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Digital Storytelling Software

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Winner of a Macworld 2006 Best of Show award, MemoryMiner is a Digital Storytelling application that is a fantastic compliment to the iLife suite. It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, places and time. Using simple drag and drop actions, you specify who is in the picture, where the picture was taken and when. You can then browse through your photo collections using a visual search filter which lets you filter by specific periods in a persons life, where people over lap, by places, or by time. MemoryMiner Best of Show

Memory Miner

MemoryMiner helps you get the most out of every effort you put into creating your libraries. For example, using portions or a full address or city/country, the application downloads maps from the web, and plots the location of a person’s photos on a world map. It uses the intersection of a photo’s date and the birth date of a person to create icons representing people at different stages of their life. It uses the selection markers you make to display your photos as slideshows using the famous “Ken Burns” pan and zoom effect.

Drag and drop audio, video, documents, or URLs from the Media Browser onto your photos and add text annotations to add depth and context to each photo. In this way, you get the very most out of your photos, particularly those rare photos from a generation or two ago.

You can then automatically publish your stories to the web (via .Mac or FTP): MemoryMiner create a gorgeous interactive presentation using HTML and Flash.

To see MemoryMiner in action, visit our video gallery for a series of Screen Movies:

To see an example story: