Jan 26

Web Devil 6.5 – Website browsing for your offline life

Normally: $34.95

ZOT Price: $17.48

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Imagine reading a year’s worth of your favorite blog at 35,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean – on your way to Hawaii!

Web Devil is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting web site content, helping to maintain web sites for content authors, and more. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want, and has a simple to use interface. Just enter a URL and it downloads the content with a single click. It contains several powerful tools for downloading and processing web content with ease, including an URL and e-mail extractor, batch URL downloader, incremental downloader, and more.

On a plane trip to your favorite destination, Hawaii perhaps, you have plenty of time to catch up on your reading, but NO INTERNET. Fortunately, you won’t need a connection, if you pick up today’s application – Web Devil 6.5.

With Web Devil 6.5 you can download any website to your computer and read it while you are offline. You are offline once in a while, aren’t you?

Okay, maybe you aren’t, or you don’t expet to be. BUT, whether it’s because you are on an airplane zooming along at 35,000 above the Pacific Ocean or whether you have lost your connection due to bad weather, technical difficulties, etc. there are sometimes when you will find yourself living your life offline.

Yes, hard to believe that you might find yourself without a connection, but it does happen. In fact, it happened to me while on vacation in Canada just a few weeks ago. No connection in my condo!! I could hardly believe it.

How about if you just asked yourself this question: “How would I use Web Devil, anyway?”

Well you could download it right now and find out. Go ahead, click the Try button at the top and it will begin downloading directly to your computer, and you’ll be up and running in less than 3 minutes. Or read on…

Or maybe you’d download a website that you just never find the time to look at while you are at work, but which you’d have lots of time to read on the subway during your commute home.

You know, you could even download some select pages from so you would have your thanksgiving recipes all ready to go when you get to your grandma’s house (who doesn’t have DSL, yet). Just pop open your laptop at the kitchen counter, and voila, you are ready to get cooking.

I bet you could find all kinds of cool ways to utilize Web Devil, but I’ll leave that up to you.

And just so you know how really versatile this application is, I’ll tell you about a few more features which make this application really useful…

  • Clean User interface – Simple, intuitive user interface makes using Web Devil pure pleasure.
  • Customized download options- Use filters so you download only the parts of a website you want.
  • Incremental Downloader- A handy tool for downloading sequential URLs on the same site. For example, if you had URLs on a remote server which were all the same except for a single number, you can use this tool to get them all in one easy stroke.
  • Media Viewer & Sorter – View and sort your freshly downloaded media files right in Web Devil!

It doesn’t get much simpler than this folks. Just enter a URL and Web Devil downloads the content with a single click. Really, it is pretty cool! But I don’t need to convince you, download it and try it out for yourself. You have until midnight Pacific time to decide if it is worth the amazing ZOT price of $17.48.

Web Devil requires Mac OS X, version 10.3.9 or later. PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers are supported.

Web Devil 6.5 changes (since 6.4)

  • [Feature] Allow specifying the user agent string for each Web Devil document.
  • [Feature] Added (limited) support for handling CSS.
  • [Feature] Added support for adding source URLs as Finder/Spotlight comments on downloaded files.
  • [Feature] Added ability to put the source URLs into the downloaded files’ Finder/Spotlight comments.

Web Devil 6.0 changes (since 5.5):

  • Completely rewritten for Mac OS X.
  • Full Mac OS X look and feel, using UI widgets such as sheets and drawers.
  • All tools are now fully Mac OS X compatible, including the Incremental URL downloader, Batch Downloader, etc.
  • New tool: Image Browser
  • New tool: Media Viewer & /Sorter
  • New Event Log with detailed download status.

For more information and to view additional screenshots, visit Chaotic Software.

No Responses to “Web Devil 6.5”

  1. zotter Says:

    I had been looking for ‘site-sucking’ apps. When I saw the ugly gui on this one, I passed. I didn’t find an app I liked (or understood) and my geek factor wasn’t high enough for wget or curl. I received this program as a gift and I’m relatively happy with it.

    Complaints: un-Mac-like gui (like I said, fugly); sometimes doesn’t dl images with sites (I might be doing something wrong); I’d like more verbosity in the documentation.

    Praises: it does good work – where I had problems downloading images, I was able to use the Incremental Downloads tool (part of the software) to download chrono-numbered images from several sites; I can set it up and leave it to run in the background without any noticeable drag on my computer; the options seem pretty thorough, allowing me to include or exclude domains, files by extensions and other stuff; relatively easy to understand for geek 101′ers.

    Would I pay $20 for it? Uh, not if you don’t need to download sites often. But it is a very useful and convenient tool. I recommend it.

  2. Noah W. Says:

    I remember a while back on MacZOT! There was something called Blue Crab ( It seems to have a more “mac-like” interface, it’s cheaper than this (minus the ZOT price). Don’t take my word though, I don’t do much offline browsing.

  3. y3qb7t Says:

    I bought a license a few years ago for WebDevil. The developer did not respond to several emails with questions and requests for help. I used WebDevil briefly when I started using OS X. WebDevil would truncate or otherwise mangle file names which exceeded 31 characters (a limitation of OS 8/9 which was removed by OS X) — once again the developer was unresponsive. I bought a license for DeepVacuum and am satisfied with it.

  4. Tommy Says:

    Personally, I’m a wget kinda guy. But I did want to note a discrepancy between the price quoted in the description, and the actual macZOT price.

  5. Sengan Baring-Gould Says:

    FWIW, zotter, you can try my app at It’s still in beta, but not much longer.