Oct 20

WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0
Global whois utility

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Find contact records for any IP address, email address, URL or ASN in any country worldwide.

WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 – Personal Edition

This offer entitles you to a personal edition of WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 and FREE UPGRADES to all 2.x versions of the software!

WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 integrates advanced searching capabilities to find contact information, DNS records, Internet routing information and geolocation data for all of your whois queries. By granting you access to contract records from all registrars and routing registries worldwide you now have the ability to find whois information on any IP address, email address, URL or Autonomous System Number (ASN). No longer do you need to know country codes to get accurate results.

WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 incorporates many features to make whois results easier to read. The Synopsis page breaks down the whois query results into sections highlighting DNS, Routing and Location data. The new “Show on Map” feature allows you to plot the inferred location of the organization on a map. Data detectors automatically create click-to-contact links inside whois results, eliminating the need to cut-and-paste items like URLs and e-mail addresses. And just added, now you can save results in text or HTML format.

People use WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 to:

  • Research IP addresses, e-mail addresses,URLs,or ASNs
  • Determine what company or individual is the customer-of-record for a domain, IP address, or URL
  • Locate contact information for adminstrators of domains or IP addresses
  • Generate, print, and export background information on domains, IP addresses, etc.
  • Download a FREE trial copy and see what WhoIs Analyzer Pro can do for you.

    Or read more below…

    WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 is the world’s most advanced, user-friendly whois tool

    Unlike most whois utilities that query one database to find contact records, WhoIs Analyzer Pro’s Smart feature compares data received from whois registrars worldwide then determines the registrar with the most accurate information on file.

    WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 grants users access to valuable information including:

  • DNS records, Internet routing information, geolocation and information useful to law enforcement agencies.
  • Results are easily viewed in a user-friendly screen that can be printed, exported,e-mailed or saved without having to copy and paste into another program.
  • Data detectors automatically create click-to-contact links inside whois results, eliminating the need to cut-and-paste items like URLs and e-mail addresses.
  • WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 eliminates the possibility of obtaining old or inaccurate data through automatic whois server and regional internet registry updates so you always get the most accurate data for your whois queries.
  • Requires Mac OS X v. 10.4 or later, including 10.5 Leopard.

    Visit for more details and screen shots.

    Oct 19

    Now Featuring…
    MacJournal 5.1 from Mariner Software!

    Normally: $34.95

    ZOT Price: $19.95

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    Introducing MacJournal 5.1
    The world’s most popular journaling software for the Mac just got a whole lot better! MacJournal has been totally
    redesigned and rebuilt for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). Don’t have Leopard yet? Don’t worry, MacJournal 5.1 works on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.9) too.

    Here are just some of the great, new
    features in MacJournal 5.1:

    • - Quickly add content to your journal; drag & drop PDFs, QuickTime movies, images, audio, text, or web pages…organization made easy.
    • - Host a blog or vlog (Video blog) on Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal or MobileMe account.
      Record video straight from your iSight!
    • - Create Smart Journals which display any entries that match specific criteria. A huge time-saver.
    • - Tag and assign each entry a rating, status, and priority then sort any journal by those values.
    • - Resize images to match your layout.
    • - Host your blog’s photos on the Picasa photo-sharing site.
    • - Use MacJournal’s new document architecture to save journals and entries in separate files.
    • - And a ton more!

    Journaling has never been easier…and all for less than $20!

    For more information on MacJournal or our other award-winning products, visit

    Oct 17

    A brand new RapidWeaver theme
    from Bonsai Studio
    And a Special Offer below!

    Normally: $11.95

    ZOT Price: $7.20

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    I am glad to introduce you to Rounded, our newest Bonsai Studio Rapidweaver theme. Created as a joint venture between Butella and Bonsai Studio.
    A clean, simple, and fully functional Rapidweaver theme.

    Main Features

  • Rounded corners in Javascript with no images
  • Four color schemes
  • Six widths! (460,600,700,800,900,1000px)
  • Ten custom headers to customize
  • Sidebar left/right/hidden
  • Four font styles
  • Left/right/center title alignement
  • Logo link to the home page
  • Fading tooltips
  • Internet Explorer .png fix
  • A full set of custom classes (Bonsai Snippets)
  • Rounded is a simple, multi-purpose Rapidweaver theme.
    Developed with simplicity and customization in mind. Rounded will help you build a professional looking Website with Rapidweaver.

