Jan 30

Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.0

Normally: $40.00

ZOT Price: $25.00

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Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.0 for Mac OS X Leopard makes it easy to create beautiful timeline charts suitable for trial exhibits, school projects, video documentaries, and more. Automatic layout means that you simply enter your events and the timeline software will handle the rest! Timeline charts that you create using Bee Docs’ Timeline can be exported as PDF for use in your favorite presentation, page layout, or video editing software.

Stunningly Beautiful Timelines

Film makers, museum curators, professors, novelists, grad students, and business leaders use our software to create elegant timelines. Join them and create your masterpiece today!

Create a Timeline in 1 – 2 – 3

Your audience will think you spent days crafting your timeline, but it doesn’t get any easier that this… Choose a “look” and enter your events. Got images to add? Drag them onto your events. That’s it!

Designed for Mac OS X Leopard

Browse your timelines with Quicklook and search for events using Spotlight. See full previews in the print dialog or share your timeline using iChat. Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.0 was designed from the ground up for Mac OS X 10.5

Plays Well with Others

Automatically chart recently played songs in iTunes, photos albums from iPhoto, iCal calendars, and birthdays from your Address Book. Export your timeline as a PDF or send as an e-mail with a single click.

Watch videos of Bee Docs’ Timeline in action!

20 Responses to “Bee Docs Timeline 2.0”

  1. Moonshadow Says:

    A really great application with a very Mac-like feel and iLife-integration… Highly recommended for anyone doing timelines! Be sure to ckeck out the video tutorials on the developer’s website: Gives you some splendid ideas!

  2. Says:

    This is a very cool app. Perfect for a timeline of pictures taken…I can already see it being useful for a vacation album or to track the growth of a child, even to document a project in the yard or garage. Most certainly Zotted!

  3. pumpkinwhite Says:

    Found some shortcomings in the first few minutes of using the app. There is no way to control the format of dates on the bottom row (the timeline X-axis). I made a quick timeline of the songs i played from itunes within the last few days. Even if i choose all songs and unselect ‘time’, it insists on showing time in the bottom timeline. The timeline at the bottom says ‘Jan 28 12:00AM’, ‘Jan 29 12:00AM’ etc. There is no way to remove the 12:00AM and display the timeline as simply ‘Jan 28′, ‘Jan 29′ etc.

    Also it seems that it cannot ‘forget’ the time the song it was played even if i deselect the time option (only date is selected). Suppose a song was played on Jan 28 6:45 PM. If i have unselected “time”, when i select the song and show its metadata, it shows me just ‘Jan 28′ but remembers 6:45 PM too without telling me. Whatever format i change it to, the timings of all songs are remembered in the background even though they are not displayed. And so if i want to make a timeline which group songs by date played i cannot do so. The end result is even if i have played just 16 songs in the last month, the timeline is so unnecessarily expanded (due to the division within each day). There is no way to compress the timeline.

    Finally the biggest problem is that the print preview option does not display the whole page in a window. There are scroll bars still present and i cannot make out how the layout will look. On my layout there is no difference between ‘screen view’ mode and ‘print preview’ mode (except for white borders around the print preview mode). I still have to scroll endlessly left to right to view my few songs. Even in full screen presentation mode i have to scroll left to right. Again, no way to compress everything on the screen in any mode.

  4. Barney Says:

    After what seems many weeks of (IMHO) near useless Zots comes a very Mac like and potentially interesting app. I don’t know how many Timelines I would ever need but it unfortunately probably isn’t enough to warrant spending $25. I would like a ‘dock magnification’ style option – hover over some info and it brings it to maximum attention and maybe more interaction – say clicking on a date takes you to either a website link or a page you can make within the app about that event.

    I just wish Apple had purchased this from the developer and stuck it into iWorks. For $70 you get a whole set of apps and $25 seems a little steep for what is a very accomplished looking, yet still really only a one-trick-pony.

  5. Olle Bergman Says:

    Timeline has been very useful to me, as a writer of history books and articles. Helps me e.g. in my own research and when I need to make sketches for the graphic designers.

    pumpkinwhite: Surely, there are many improvements which needs to be done. Let’s hope our user feedback can inspire the developer to give us v. 3.0 fairly soon!

