Jul 18

Scriptology Theme Library


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Retail price: $78.95
ZOT price: $39.50 – Save 50% instantly

FileMaker Users & Developers Get a Sharper Image

"How I create beautiful looking
FileMaker solutions in half the time
it used to take me.
It’s just too easy using copy and paste!"

Master Filemaker Developer Matt Petrowsky


If you’re a master interface designer, then you won’t be interested in
this great time-saving template for users of FileMaker Pro and
FileMaker Advanced.

The Scriptology Theme Library was created to make
it easy to start the design process of a wide variety of FileMaker
solutions. If you have a hard time creating a nice presentation for
your database information then try a copy of this helpful template.

Package includes

  • 6 layouts full of highly useful graphic elements
  • Optimized gradients designed specifically for FileMaker
  • Helpful color groupings and palettes
  • 20 professionally designed layout themes

Developer’s site

Note: I worked closely with Matt Petrowsky several years before starting MacZOT. His products are excellent and they save dozens of hours of time and simply allow you to do things you just couldn’t on your own. I highly recommend this if you even casually use Filemaker Pro (especially at the ZOT price.) – Brian Ball Founder

Jul 18

Image Tricks Pro

Retail price: $9.95
ZOT price: $5.00

Requires Mac OS 10.4 or later and is a Universal Binary


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Image Tricks Pro is an image editing and image generating software. It uses Core Image filters built into Mac OS X Tiger to apply visual effects to images. Mathematical algorithms are used to generate fantasy images in real time.

Additional image generators present only in Pro version ensure advanced image creating.

Use the results as original backgrounds, illustrations for web-design, print materials and more. Image Tricks will easily make your image one-of-a kind so no-one can reproduce it. Developer’s Site