    It’s defining characteristic is (you guessed it..) softly rounded shapes obtained using javascript techniques without images, so that you will be able to change all the colors directly from Rapidweaver.

    It comes bundled with four color schemes, AND you will be able to customize any aspect of the theme, from the page header to the links hover state.

    One great feature is that you can use custom images inside your rounded header, simulating a nice rounded mask wrapping them. You will find 10 custom images already built in.

    This means that you can customize them to create graphic images also with graphic text to get a great “full graphic” header.
    You will also able to customize them using a graphic application such as Adobe Photoshop or the great RWmultitool for Rapidweaver (Rounded is compatible with the free version too!).

    Rounded comes directly with split navigation, i.e. one main horizontal navigation and a multiple level vertical sub-navigation in the sidebar. It will let you organize your pages logically letting your visitors navigate your Web site easily.

    One of our most requested features has been the possibility to get a link on the site logo (that you can set in the site setup window in Rapidweaver) pointing to the home page. Rounded answers this request. Clicking on the site logo you will go back to the home page as expected.

    Theme Options:

    The theme offers a nice tooltip fading in from content links to show the visitor the link title and address where the link points.

    Rounded, in fact, comes with the great jQuery javascript framework built in, to let you add to your theme custom javascript in a new fun and easy way. You can easily add your custom jQuery code, knowing your theme has the latest jQuery version already built-in.

    And last but not least, Rounded has some useful built-in “Bonsai Snippets” integrated in the css (they are not Rapidweaver snippets, but just css classes) that you can use to build custom boxes, columns, callouts and so on, just adding some css classes to your code. But don’t worry if you are not a code junkie, you will find in the package some Rapidweaver snippets to help you to use them easily. They are really simple to use. Classes like “left” to float left a div or “w50x100″ to give it a 50% width….
    Nice isn’t it?

    And… Free Updates!

    All ((( Bonsai Studio ))) RapidWeaver themes include, in the sale price, Free Updates. Every time one of our RapidWeaver themes is updated you will receive an email with the related updated RapidWeaver theme you purchased.

    Click to Developer’s Site.
    We will give you a link to a live preview of Rounded very soon.

    Also This Weekend…A Special Offer

    Monday’s ZOT will be Mariner Software’s MacJournal, and we’re making it available all weekend as a Special Offer.

    Find out about MacJournal on macZOT here…

    Oct 16

    Canvastic Version 3.5

    Normally: $39.00

    ZOT Price: $15.00

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    Canvastic is the fantastic student-focused graphics/text publishing
    tool for K-8. Kids can easily publish pages and presentations.
    Work can be exported into common formats like jpg’s and QuickTime movies. It features easy to understand tools and options with
    a clear, clean interface. There are no “toy” features that waste the
    students’ time.

    Canvastic presents the perfect interface for any user
    by adjusting automatically for the level/age of the user.
    Packed with dozens of new user-requested
    features, refinements, and fixes, Canvastic v3.5 is even more flexible,
    powerful, and easy to use. Teachers and parents have expanded options to customize
    the application to meet students’ needs. It has the best
    spell checking feature for students ever, transparent color choices
    and now audio recordings go right into the document and slideshows.

  • Text and Graphics Publishing Tool for K-8
  • Clear On-Screen Display
  • Grows With the User
  • No Toy Features
  • System Requirements:

    G3 processor capable but not supported,
    G4 or better, Intel recommended
    System 10.3.9 or better – Tiger & Leopard compatible – Intel Mac compatible
    512 MB of RAM
    150 MB of hard disk space
    Latest version of QuickTime installed
    Latest version of iTunes installed for integration of audio from that program

    Take the tour:

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Oct 15

    The new clipboard manager, with network sharing!

    Normally: $22.70

    ZOT Price: $13.50

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    The professional clipboard manager built for the modern Mac.

    Stuf is the brand new product from The Escapers, after a free public beta period under the code name “Shadow”, Stuf launches today exclusively on MacZOT!

    Stuf is a clipboard manager designed for power users and creative professionals. Stuf runs in the background on your Mac watching your clipboard, when it changes, the contents are stored and can then be restored at any time. This means that you can copy text, pictures, and just about anything else and have those clipping silently stored by Stuf ready for use at any other time.

    If you find yourself with many clippings that you use very frequently, you can create a new clipboard and drag and drop the clippings into the new clipboard. This means that you can sort all your clippings into categories which suit the way you work. If you want, you can give each clipping a name, so if you have complex text clippings in your favourite programming language, you can give them titles such as “Code for accessing MySQL database”, or “Convert JPG to PNG”, so you don’t have to read the code to work out what it does.

    However, if you do want to read the code or look at clippings in greater detail, Stuf supports QuickLook on Leopard machines so you just need to select a clipping and hit space to view it in all it’s glory.

    Networking built-in

    If you work with more than one Mac, or in a group, you can also share your clipboards over your local network, each clipboard can be enabled or disabled for sharing, and you can even set a password if you want to allow some users access but not others. Stuf uses multiple processes and multi-threading, to make best use of today’s multi-processor Macs, it also means that other users viewing your clipboards won’t slow you down. Each user sharing clipboards will appear on other machines along with their user picture, and name. Remote clipboards work just like the ones on your own machine, you can still use QuickLook and other cool features.

    Search everything

    Stuf builds in a quick and simple search function, which searches all your clipboards and remote clipboards too! Just type in a word, hit enter and all clippings, on all machines running Stuf and return a list of all clippings containing that word, along with the familiar Stuf previews. If you see the clipping you want, you can can restore it to your clipboard, or drag a remote clipping into one of your own clipboards for later use.

    Quick & easy

    Stuf also provides an icon on your menu bar, alongside standard Mac utilities like Spotlight or Time Machine, this lets you access the core features of Stuf in an instant, and paste into any application just by choosing the item from the menu.

    About The Escapers

    The Escapers is based in London, UK, we pride ourselves on being an approachable Mac developer, responsive to user requests and bug reports. We also endeavour to update our products frequently and for free. The Escapers has never charged for a software update! You can find us at or in one of many pubs in central London.

    Oct 14

    Keep Your Word
    Freestyle vocabulary learning

    Normally: $24.95

    ZOT Price: $12.45

    Click to MacZOT

    Are you studying a new language?
    Does your class notebook contain an endless list of words that you have to learn?

    Keep Your Word lets you build your own dictionary, classifying and grouping the terms exactly how you want to, while helping you to learn a large vocabulary thanks to its different exercise modes.

    Keep Your Word is designed to:

    Let you build yor own dictionary.

    Build your dictionary

    The basic item that can be added to Keep Your Word is “A Word”.

    Keep Your Word supports all the character sets that your Mac supports, so you can write any word in any language supported by your Mac.

    Don’t forget to tag your words, and add comments to them. Later, you will understand why…

    Organize and classify your words.


    You can add new words to the main library, or directly to any of the default categories that Keep Your Word provides you.

    Those default categories are “Adjectives”, “Substantives” and “Verbs”, but you can modify, reorder, delete or do whatever you want to them at any time.

    Do some hard work for you.

    Smart categories

    If you do not feel comfortable using a hierarchical organization, just group your word using Smart Groups.

    Smart Groups are quite similar to iTunes’ smart lists. You decide what you want to have in a Smart Group (words containing one character, containing one tag, created in a date range…) and Keep Your Word groups them for you.

    Find words quickly.

    Smart categories

    Never lose track onf any of your words again.

    Groups and Smart Groups can get very crowded, so use the built-in search field to find what you are looking for. It includes your tags and comments in the results.

    Do exercises.

    Do exercises

    We tried, I swear, but we could not develop an application that could learn for you.

    So, to help you learn all the words that you have so carefully added to Keep Your Word, the application provides three “Exercise modes”.

    “Flash Cards” is a quick exercise, where you are shown a word in the “other” language, and you have to recognize it.

    “Quick Quiz” is, well, a quiz. You are shown a word, and two possible meanings, and have to identify the correct one.

    Finally, in the “Printed Test” mode, you can print a random list of words, in the “other” language, in “your” language, or in both, so you can do written tests.

