Apr 26

Just one word: wonderful! It’s only the first day of use and I love it!

I really like what you’ve done with Chat Transcript Manager. Reducing my nearly 6,000 transcripts to one SQLite database is a godsend, and the interface is sweet. Thanks.

I’ve been using Chat Transcript Manager since you released it to keep track of my work-related chat logs (since I use both Adium X or iChat from time to time), and it has helped me out an amazing amount simply because I only have to look in one place for stuff that I’d otherwise have to search in two places for.

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Search Reinvented
Why search only for text? Narrow the search by the date, participants, or chat content!
iChat and Adium X Support
Supports chat transcripts from the most popular chat applications.
Fast Transcripts Import
Using its own database makes searches lightning fast.
Customizable Chat Display
Various styles to display chat transcripts.
Transcript Picture Management
Find and view the pictures embedded in chat transcripts and save them to another location.
Find Links In Chats
Can’t remember the link a friend sent you yesterday? It is very easy to find it now!
Dynamic Chat Updates
Whenever there is a new transcript available, or the transcript you’re viewing is being updated, you will see it immediately in Chat Transcript Manager. Say goodbye to the “Reload” button!
Unite Your Chats
No matter which supported chat application you used to talk, all of your transcripts will be there, in one place. Who said you have to remember where you talked last?
Full Address Book Support
See all your buddies in the chat transcripts with their Address Book icons.
Fast Search Results Navigation
Just hit the Next or Previous button to hop to the next search item, such as Link, Picture or Email.
Native Unicode Support
If you talk to your friends in Japanese, Russian, or even English, Chat Transcript Manager will still correctly handle and use it, just as you’d expect from a well-designed Mac OS X application.
Speaks Your Language
Chat Transcript Manager contains Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese and Russian localizations.
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