  6. Tommy Says:

    This looks like an app that I would find some good uses for. But, I do have licensing questions. There are separate Leopard and Tiger versions. Will the macZOT-bought license work with the Tiger version. And, will it still work when I eventually get around to upgrading to Leopard?

  7. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone, its always good to hear what other’s experiences are like with any program that I might not have the time to delve fully into before the MacZot of the day ends. Barney (and anyone else who is interested in finding out more), take a look at the developer’s blog at:
    to see some implementation of some level of interactivity. It looks like the developer is not standing still, and hopefully sees the signficant potential of this interesting application.

  8. iSaw Says:

    Note that the Try button link downloads version 1.6 not version 2.0. I went to their website to get version 2.

  9. gryphonent Says:


  10. Adam Behringer Says:

    Hey Folks, I’m the developer. Here is the direct link to the 2.0 version (requires Leopard):

    I’ll see if I can get the Try button fixed to point to the new one.

    Thanks for the all the kind comments as well as the suggestions too.

  11. Keith Ledbetter Says:

    This is a very good-looking app, and I’d like to have it in my arsenal of tools. Unfortunately, all of my presentations are done on my Windows machine at work, so without being able to export in the trial version, I have no way of seeing how good the exported timelines would look in PowerPoint under Windows. A shame. They could have allowed exporting, but put in a watermark or something.

    Also, I agree with others on the price. If it was $15, I’d have bought it on a whim. $25 seems a bit steep.

  12. F451 Says:

    ZOTTED! Why? This is a niche market application making the price more than reasonable here today at MacZOT. Also, formerly, I downloaded the trial version, and the developer sent me an email requesting any thoughts and betterments; there is no doubt that he is conscientious about the direction Timeline is headed. Sure there are things I would like to see improved or changed, but I feel that Timeline will get there in due time.i

  13. Britonius Says:

    This definitely looks interesting and I think I could come up with some uses for it, but I too agree that even at the Zot price $25 seems a little steep for this app. I will think it over throughout the day before I decide though. Are there any other timeline apps out there to compare with it?

  14. jailerjoe Says:

    I’m glad I came back and read some more comments. I’d originally downloaded the “Try” version and its nothing like the newest version.

    Although I don’t have anything specific in mind for TimeLine I think I’ll be zotting it. I can envision used for it and, well, the production value of the demo screencast is just outstanding. ;-)

  15. justG Says:

    @Britonius: Yes, I reckon that A Single Pixel’s TimeFlyer is its most direct competitor. I’d be interested in hearing from people who’ve tried both. I doubt I’ll get a chance to evaluate them before today’s ZOT! expires, and the reviews posted on sites like MacUpdate aren’t necessarily of the latest version.

  16. F451 Says:

    Hi JustG :) I have tried both, and it comes down to a matter of how each handles formatting—a matter of each user’s personal taste. I like Bee Docs’ a bit better, and I also see more progression with Bee Docs’, but it really is up to the person using it.

    I do inspect for key elements with applications that are dependent on graphics, including the application’s GUI, the graphic layout out the developer’s website, and any other little graphical clue. This is where Bee Docs’ wins hands down.

    The developer that is going to win the final timeline application race is the one who eventually incorporates layers into the application.

  17. pumpkinwhite Says:

    There is also ‘Temporis’. Another competitor in this field.

    Haven’t used it though. Just thought i shall throw in an alternative for those interested.

  18. justG Says:

    @F451: Thanks for that, you helped me make up my mind!

    @pumpkinwhite: I saw Temporis as well, but didn’t include it because in my cursory glance of it, it didn’t appear to be as robust as Timeline and TimeFlyer. It might just fit the bill for others in the market for such an application, though, so thanks for mentioning it.

  19. Britonius Says:

    Oh man, I missed it. Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  20. Burhan Says:

    I zotted this – was excellent. However, it’s been 3 days, and no key has been sent to me. I went to the bee docs website and can’t find a contact link. Did anyone else get their key?