    The three “Exercise Modes”, get the content from the category that is selected when you launch them. So, you can do exercises only with the words that you tagged with “food”, or the words that you added to your dictionary in the last week, or…

    Keep Your Word requires Mac OS X 10.5

    Oct 13


    Normally: $34.00

    ZOT Price: $20.00

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    Experience outstanding performance!

    FastCut offers advanced video editing in real-time. FastCut uses the power of the GPU (graphic processing unit) for accelerated graphical calculations.

    Feature List:

    – Dynamic playback quality for optimal performance [Dynamic RT]
    – 3D motion & FX keyframe animation [+ animation presets]
    – Masking and keying
    – Video transitions and filter+special FX
    – Integrated live ATSUI title editor with letter animation FX
    – Motion Blur
    – Ready for high definition (HD) video
    – Bundled super-fast screen movie capture utility fgrab [integrated]

    FastCut is a full-featured video editor. It brings 3D motion & effects keyframe animation, masking and keying, video transition and filter+special effects, an integrated ATSUI live title editor with title effects and so much more. FastCut has been designed for real-time processing from the beginning. The RT-engine is based on OpenGL to benefit from hardware acceleration and uses the CoreImage technology for filter effects.

    You don’t need the fastest machine to apply complex effects to multi-layer 3D compositions. FastCut dynamically scales the playback quality if appropriate for optimal playback performance. The clean and intuitive interface makes it very easy to use.

    This is a must-have tool for everyone editing video on the Mac.

    What’s new in version 3?


Among the dozens of new features and enhancements in FastCut 3 are animated title effects, special effects, improved ‘dynamic RT’, more versatile clip arrangements commands, native support for the new .fvf screen movie format and a feature called ‘animation presets’ that helps to instantly setup animations [or reuse animation setups].

    FastCut 3 comes with fgrab, a new super-fast screen movie capture utility. fgrab is not only the fastest screen movie capture utility (70 % faster than Snapz Pro X 2, whether you compare it on PowerPC or Intel), with the new .fvf screen movie format there is no longer an export procedure necessary after you captured the screen. .fvf clips can be added to FastCut movie projects for further processing.

Built for Mac OS X, requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Universal Binary.
    Check out the Developer’s Website

    Oct 12

    Blue Crab
    Copy the contents of a website to your computer, in whole or in part.

    Normally: $25.00

    ZOT Price: $14.00

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    Blue Crab is a versatile program, by Limit Point Software, that you use to copy the contents of a website to
    your computer, in whole or in part.

  • Conduct fast offline browsing and searching without an internet connection.
  • Create a snapshot of a website for historical archiving.
  • Collect specific types of resources such as images or email addresses.
  • Search current content more thoroughly than a search engine right on your own computer.
  • Check a site for broken links, or generate an HTML site map
  • Perform batch downloads of URLs
  • Create full page images of URLs (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, etc.)
  • With Blue Crab you can download all the content including HTML, PDF, graphics, video, file archives, etc.,
    or use selective filtering to restrict downloads to specific kinds of files.

    For example, you can choose to save only the JPEG images Blue Crab finds, or just the PDFs.

    Starting with a single URL Blue Crab begins traversing the site by following the links on the
    textual pages it finds, HTML, CSS, etc. Blue Crab does not stray off the domain of the starting URL; in other
    words it won’t download the whole web! Moreover, you can restrict Blue Crab to a subset of the given website
    by specifying strings that must match parts of the URL. There is also a convenient “stay in folder” option in every grabber window which restricts the crawl to URLs
    whose path must begin with the same path of the starting URL.

    Blue Crab has a special feature called the “Media Grabber” which you can use to easily download just the
    graphics, movies or PDFs on a website.
    When finding images, you can view a mini slide show as they are downloaded. You also have the
    option of “flattening” the download directory, i.e. putting all the downloaded images into one folder, or preserving the folder structure on the
    server (just as when downloading a complete website for offline viewing.)

