Jun 13

FileChute – email large files easily

Retail Price: $14.95
ZOT Price: $9.95 – save $5 instantly


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How many times have you tried sending a large file as an email attachment
only to have it bounced? If you want to send large files but don’t
want to have to explain how to access your FTP server or .Mac iDisk to
each and every of your recipient, FileChute just might be the answer.

FileChute makes sending large (or small) files easy. Just drag-and-drop
the file you wish to send. FileChute puts the file on your .Mac account
and generates a URL (aka a web link) for retrieving the file.
Drag-and-drop the link into your email and send it off. That’s it.
And since what you’re sending is just a link, your recipients
can retrieve the file from a Mac, a PC or any other platform.

You can even drop multiple files and/or folders at once. FileChute
automatically creates an archive in the format of your choice – it
supports dmg, zip and tar – and sends the archive file.

FileChute works best with a .Mac account, configuration is super easy.
But since not everyone has a .Mac account, FileChute also works
great with other FTP or WebDAV-accessible web server. Perform the
one-time set up by following the built-in Help. Once it is properly
set up, FileChute works just as perfectly with non-.Mac servers.

Still not convinced? Here’s what our users say

Dan Frakes on MacWorld Mac Gems:”…and if you frequently send larger files to others across the Internet, it’s the easiest solution I’ve seen…”

gulliver on VersionTracker:”I just tried this out last night,
and I am so hooked. Rarely have I seen such a perfect little app,
I can’t think of what could be improved.”

sinemacula on VersionTracker:”Very nice little app – does what it says and does it well. I particularly like the built-in ability to get a short download url via snipurl – very cool indeed!”

Jun 13

Art Collector – Grab CD Covers for your iTunes library

Retail Price: $7.95

ZOT Price: $3.95 – save 50%

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Album artwork has been sorely missed in the digital music collection. Art Collector is here to get you back up to speed.

Art Collector provides the ultimate, streamlined interface for users to find and apply album art to their music library, making the solution to the problem as simple as selecting your nude albums and dropping in your preferred art from the choices Art Collector automatically provides, courtesy of Amazon. And if you want to take a closer look at the art, a simple double click will open the image in Apple’s Preview at full resolution.

Tired of an anonymous, faceless music collection? Art Collector is available only today for MacZot members for the outrageous introductory price of $3.95, or 50% off. Best of all, the price of a few song downloads on iTunes Music Store will not only get you a fully art-stocked music library, but vastly improve the user experience in these recommended free and shareware applications:

Recommended for use with Art Collector

Apple iTunes: iTunes contains a built in panel on the bottom left of its window used to display album art of currently selected or playing tracks and albums.

Apple iTunes Screensaver: Included in Mac OS 10.4, this elegant screensaver displays a dynamically changing mosaic of random album art from your music library.

Menuet: The ultimate iTunes remote and extender can display artwork in its many remote skins and Growl bezels when tracks change. Get some visual indication of what song’s coming up next! Users who are interested in purchasing Menuet will also receive Art Collector included within the app. ($12.95, more info)

iChatwork: Display the currently playing track’s album art as your buddy icon in iChat or Adium. (free, more info)

And who can forget your iPod? Apple’s newest color iPods (including regular iPods, iPod Nanos and iPod Minis) support album art, featuring it prominently while playing songs. The simple fact is, it’s fun and easy to quickly identify songs based on their art!

Still not convinced? Here’s what our users say

iZAC on MacUpdate: “Awesome, awesome, awesome. The first artwork grabbing app that actually works. Lovely interface, totally intuitive, and the fact that it gives you many different covers to choose from is great. 10 points!

robotspacer on Digg: “This is definitely the best album art grabber I’ve used. I like all the options in CoverScout, but it’s expensive, and this seems much easier to use.

RichP on MacRumors Forums: “Neither are perfect, but having used both [Art Collector and Clutter], Art Collector is the “better” solution.

Art Collector require Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, and is a universal binary for Intel users.