Apr 16

Jade – Image enhancement made easy!

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Enhance your photos with a single click!

Improving your digital images has never been so easy! Just load them into Jade, click the enhance button and save the result.

Jade uses state of the art algorithms to enhance image colors, contrast and dynamics, while preserving the overall quality of your images. Then, if you’d like, you may adjust the algorithm output by fine-tuning a variety of parameters including intensity, contrast and color correction.

In the digital era, it’s easy to produce and store huge amounts of images. Whether you have thousands of family photos on your personal Mac, or if you use images as a professional, Jade will make your life easier! Just press the batch processing button and enhance thousands of images in one operation!

Using Jade with iPhoto

Configure iPhoto to use Jade to edit your photos: open “iPhoto > Preferences…” menu and set Jade in the “Edit photo” popup menu as an external editor.

Then select the photos you want to edit in iPhoto and click the “Edit” button. Jade will start with the selected photos in the gallery.

Use the Jade “File > Save Filtered over original…” menu or even the batch filter procedure to save the filtered photos. In iPhoto the images will appear enhanced.

System requirements and updates


Jade requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Licensed users are entitled to free updates within the same major revision, and get free e-mail support.

Visit our product page to get more information about Jade.

User comments

Wow – I am impressed. Nearly every photo looks better after being processed by Jade.
Wolfgang Schmidetzki

“For those of you without mad photoshop skills, this is working really well for me”
scottw on jaiku

Automatic photo enhancement software for the Mac. Can handle batches of images and allows for some fine-tuning. The “does one thing well” model could be pretty potent as the main competition (*cough*Photoshop*cough*) gets ever larger and more complex
anorwood on

And many others. Check our product blog to see more.

Keep in touch with DataMind

Jade is the first product of a series of image processing and computer vision tools in development at DataMind; our research and development team is continuously working on powerful, new algorithms and tools for still images and video, to improve your digital experience.
Our current projects include:

  • Fully automatic red eye correction.
  • State-of-the-art noise removal and deblurring of images.
  • Image grouping and intelligent indexing by pictorial features.
  • And much more …

We’d love to hear your feedback about Jade, and your ideas about how to make our products better. Visit us at, or email

6 Responses to “Jade – Image enhancement made easy!”

  1. Loyd Says:

    The cute squirrel image alone made me want to buy it.. :)

  2. Barney Says:

    … cute squirrel image yes, but a very poor application logo.
    Wasn’t this a MuPromo a couple of days back.
    It got such bad reviews there.

  3. gryphonent Says:

    I tested this when it was on MUpromo this week and couldn’t find any advantage over iPhoto’s internal tools. What makes Jade different? When I click on automatic enhance in iPhoto I get the same, and some times even better, results compared to Jade.

  4. Walker Argendeli Says:

    It’s fine for MacZot to have second runs of software that’s been featured on Mupromo, but come on, let’s wait few days between runs.

    As to jade, I think the advantage that it offers is quick and simple, basic image processing that can be done in batches.

  5. mcoad Says:

    I bought this at the MacUpdate Promo a couple of days ago, and no, Barney, it is not true that the reviews there were uniformly bad. The aggregate conclusion was that it doesn’t do much that iPhoto doesn’t already, but in some cases does it better, making it a useful extra tool to have at this price (but not at the full price, which is way too high). This is what I found. It’s a pretty basic tool, for quick-and-dirty fixes, but then this is what non-professionals most often want. It doesn’t even fix red-eye, which iPhoto does, though often with disastrous results. However, on the tests I did it produced better results sufficiently often to make it worthwhile. For example, it produced a perfect enhancement of a pure white Persian cat in shadow under a table, while iPhoto turned the cat pink! It also allows you to make the changes without having to remember to make a duplicate copy, which is an infuriating and sometimes ruinous failing in iPhoto. Doubtless sometimes the results will be the other way round, but I’d definitely say this is worth adding to the toolbox.

  6. ZOT Says:

    When I scheduled this ZOT a while back, I had no idea it would be on MUPromo days before.
    I will ask developers who would like to sell on macZOT and MU to inform us of their plans…a little separation makes sense for all of us!