    Blue Crab sports two types of “grabbers” for crawling a website. The first kind, called “classic” since it was the initial grabber type in Blue Crab,
    uses the original methods provided by the Mac OS for downloading URLs. The classic grabber shows very detailed progress statistics, and in particular
    the server’s HTTP response headers in log format (which provides information like server type.) The alternative “quick” grabber is the newer type, and forms the basis of
    the “download one page” and “media” grabbers. The term “quick” comes from the fact this grabber uses newer Mac OS technology and doesn’t provide as
    much progress statistics as the classic version. In benchmark testing it can be up to 20% faster. In addition, for certain websites, one type
    of grabber may yield better results than another.

    As an alternative to crawling a website sometimes you may just want to download a collection of independent URLs. You
    might be surfing the web and as you go along find relevent PDFs or images for, say, a research project. Using the batch downloader
    simply drag the URLs into the batch download window to collect them. When you are done just click the “Start” button to
    download them all at once.

    Finally, Blue Crab is gentle on the server. It processes only one URL at a time and may be configured to
    grab resources at preset time intervals.
    Considering the stress such programs can put on websites by downloading all of their content it is only fair that they do so
    in small increments over a longer periods of time. (If you’ve ever looked at your web logs you’ll see that robots like Google are
    highly intermittent.)

    A small tour is available that quickly introduces you to the many features of Blue Crab.
    If you would like to take the tour now click on the link below.

    Take A Tour of Blue Crab


  • Unique URL extraction algorithms yield very complete downloads compared to other products of this type.

  • You can download websites either for offline browsing, via re-linking of URLs, or to create virtual copies of them on your hard drive, i.e. backup a website as-is.

  • Supports both HTTP, HTTPS protocols as well as server realms. Detailed Grabber window shows server HTTP header response fields.

  • Optionally display web pages as they are crawled using either your own web browser or Blue Crabs own web window.

  • You can restrict a crawl to just the initial domain, or allow the program to “stray” into offsite URLs.

  • Blue Crab can remap “dynamic” URLs which contain path and search arguments so that resulting disk files are navigable offline.

  • Image URLs into JPEG files (or any other graphic file type supported by Quicktime) to create complete pictures of web pages not possible simply by taking a single screenshot yourself.

  • Blue Crab provides its URL imaging ability as a service menu item available from other applications.

  • URLs can be imaged into files, or onto the clipboard.

  • Built-in directory search displays found files as a hierarchical list, with double-clickable entries.

  • A “batch window” enables you to download your own list of files. Simply drag and drop URLs into the batch window, or import them from an HTML file , or text file.

  • Grabbing in “images-only” mode just downloads image files, optionally “flattening” the results (i.e. putting all images into one folder.)

  • Reusable configuration settings control what is grabbed, saved or crawled:

  • Filter by size, date, file type or even content
  • Filter by filename, extension or path
  • Bookmarks window for storing frequently crawled websites.

  • Supports form submissions to enable you to begin a crawl from, say, a login page.

  • Supports cookies for more accurate downloads.

  • Generate site maps that consist of a hierarchical display of URLs. Such maps can be optionally filtered by extension.

  • Find and compile email addresses.

  • Customizable user-agent (spoofing) enables you to download websites which are platform specific.

  • Optionally receive email notifications of Blue Crab’s progress during a lengthy crawl.

  • Dock badging provides visual feedback or progress when the program is in the background.

  • Blue Crab is a great deal. I hope you take advantage of it. I thank you in advance for your support of this product.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Oct 10

    iBank 3
    Your finances never looked so good.

    Normally: $59.99

    ZOT Price: $37.99

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    Finally, the Mac OS X financial manager you’ve been waiting for. We’ve tried the competition, we’ve listened to our users and we’ve delivered the best financial manager available.

    An intuitive, full-featured personal and small business financial manager.

    iBank 3 is designed to manage bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments; analyze income and expenses with live updating charts; and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting. With iPhone sync, MobileMe integration and Direct Connect for online accounts, iBank 3 is a robust financial application able to meet the needs of the casual consumer to online investor.

    What’s New?

    Direct Downloads. iBank can now connect to your bank "behind the scenes" and import your data for you.* No more going to websites, logging in, going to the correct page, setting date parameters, etc; now it just happens, automatically. This was our most requested feature and we’ve delivered.

