Apr 25

The first 3,000 people to follow the instructions – get a registered copy of SubEthaEdit.

Instructions here

21 Responses to “We Made IT – Free SubEthaEdit”

  1. Scott Says:

    I was one of the people that submitted a blog, does this mean that I will still get a code even if I didn’t send an e-mail in time?


  2. Dave Says:

    Do those who have their blog posted on this list: get free registration since the price reached $0?

  3. Jon Lane Says:

    Ummm… shouldn’t the registration codes go to the people who actually participated? You’ve got our names, e-mail addresses and URLs… doing the first come, first served thing isn’t that cool.

    If I participated (I did) but didn’t get a reg code (yet to be seen), I’d remove the post from my blog. Why give pagerank/exposure when I’m getting nothing in return?

  4. Micah Fitch Says:

    Ok, if we blogged it do we still need to do this?

    I did it anyway because that wasn’t clear, and I haven’t gotten an autoresponse!

    Have 3,000 people already grabbed their copies!?

  5. Rob Speed Says:

    I lessthanthree SEE!

  6. Zach Hale Says:


  7. Logan Says:

    Jon: I think I actually did see somewhere that the 600+ bloggers will get a code, as well as the first 3,000 that are first come, first served. However, I’m not 100% sure about that.

    Also, did anyone get an automatic response yet? I sent mine in, and I really want to make sure I get a copy (one that I deserve, as I also blogged it), but I’ve yet to get my “auto-response email saying Congratulations!”.

  8. Alex Says:

    I believe that in the original instructions we were automatically included if we submitted our blog site. However, I don’t see those instructions, so I can’t verify. It would be nice if macZOT confirms this in the announcement, I really don’t want to send in an e-mail and take someone else’s 3,000 registration if I don’t need to.

  9. Q Says:

    W00t! So THIS is wat u guys have been up to! Keep it up!

  10. Ian Weir Says:

    Awesome, got a code.. Although I did find the ‘template’ that you’re supposed to use VERY confusing.. Got it wrong twice before I actually formatted everything properly.
    Might be easier if you did something like this:

    Substitute your own info below:
    Name: John DOE

    I can’t imagine how much spam those poor people over at must get.. exists for a reason. ;)

  11. Ensoniq Says:

    Has anyone at all gotten a repsonse confirming their e-mail yet? Maybe the MacZOT server is just overloaded…

  12. Christian Says:

    I also blogged it, and sent an e-mail, and haven’t got an autoresponse. Crossing my fingers. I will be upset if nothing comes!

  13. Geir-Tore Says:

    Why does the link to the instructions go to the front page? Can’t say that I find any instructions there.

    I would also like to have it confirmed that all participents get a registration code, since I did participate and haven’t received any emails from maczot yet.

  14. Jakob S Says:

    Color me confused, so we had to do something in addition to blog about and submit our posts? What instructions did I need to follow, they seem to have disappeared? Is it too late to follow them now? The frontpage currently says $19.99 – which is still a great price, I might add, but is that what I can buy it for now?

  15. Katanna Says:

    I have talked to the creator of this website, and according to him, every blogger gets a copy automatically.

    (me) “The wording made it sound like those that blogged it would get it free (if it became free), but I wasn’t sure.”

    (him) “Yes, if it does [become free].”


  16. Retard Says:

    I mean I put my blog down as it told me too. Both in the comments and the submission page.

    But then I had to sleep as 24:00 PST = 08:00 BST therefore sleep was needed.

  17. dalton Says:

    It sounds like bloggers will automatically get a serial. The post above says:

    “Bloggers: If you blogged this, and got your submission in BEFORE we finished, you will automatically receive a registration to SubEthaEdit.”

    I’m on the list, just at the $0.10 mark. Wow, I just got it in on time!

  18. Says:

    SubEthaEdit Went FREE!

    Well, MacZOT! said they would make SubEhtaEdit free if enough people blogged it, and they did!

  19. Rog360 Says:

    oh! Well! missed this one…

  20. kenneth Says:

    another word: surprise

  21. Dimitris Says:

    Have any bloggers received their registration yet?