May 21

Jumsoft Aperture Themes -

Normally: $99.95

ZOT Price: $39.99

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Save time and get Amazing results.

Aperture Themes are great for everyone. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a serious hobbyist, or you just love to point and shoot. Your photos will look stunning when displayed with Aperture Themes. If you need to transfer photos to your distant colleagues, but have no time to prepare the photos for display on the Internet, let Jumsoft solve your problem by using one of these five professionally designed Aperture Themes.

Our artistic color schemes and popular designs will be appreciated on any types of display. Each of the high-quality templates include two-page layouts you’ll love, such as “WebPage” and “WebJournal” that allow you to choose intelligent ways to display your images or photos.

Three simple steps will get you started: Buy, Download, and Install your favorite theme. Then it’s time to work with your photos or images in Aperture.

Check out all five themes here…

Frames Gray Theme

Frames Gray Theme produces pictures that have a photo frame, with shadows that imitate the real 3D look of the frame. Here, the gallery background coloring is bright, but not too intense, so you can be sure your images will stand out and look perfect.

Grid Black Theme

Our Grid Black Theme reveals a straight and solid attitude toward image or photo display. Each picture has a frame and the gallery appears in a table form that evokes a sense of orderliness. If your pictures are bright, or have a lot of color, this dark background will nicely set off your work. As you know, bright colors against a dark background always get attention!

iPhone Theme

iPhone Theme is both modern and relaxing. All of your pictures and headings are framed together. That’s why this theme fits collectors’ and photographers’ needs perfectly. All the photos in this gallery have the same subject and are shown as a set.

Rounded Black Theme

Rounded Black Theme is similar to the Grid Black Theme, with some differences. The strong line of the Rounded Black Frame for each picture perfectly separates it from the others. The name of the picture on the bottom of the frame is easily read, but will not take away from the picture.

Mental Image Theme

Mental Image Theme is informal and has attractive details at the top and bottom of your picture gallery. Details which will not disturb the viewer’s attention to your great pictures.

Requires – Aperture 1.5 or higher

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No Responses to “Jumsoft Aperture Themes”

  1. Mitch Says:

    They look lovely, but even at $40 that’s too much if you ask me. Guess i’m just not the right client for this tho I am an Aperture guy.

  2. Colin Says:

    I’ve noticed that jumsoft and other theme companies tend to charge a lot for packages like this. They’re really nice, and I love the Keynote theme package I got from Jumsoft a few weeks ago here on Zot, but there was no way I would pay the regular prices. For Pro Apps like Aperture, $40 for a set of themes is not too shabby as they are high quality, but I cannot believe they would normally charge $100!

  3. Dan Says:

    I guess they’d rather sell one copy to someone for $100 than 100 copies to people for $10.

    Does seem like a lot to me… I bought Aperture 2.1 itself for only $70 at academic pricing, though.

  4. Peter Witham Says:

    Just my opinion but the price for these themes is rather high considering they don’t look all that different (mostly looks like colo rset changes to me with minor graphics tweaks).

    The full price is crazy based on the fact that they are not all that different from each other, surely it didn’t take that long to tweak one template from another to validate such a high price tag.

    If all the themes were significantly different from each other I’d say the MacZot price is great, and maybe even the full price would be worth it, but you’ll have to try harder to validate that price tag Jumsoft.

  5. Robin S Says:


    Am I reading this correctly? The Koingo Utility Package includes ALL of Koingo’s products? And it’s going to be half price? $40 for ALL Koingo’s products. If that’s true, that’s amazing. It’s a great deal at $80, but incredible at $40.

    Also, on the Koingo website, it says “purchasing the Utility Package will entitle you to FREE copies of all future Koingo Software products, and lifetime free upgrades to all others. License Codes are also valid for both the Mac OS and Windows versions of our software (if available).”

    If we buy the Utility Package and Koingo comes out with a new product, we get it for FREE??? Can that be true? And their licenses work on both Mac and PC when there are both versions available. Lord almighty, somebody pinch me and wake me up if I’m reading this wrong. I already own a couple of their applications and love them and love their support.