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Managing receipts can be one of the easiest ways to save money on your taxes. A single dinner for business, or an expense accounted for will easily return your investment. Besides, as a business expense, it’s 100% tax deductible.

receipts quickly

If you’ve
ever looked for a receipt for a warranty repair, you
probably had trouble finding it. With ReceiptWallet,
receipts are located quickly and easily.


Do you have to prepare expense reports? If so,
ReceiptWallet can help. Once you store your receipts in
ReceiptWallet, you can select the receipts to email, print,
or export to PDF.

Taxes and

In many cases, the IRS (or other tax
authority) may accept electronic copies of your receipts.
ReceiptWallet makes gathering information for taxes a snap!


If you have ever had to get a product
repaired under warranty, you know how hard it is to find
the receipt to prove it is under warranty. With
ReceiptWallet, simply scan in the receipt, add some notes
about the product and now you can find the receipt quickly.


Everyone is enticed by rebates, but handling
the paperwork and remembering about them is such a hassle.
With ReceiptWallet, scan it in, put in a note that it is a
rebate and you can quickly find the rebates later on. To
make things even easier, add an appointment to iCal to
remind you to check on the rebate. Without leaving your
desk, you can now look up the rebate and see where it is.

Flexible Spending

Do you have a flexible spending plan or a cafeteria plan at
work? If so, then you know how much of a pain it is to
gather up all the paperwork when the time comes to submit
the receipts. With ReceiptWallet, put items into a category
called Medical or Flexible Spending, then create a smart
collection for the time period, say the last six months.
Next select the receipts, hit print and you’ve now handled
most of the work already. If your plan accepts it, you can
even export the text content of your receipts as a CSV file
and import it into Microsoft Excel; you can print this and
might be able to simply submit it.

What is it?

So what is ReceiptWallet? ReceiptWallet is a
Mac OS X program that allows you to scan in and manage your
receipts. When you scan in each receipt, you enter a few
pieces of information about the receipt such as the
merchant, the amount, and category and then you can quickly
and easily locate your receipts. You can view the receipts
right on the screen, print them, email them, or save them
as PDFs. In addition to the powerful search built into
ReceiptWallet, you can organize your receipts into
collections. These collections can contain whatever you
want and even better than that is the ability to create
smart collections that automatically create collections
based on whatever criteria you like. For instance, you can
create a smart collection that contains all of your grocery
store receipts or one that contains receipts for a certain
year. The possibilities are endless.

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Dec 26

Intego FileGuard X4

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The Virtual Safe for your Confidential Files

Whether you use your Mac for work, play, or everyday activities at home, it contains a variety of files. You may have music, movies and photos; word processing documents, spreadsheets and contact information; reports, letters and to-do lists. Most of these files need no special protection, but some of them are confidential: you may have files for your business, personal financial records, private e-mail, instant message transcripts and more. Mac OS X protects your files by requiring a password to access your user account, but hackers, vandals and data-thieves may be able to bypass this protection.

FileGuard X4 creates virtual safes that provide unbreakable protection for all your sensitive files. You can create as many safes as you want, using them for different types of files: you can create a safe for your e-mail, another for your business documents, another for your financial records, and one for schedules, contacts and calendars. Each safe can have its own password, and when you close a safe, there’s no way that anyone can get at its contents. You can set the size of a safe, or create safes that increase in size as you add files to them.

FileGuard X4′s safes are not only secure, they are also portable. You can store safes on file servers or external disks and you can keep them on your home or office computer with no risk of anyone opening them. You can even send FileGuard X4 safes to friends, family or colleagues, and they can access files contained in those safes, if they have the password, even if they don’t have FileGuard X4 software.

In addition to creating safes that you can use for any confidential files, FileGuard X4 lets you create special safes that protect your e-mail and instant messaging transcripts. When you create one of these safes, FileGuard X4 copies all the files for your e-mail or instant messaging program into the safe. When you open the safe, then launch a protected program, that program reads and writes from its safe. You can then quit the program and close the safe to ensure that your sensitive files remain protected. FileGuard X4 has an assistant that walks you through the steps necessary to create these safes, as well as safes for specific folders (such as your Documents folder), and custom safes for any folder you want to protect.

FileGuard X4′s safes are easy to access. Double-click a safe’s icon in the Finder, then enter your password to open it. When a safe is open, you simply drag files to its icon to add files. You can use floating avatars for your safes, which display above other windows on your screen, so you can drag files to them regardless of which Finder window is visible.

You can also access your safes easily from the Intego menu, which displays in your menu bar: you can open a safe, no matter where it is stored, simply by selecting it from the Intego menu and typing your password. 

Finally, you can access safes from standard Open and Save windows, so you can select files from them to work with, or save files directly to your safes to avoid writing them in unprotected form to your hard disk.

FileGuard X4 has a practical assistant that helps you create safes easily, and you can also use the FileGuard X4 application to create safes and change their settings. This application lets you manage all your safes, whether they are open or closed, change settings, change the sizes of safes or compress them, and much more.

Features of FileGuard X4:

  • Store sensitive files in secure virtual safes
  • Industry-standard encryption makes safes unbreakable
  • Create as many safes as you need
  • Set a different password for each safe
  • Create safes by drag-and-drop, or from the Intego menu
  • Safes increase in capacity as you add more files
  • Change the size of a safe or compress it to save space
  • Open safes by a simple double-click in the Finder
  • Protect sensitive files on laptops in case of loss or theft
  • Protect files on portable media, such as iPods or USB key drives
  • Safes work like folders – drag files to and from your safes
  • Safe icons indicate their status (open or closed)
  • Use floating windows to access safes at all times
  • Send safes by e-mail, or store them on servers or external disks
  • Set read and write permissions for safes stored on shared volumes

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Tiger and Leopard)
  • 40 MB free hard disk space


Hackers and virus writers work fast. Really fast.
Make sure you’re always up-to-date.

Intego NetUpdate is included with Intego software. NetUpdate can
be used to check if updates to any of Intego’s programs are available. NetUpdate
can carry out automatic checks, at the frequency you choose, or it can be
used to make manual checks whenever you wish. It can display scheduled update
checks in Apple’s iCal, and can work completely in the background if you choose.
With just one click, you can check to see if there are new versions of any
of the programs, or updated virus definitions or filters. If updates are available,
you can download them quickly and easily, and make sure you always have the
latest versions to keep your computer safe.

Don’t get left behind.
Use NetUpdate to stay up-to-date.

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