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iBiz 3.1 – Get paid for all your time!
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Get paid for all of your time.

Ever feel like you don’t bill your clients for the correct amount of time? Or perhaps you just don’t feel like your invoices are as accurate as they should be. Introducing iBiz 3, your all-in-one intuitive solution for tracking time, making invoices and managing your business on Mac OS X.

iBiz 3 is the premiere time-billing and invoicing application for Mac OS X.

If you need to track time, mileage or work that you do for clients then iBiz 3 will become an indispensible piece of software for your freelance work or small business. iBiz offers iCal and Address Book synchronization, automatic time tracking, customizable invoice templates and much more.

Check out these features:

  • Document Monitor. Associate your files to a project then open them from within iBiz and all of your time spent on the opened files will be automatically tracked. It allows for truly seamless time tracking.

  • Big (Billing) Picture. Get the big picture on your clients, quickly see a list of invoices, estimates and payments for any or all clients to check their status. Check invoice status and send them again if necessary.

  • Spotlight Indexing. Search your projects and job events quickly and easily. Integration with Spotlight means that you can locate your work records even when you’re not using iBiz.

  • Networking. For those who need an efficient way for multiple people to collaborate on projects, iBiz 3.0 offers seamless networking capabilities. Now in iBiz 3 you can set employee permissions, assign group rates and more.

  • AppleScript & Automator. Use Applescript and Automator actions to streamline your workflow. Create invoices, check for overdue balances and do a lot more. Let the scripts do the work so you don’t have to.

  • Quick Timers. For those that need to track every minute efficiently. Start and stop timers from a new status item or global floating quick timer window. Assign the timed events to clients whenever it is more convenient.

  • iCal Integration. Use Sync Services to automatically sync iBiz Projects with calendars in iBiz. You can also manually send events from iBiz to iCal.

  • Address Book Integration. Upon installation iBiz adds a group to Address Book of iBiz Clients. Drag and drop clients into this group in Address Book for them to appear in iBiz.

  • Templates. Make invoices and estimates with completely customizable RTF and HTML based templates. Email them as a PDF attachment directly from within iBiz. Use the built-in templates or browse our online gallery.

  • Invoice & Estimates. Fully customizable invoice templates ensure you get the look you want for your invoices and estimates. Change fonts, insert a logo, add a special message – it’s up to you. Click a button and send them as a PDF attachment using Mail or Entourage. Invoice from the toolbar.

  • Reporting. Create powerful reports with one click. Select the projects to be analyzed and click a button, it is that simple.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

Want to see how iBiz stacks up against the competition? Click here to view a feature-by-feature comparison chart.

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About IGG Software, LLC

In 2003, programmer Ian Gillespie launched IGG Software, LLC, in Southern California. He had one simple goal: to develop intuitive, yet powerful, personal and small business applications for Mac OS X.

Gillespie created his inaugural application, AtWork, while working on a doctorate in botany. The program took root as a tool by which Gillespie could track the hours he spent conducting rare and endangered plant surveys. But after posting the application online and selling his first copy on the first day (for $6.00), a business was born. AtWork evolved into iWork, which in turn was relaunched as iBiz in early 2005. Today, iBiz 3 is the simplest and best tool for Mac-based free-lancers, consultants and contract workers to track and invoice billable hours.

As iBiz developed, IGG also began to offer ever more powerful versions of iBank, the company’s flagship application for managing personal finances and small business accounts. iBank 2 emerged in January 2006 after being completely rewritten to take advantage of Mac OS 10.4, Tiger. Similarly, Gillespie introduced iBank 3 at Macworld 2008. This latest version, developed strictly for OS 10.5, was named a runner-up for Best Leopard Application in the 2007 Apple Design Awards. With major new features such as direct account downloads, iPhone sync, interactive graphs and loan management, iBank has become the leading money management application created exclusively for Mac users.

Since 2004, IGG Software has been based in Putney, Vermont, a vibrant small community in a state known for its environmentalism. As such, IGG is committed to supporting sustainable energy, obtaining all of its electricity from renewable sources through Green Mountain Power’s “Greener Mountain Power” program.

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