Oct 21


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Ultra fast image browser

Direct hard disk browsing

FR-PhotoStudio can display hard disk contents directly, so you don’t need to register images to FR-PhotoStudio. Additionally, you can easily copy, delete and rename image files on its browser.

Incredible performance

Displaying thumbnails is one of the most time consuming function for image browsers. There are a lot of image browser that takes time to display thumbnails. FR-PhotoStudio displays thumbnails incredibly quickly by making use of preview information contained in each image file. Even if there is no preview information, FR-PhotoStudio generates thumbnails in background, so you don’t have to wait until thumbnails are displayed.

DTP features

FR-PhotoStudio has a lot of features to do your DTP work smoothly. FR-PhotoStudio displays thumbnails of EPS files quickly, and also FR-PhotoStudio displays color mode, encoding and compression of EPS and TIFF images.

For more inforation, visit the FR-Photo Studio website.

3 Responses to “FR-PhotoStudio”

  1. Josh of Pixelton Says:

    Hmm. I’m sorry if this is negative, but does MacZot seem like a clearing house for developers scared of Leopard lately? With Leopard this is built into the Finder!

    While it doesn’t display all file info if you have a recent edition of an Adobe Suite they force you to download Adobe Bridge which does this.

    Great price though. If I weren’t upgrading or had Bridge this is a no brainer.

  2. Jean-François Martineau Says:

    I downloaded this to give it a try. It cannot be tested. The opening window gives three choices: How to buy (Help item); Enter registration (no testing option); Quit (which closes the app.). There is supposed to be a 14 day trial period, but if there is any way to activate it, it baffles me.

  3. MM Says:

    I downloaded this and I didn’t have the problem Jean-Francois had–I got “purchase”, “enter registration key” and “Try it”

    Unfortunately, it just didn’t work. The first time I tried it I was completely baffled. I went to the folder I wanted and the screen was empty. I clicked slide show and a slide show of the images in that folder came up but when I closed the slide show, no preview! So I double-clicked on the whitespace and a large version of one of the images came up but when I closed it, no preview. What I realized by clicking around the whitespace is that the images were there, I just couldn’t see them. The information about the image at the bottom of the screen (name of image, additional details) would change as I clicked around….I just couldn’t see any of the images.

    I uninstalled it and tried again today, and this time, sometimes when I went to a folder I would get icon images of the subfolders (only sometimes), but never with any regularity and I’ve still never seen a preview.

    Too bad though. I was hoping this was like picassa (the windows program made by google). I used to use picassa and photoshop in conjuncture with each other and it was really great. I can still do that with trillian and windows, but I don’t like editing photos in two operating systems at once, especially since picassa does require importing–or can be set to keep track of all (or some) disk images and then auto updates and both ways of working cross os seem really complicated (which is what I’d avoided by using picassa in the first place).

    Unfortunately, not only does this have ridiculously few features (there’s not even minor batch editing like rotating) but it doesn’t seem to work, at least not for me.