May 29

Flick! 2.8.1

Normally: $25.00

ZOT Price: $11.99

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Attention Artists: Keep track of your inventory painlessly.

Artists know they should keep track of their artwork, but keeping on top of the documentation is often seen as nothing but a time consuming annoyance.

The creation process often takes priority, and it becomes only too easy to loose track of what you have produced and where it has gone.

Flick! helps artists by creating a record for every single work they ever produce, in an intuitive and friendly way that quickly becomes an interesting, rather than an irritating, task.

With Flick! you can easily:

  • Store images
  • Include details with text
  • Link artwork to clients
  • Produce comprehensive sales and inventory reports

Start building a compelling record of your artwork with Flick! today!

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For Mac OSX (Macintosh: System 10.3.9).

3 Responses to “Flick! 2.8.1 – The complete solution for artists”

  1. zottom Says:

    Just a detail: Original price is 25 Australian Dollars=approx. 20 US Dollars.

    But 11.99 is US Dollars and therefore the discount is not 52%.

    Time for zeitgeist!

  2. Richard Coulbeck Says:

    Is there a PC version?

  3. Richard Coulbeck Says:

    Is there a PC version?