Dec 20

AppZapper + Xslimmer

Normally: $22.90

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Two Great Apps. One Great Deal.


A new, user friendly way to size down your Universal Binary apps, without losing any of their functionality. With an elegant and intuitive interface, Xslimmer makes slimming your apps a breeze. This is achieved by removing the code inside the Universal Binaries that does not fit with your machine’s architecture, a code that never gets executed and just wastes your disk space.

In order to go through the process securely, Xslimmer features a downloadable, self-updating, blacklist. Some applications perform integrity checks on themselves for anti-piracy or security reasons, and they do not work properly after being stripped of the binary code for foreign architectures. This feature automatically downloads the latest information about applications known to fail and places them in a blacklist, thus decreasing the likelihood to encounter problems. In addition you can select to backup the apps before they are slimmed or add them to the protected up list in order to avoid ever slimming them.

In the upcoming release, we will be including:

  • - Removal of unused language packs.
  • - Fast search to identify all the applications installed anywhere in your system.
  • - Automatic detection of new applications installed, with the option to enable an automatic, “hands-free” slimming operation.

Your Xslimmer license will give you access to these new features at no extra cost.

(If you got a free version from MacAppADay, this will upgrade you.)

Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9


AppZapper 1.8 (recent update)

Now has UnZAP and User authentication

– The Uninstaller Apple Forgot !

“The graphical appearance of the application is so simple, its stunning. Everything has been kept to a minimum, therefore providing the user with a stress free, simple removal of applications.” … “A must have application for anyone who owns a Mac!”

“As a Newbie this is a Must Have application.” … “In many ways AppZapper captures the Mac experience totally – you open AppZapper, you get a neat box that you drag the application you want to remove into, you press OK and woosh – it has gone! A quick check on Spotlight and no residual files are lurking around in the depths of your system. It really is that easy, and I cant recommend it enough.”

“Not only does it help keep your system clean and save hard drive space, after using it today I have to admit theres a bit of fun when you zap an application. There is a satisfying flash and zap noise that prompted me to delete three or four unused apps just to hear it again.”

“This is soooo cool. So simple. So much a Mac application. Its a one trick pony that does a trick you need.”
-Tera Patricks,

“I would highly recommend this to someone that downloads and tries out a lot of freeware or shareware. Its ease of use only makes it more worth it.”

“This is definitely a must have thumbs up app…”

“This application is great for quickly removing a new program you just wanted to test. It almost always finds the associated preferences and support files, removing them is simple.”
-JetsGo, MacUpdate Review

“Great app, stable, easy to use, and very friendly developers ;-)”
-Billy Ray Valentine, MacUpdate Review

“Of course, OS X should have this functionality built in, but until then this little app is a life-saver. If you can’t resist trying every intesting looking shareware app out there, then AppZapper is an essential.”
-iPhillip, MacUpdate Review

“I like this app a lot!!! Fast, easy and stable. High recommended!”
-AlleyCat, VersionTracker Review

“Totaly worth it if you download and try apps off this site alot!”
-phatmancam, VersionTracker Review

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Excellent concept and interface, just the right amount of eye (and ear) candy and a reasonable shareware fee. I bough my license right after the first zap.”
-tcloer, VersionTracker Review

AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.

Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files, lets you preview them and delete them with a single click.

A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files you’ve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

AppZapper is localized in Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, German and more. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s FUN! You have to try this application.


Just try it and you’ll know why it’s been downloaded over 600,000 times


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24 Responses to “AppZapper + Xslimmer”

  1. Burp Says:

    Got them already, both awesome apps though :D

  2. M.Bischoff Says:

    How often do you want to keep featuring these? Is Xslimmer becoming the new AppZapper?

  3. Eddie Says:

    I already own both, and don’t even use them.
    Tinker Tool System provides me with more information, and I feel much safer using that one instead.
    And it does many other things as well.
    Another AppZapper Zot? No, thanks.

  4. reesmaxwell Says:

    Eddie, I love reading these boards because I always learn about a new program. Thanks for sharing Tinker Tool System. Could be interesting.

    I like the deets on what is coming next in Xslimmer… removing the excess language packs is a nice option!

    On a desktop, drive space is not an issue .. but my wee little black MacBook has ‘only’ 120GB, which fills up much faster than I expect! (Especially when stuffing it with a huge music library, and when installing Windows XP and the couple of apps I need from there.)

  5. Eddie Says:

    Rees, I posted about another app you asked for days ago but my comment got deleted, but do a search for an app called “Female Alert System” At least I think it was you who asked :-)

    And TTS also has the option to remove additional languages. There’s also Tinker Tool by the same author, and it is free. I gladly purchased TTS and am very happy with it.

