Jul 27


Digital Storytelling Software

Retail price: $60.00
ZOT price: $25.00
– save $35 off the normal price.

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Bonus Raffle – We’re giving away 24 copies of Memory Miner this weekend.

To enter:
1. Download Suggest-A-ZOT
2. Download MemoryMiner
3. Use Suggest-A-ZOT to suggest MemoryMiner

That’s all, you’ll be entered to win a copy of MemoryMiner. Even if you purchase it, you’re still eligible to win.

Winner of a Macworld 2006 Best of Show award, MemoryMiner is a Digital Storytelling application that is a fantastic compliment to the iLife suite. It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, places and time. Using simple drag and drop actions, you specify who is in the picture, where the picture was taken and when. You can then browse through your photo collections using a visual search filter which lets you filter by specific periods in a persons life, where people over lap, by places, or by time. MemoryMiner Best of Show

Memory Miner

MemoryMiner helps you get the most out of every effort you put into creating your libraries. For example, using portions or a full address or city/country, the application downloads maps from the web, and plots the location of a person’s photos on a world map. It uses the intersection of a photo’s date and the birth date of a person to create icons representing people at different stages of their life. It uses the selection markers you make to display your photos as slideshows using the famous “Ken Burns” pan and zoom effect.

Drag and drop audio, video, documents, or URLs from the Media Browser onto your photos and add text annotations to add depth and context to each photo. In this way, you get the very most out of your photos, particularly those rare photos from a generation or two ago.

You can then automatically publish your stories to the web (via .Mac or FTP): MemoryMiner create a gorgeous interactive presentation using HTML and Flash.

To see MemoryMiner in action, visit our video gallery for a series of Screen Movies:

To see an example story:

30 Responses to “MemoryMiner – Storytelling Software & Raffle”

  1. Jeff Says:

    This is an awesome looking app. You have to check out the video to see what it’s capable of.

  2. Wrong Price Says:

    The Retail Price is $45 not $60

  3. Erica Says:

    Nice Zot! I already own this software, (bought it at full retail), so I’m happy to see it “Zotlighted” so more folks can be made aware of it. I think it’s got great potential and the developer seems enthusiastic about realizing that potential and continuing to enhance the software.

    It’s definitely worth a try – and at this price, a buy!

  4. Gary Says:

    Cool! This is what I love about macZOT! I looked at this program just this past weekend, trying the sample presentations on their Web site. It looked interesting, but I wasn’t convinced I’d use it often enough to justify (to me) the $60 price tag. Thus, I didn’t bother downloadiing it, figuring I’d wait for a future release with more features, etc. Now, here it is on macZOT! at less than half price. I’m going to download and try it now, and will likely wind up buying it at this price.

    Thanks macZOT!

  5. ZicklePop Says:

    Why would you want to spam your Suggest-a-Zot? I don’t understand it. Won’t this throw your suggestions out of whack?

  6. Eddie Says:

    Anyone else having problems with this program?
    Each time I try to launch it I get a message saying the program quit unexpectedly.
    I have logged out, restarted, repaired permissions, tried a different account, but still can’t launch the software.
    Any ideas?

  7. Ken Says:


    It doesn’t work for me either. I’m on a 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 runnig OS X tiger 10.4.7.

  8. Jean-Francois Says:

    I agree with ZicklePop , I don’t understand why you would want to falsify your Suggest-A-Zot results…. We now all know that most suggestions made for that app are false and not justified.

    First place was Textmate, any idea when it’ll be features on maczot? It’s obviously the most requested app.

    My 2 cent…

  9. John Fox Says:

    Hi Ken & Eddie:

    Can you have a look in your home Documents folder and see if by chance there’s a file called MemoryMiner.mmlib? If so, please rename or delete it. If you still run into troubles, please email support at memoryminer dot com.

  10. Tony Jensen Says:

    I am another happy owner of MemoryMiner. It is an amazing piece of software. As has been said, the developer is quite open to comments and suggestions. He’s got a very open door policy.

    MemoryMiner is addictive. The more information you add to your pictures (date, place, people), the more fun it gets. The slideshows using a directed Ken Burns effect is quite cool.

    The best part, in my opinion, is the Flash-based viewer that allows you to navigate through an exported subset of your library. Very fun. Very intuitive. Very classy.

    Disclaimer: I loved the idea of this product so much that I became a beta tester. He also allowed me to help a bit on the manuals.

  11. Dean Says:

    ZicklePop – agreed, why does MacZot want us to artificially increase the votes for MemoryMiner? It’s now miles ahead of the ‘real’ top suggestions.

    Now if I only I had a copy of AppZapper to get rid of Suggest-a-Zot… 8-)

  12. Erichd Says:

    Um, Zicklepop and Dean:

    The same could be said about suggestions for apps that have already appeared on MacZot (again, a caveat about what could be conisiderd as a “suggestion” would be nice.)

