Sep 27

We’ve had several emails and a post or two asking if somebody could buy a copy of MemoryMiner as a gift.

We realized this software might be great to stay an extra day on ZOT so you can share it with friends and family.

If you want to purchase a copy for somebody else, you can purchase it and then send us the name and email of the recipient.

We’ll be happy to send out a gift registration in your name, or send it to you and allow you to give it away.

Send any questions or gift recipient info to: info [@]

Enjoy Memory Miner.. we’re happy so many people are enjoying this great Mac software.


2 Responses to “MemoryMiner – Continued”

  1. Ericq Says:

    Geez loiuse! I avoided MacZot all day yesterday because I want this .app so bad, but I’ve been spending to much on Zots. I’m jonesing so bad for this. I need my fix. Alright… I’m zotting.

    P.S. I’m about to start Macaholics Anonymous. Anyone want to be my sponser.

  2. Big-G Says:

    Thanks macZOT!

    I’m one of the folks who asked about this, late last night. And, first thing this morning, here’s the response I was hoping to see. Excellent!

    Thanks again!