPhone factory settings reset or any other reasons. Whatever the case may be, you can always get back the lost WhatsApp messages and view them in clear output files. Exported messages on your computer can be saved in 3 formats: .xls, .txt and .xlm. Media files like photos and videos will be exported in their original formats.
Provide All-round WhatsApp Recovery with 2 Recovery Modes

It comes with 2 recovery modes: Recover from iOS device and restore from iTunes backup.

Recover from iOS device – With this mode, even if you have never backed up iOS devices before, you still have a shot to get back lost WhatsApp chat history.

Restore from iTunes backup – When your device is not available (for instance, iPhone is lost), this mode could help you extract iTunes backup for lost WhatsApp chats.

Support all iOS Devices

The WhatsApp Recovery for Mac is a great tool for all your iOS devices.

Supported devices include:
iPhone : iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, etc.
iPad : iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display (iPad mini 2),iPad mini, iPad 4 (iPad with Retina Display), iPad 3 (the New iPad), etc.
iPod touch : iPod touch 5G, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, etc.


System Requirements:

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7, 10.6 and lower Hard Disk Space: 50 MB free space and above RAM: 256 MB or more of RAM (1028MB Recommended) Other Requirements: iTunes pre-installed in your computer