    I actually like the Suggest-a-Zot app, since now when I download demos and shareware, if I iike them, I can hurl them into Zotland, hoping for a price I can afford before putting them in the trash. Buggy, of course, but what precedence is there?

    And with regards to the sweepstakes: Since Memory Miner is currently being Zotted, why should the votes matter? MacZot has already taken the suggestion (if it was suggested) and ran with it. The promotion is ismply a way for the rest of us to get a license on the budget side. You don’t dig it, don’t zot it. That’s what commerce is all about!

  13. Wayne Says:

    OK, so I wouldn’t mind purchasing this, but I’d also like to win the raffle! So do I wait to see if I win the raffle, and they sell out? Or do I buy it, and possibly end up with 2 copies?
    Oh Zot, why do I keep coming back to you?

  14. John Fox Says:

    Not that this is an unbiased opinion, but…

    I definitely think you should buy. If you win the raffle, you can simply give the raffle copy to a friend or family member. Now that MemoryMiner can open and save libraires as “documents” you’ll have all the more reason to want your friends and family to join in on the fun.

  15. ZOT Says:

    Re: Suggesting MemoryMiner

    The goal of having people use Suggest-A-ZOT to suggest it if they want to win it is really just to have a quick way to get people organized who are interested.

    It allows us to have an easy place to randomly choose winners from.


  16. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for the reply Ken.
    I’m also using 10.4.7 and can’t get it to work.

  17. forrest2828 Says:

    How longit takes normally to get the product code?

    Qoute from email = “We are processing your order. Your serial no for the software and other details for obtaining the software will be available on your Orders History page in your control panel at the site as soon as your order is processed.”

  18. gryphonent Says:

    Haven’t been zotting for a while… but cannot resist this great offer. I too think that MemoryMiner is a bit overpriced for $60, but at $25 this is a deal not to miss.

  19. Wayne Says:

    OK, I’m sold. After playing around with it for a day, it’s a pretty cool program. Zot price is great, though the site is showing a special for $45 instead of $60. Had a problem with the app, but it was on me not them. They had a response on tech support of about 5 minutes!

  20. GoMac Says:

    Ohmygosh…yesterday when I saw this I blew it off as another program with me-too features already in iPhoto or “digital diaries”. Dang! I am so glad I came back and gave it a second look….and then I called my dad because this is EXACTLY the kind of thing he needs for the scans he’s been doing. Thanks Zot! I’ve discovered so many cool new programs…which is why I keep coming back. (But I may have to give up my cable bill to support my Zot habit!)

  21. John Fox Says:

    Hi GoMac:

    Thanks for stopping back. We’ve learned a lot so far from this experience on MacZOT, and will use these learnings to better present MemoryMiner. We love hearing from people, and carefully read and respond to all email, so please feel free to contact us at either “info” or “support” at memoryminer dot com.

  22. Eddie Says:

    Hi John,
    I had not seen your earlier post. Thanks for your suggestion.
    I have no file named MemoryMiner.mmlib though.
    I sent an email to the support address. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this to work before the zot is over :-)
    Thanks again.

  23. Eddie Says:

    Just a quick note to thank John for his superb customer support.

  24. John Fox Says:

    Hi Eddie:

    You’re very welcome. Thanks to all for participating in this ZOT: it’s been a fantastic experience for us, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again.

  25. n0mmo Says:

    I think people understand that it was an easy way to come up w/ entries for the contest… but now when you look at suggest-a-zot it appears that MemoryMiner is some amazingly popular app. Not to say it isn’t neat… but it didn’t blow TextMate and Transmit out of the water as the numbers suggest.

    In fact looking at the other numbers and the type of app it is I’d guess it had anywhere from 1 to 10 votes prior to this contest.

    So, will you be adjusting the number to ‘pre-contest’ levels?

  26. Offline Says:

    so – who are the winners?

  27. Mark Says:

    I thought the idea of Suggest-a-zot was simply that – to suggest something, and not a mere popularity contest. If I was to bung in my favourite apps it would look a lot different; I didn’t include commercial or freeware apps. I downloaded ones I was interested in and S-a-Zed them.
    As for the high numbers for MM, I don’t see that it matters. It doesn’t mean it is more likely to appear … it has already (OK; let’s not start on AppZapper again!). I can see other raffles using the same technique later on, which may redress the blalnce (just don’t expect me to vote for Transmit … unless you want to buy my full-priced licence from me!)

    Having fun!

  28. Jeff Says:


    I thought I was the first to suggest this application, and now that’s confirmed as I received my free license.

    Thanks MacZot and thanks MemoryMiner for making such a great application!

  29. Rick Says:

    Congrats Jeff! Zot: So who won in the drawing?

  30. Ruth Says:

    Thanks Zot for picking my name as a winner! And yes, I bought it last weekend, so when I received a second email with a key, it made me look at the winners list. Wow! Actually, I am a new iMac user and love, love, love everything about the Mac and this wonderful community! I am using Parallels for all my Windows programs, but have quickly grown to dread going over to the Windows side. The Mac is so much more exciting!