  6. Steven Hotelling Says:

    Hey, THANKS for the doubleZOT today Brian!

    Now, these I need in my Software Utility Belt.

  7. gryphonent Says:

    I was wondering when to see AppZapper again. It’s been a while. Xslimmer is a nice idea, but I zapped it from my drive already. Almost every third app didn’t run anymore and I had to download and install them again. Treat with caution daring ones!

    As for Tinker Tool System: great app! I love it, because it warns you what it does and does everything safely. The best of its crop.

  8. iScott Says:

    Well Xslimmer sounds interesting enough…. but I already have 3 licenses for AppZapper thanks to this place

  9. PASwigart Says:

    Iscott..If you have that many, send me a license! Merry Christmas :-)

  10. dantini Says:

    Two worthwhile apps. although I have both already. Good deal.

    ZOT!, you should have a contest for the best “Oh no, not AppZapper again!” joke! :) I mean funny, not mean ones.

    For example…

    Oh no, not AppZapper again! I’ve already got one copy to zap each app on my computer individually, INCLUDING all the copies of AppZapper!

    That one’s fun because it’s a logic twister too! :D

  11. nixfu Says:

    Well if you don’t have these already this is a great ZOT to get them….of course anyone that has been around awhile has had about 1000 chances already to get them…

  12. Mark Fleser Says:

    Yeesh! Quit peddling the same apps over and over again, they’re good apps but this is ridiculous.

  13. Jefe Says:

    geez daniel, what did you try to slim the finder?

    i’ve been using xslimmer since i got it in a bundle here and i’ve had good luck with it. Most reductions are small, but some are surprising (like BBEdit — who would have thought it had so much PPC code). I set it to back up the apps just in case, but i’ve had no issues with any of the apps i slimmed.

    And appzapper.. well.. it’s awesome.

    Stop complaining about apps showing up here more than once. I’ve seen posts of people begging for appzapper to come back. Sometimes people are late to this site and haven’t picked it up. Plus, I’m sure it’s tough coming up with a unique app every day.

  14. Alternatives Says:

    List of FREE apps that does the above as well. However, they are not as integrated as the above mentioned though. But alternatives for those who want to do essentially the same thing but has a low budget.


    Removal of Language Packs

    iPhoto Buddy (space saver!)


  15. Steffo Says:

    heh! i won!
    yet, funnily enough, I own both already.
    looks like its time to do some donating, and present giving :)

    as for the free apps, they look pretty good, and ive used monolingual on a few occasions before.

  16. MarkT Says:

    For all those whiners out there upset about the reoccurence of AppZapper, at least be happy it wasn’t embedded into a MysteryZot.

    If you’d like to see more shareware apps, try contacting some other shareware vendors and encourage them to partake in MacZot.

    I think it’s fine that MacZot has some, albeit more than others, repetitive offers. Personally I missed the MacHeist and would love to see RapidWeaver make a resurfacing. If I don’t find a discount price, I’ll probably still buy RW at it’s normal price especially since I wasn’t really all that in-need of the other MacHeist apps. Afterall, that’s the type of exposure these dev’s are aiming at and I don’t mind paying full-price for something once in a while :D

    Thanks MacZot and all the dev’s who participate!

  17. Eniregnat Says:

    Am am so happy with AppZapper! There are a few freeware alternatives, but AppZapper is worth the price. I am so happy that MacZot brought this back. I missed it the first time around, and I am happy about getting it the second time around.

    Plus, you have to love the icon.

  18. alex Says:

    Either I’m missing something here but shouldn’t the maczot price be *lower* than the one that is advertised on the xslimmer page ? Just clicking on the link above led me to the website where they also sell both appzapper and xslimmer for 14.95$.

    So what’s the point then buying via maczot ?

  19. flec Says:

    Mark T, Rapidweaver is 20% off at

  20. MarkT Says:

    super sweet – thank you flec!

  21. reesmaxwell Says:

    @Eddie – Thanks! F.A.S. is awesome! Who would have guessed there’d be an app like that .. and clever too! I love how the (pardon my switcher language .. can’t remember the real name) ‘taskbar’ icon changes color along with the warning levels. Great stuff!

  22. Steve Says:

    I got the license key for XSlimmer, but where is the AppZapper serial?.. I don’t have it in my account page, and it’s nowhere in my email either.

  23. BUroKHUli Says:

    can someone shoot me a SERIAL KEY for appzapper? I’ve been looking for months now.

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