    *Your bank must support the OFX protocol specifications. If you bank doesn’t support it correctly or at all, you may still need to log in to a website to download transactions.

    Interactive Graphs. Graphs in iBank have received a complete overhaul. Now utilizing the power of Core Animation, you can click on pie graph slices to see sub-category totals or even "flip" the slices to see a list of the transactions making up that slice. While we certainly wanted to make the graphs look slick, they are way more functional and more enjoyable to use.

    iBank now comes loaded with high resolution images for the most popular categories. These images are then used when making charts or viewing graphs so you can quickly see which part of a graph belongs to which category. You can also change the images to match your own preferences or add images to your own custom categories.

    We delivered a solution for editing your transactions on the road, using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Using the latest Web 2.0 technologies you can view historical transactions and create and edit new ones while you’re on the go. To sync your data to MobileMe, it’s just one click from within iBank. MobileMe membership is required.

    Cover Flow for Transactions. Ever wanted to see your transactions outside of a list? Enter Cover Flow on iBank: you can view, edit, and flip through your transactions while seeing how you spent (or earned) your money with gorgeous category images (see above). A graph along the bottom shows your account balance through time; click anywhere in the graph to jump to that transaction.

    Loan Management. Easily manage loans and other debt with scheduled payment plans.

    Smart Portfolios. Use a smart portfolio to summarize your investments for any accounts or securities. Want a portfolio to represent your Roth IRA, but not your personal investment account? No problem. Just want to see how your Apple stock is doing since a specified date or from a specified account? No problem.

    Check Your Stocks on the Road. Upload your portfolios to your MobileMe account from iBank and view your securities’ performance from any web browser (including your iPhone and iPod Touch, of course).

    Stock Performance Graph. Ever wonder how your stock picks stack up against the S&P 500 or NASDAQ, even after adjusted for dividend payouts? With the new performance graph in iBank you can select any securities to graph against each other to see how they compare, through time, adjusted for splits and dividends.

    More Drag and Drop. Now to make a scheduled transaction you can just drag any transaction onto the "Scheduled Transactions" item in the source list. Want to add a category to a report? Just drag and drop it! Trying to reconcile a statement? Just drag and drop missing transactions into the statement until it is balanced.

    Tax Support. Export your tax records to TurboTax and other tax software, plus assign tax numbers to your categories for easy tracking.

    Standard Reports. Easily compare assets and liabilities with a Balance Sheet or check the performance of your investments with Capital Gains and ROI Reports.

    System Requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
    512MB RAM/30MB free space
    1024×640 screen resolution

    Supported languages: English, French, and more coming soon!

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    About IGG Software, LLC

    In 2003, programmer Ian Gillespie launched IGG Software, LLC, in Southern California. He had one simple goal: to develop intuitive, yet powerful, personal and small business applications for Mac OS X.

    Gillespie created his inaugural application, AtWork, while working on a doctorate in botany. The program took root as a tool by which Gillespie could track the hours he spent conducting rare and endangered plant surveys. But after posting the application online and selling his first copy on the first day (for $6.00), a business was born. AtWork evolved into iWork, which in turn was relaunched as iBiz in early 2005. Today, iBiz 3 is the simplest and best tool for Mac-based free-lancers, consultants and contract workers to track and invoice billable hours.

    As iBiz developed, IGG also began to offer ever more powerful versions of iBank, the company’s flagship application for managing personal finances and small business accounts. iBank 2 emerged in January 2006 after being completely rewritten to take advantage of Mac OS 10.4, Tiger. Similarly, Gillespie introduced iBank 3 at Macworld 2008. This latest version, developed strictly for OS 10.5, was named a runner-up for Best Leopard Application in the 2007 Apple Design Awards. With major new features such as direct account downloads, iPhone sync, interactive graphs and loan management, iBank has become the leading money management application created exclusively for Mac users.

    Since 2004, IGG Software has been based in Putney, Vermont, a vibrant small community in a state known for its environmentalism. As such, IGG is committed to supporting sustainable energy, obtaining all of its electricity from renewable sources through Green Mountain Power’s “Greener Mountain Power” program.

    Oct 09

    MailTags 2.2
    Add meaning to your messages
    Weekend ZOT Preview below

    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $17.95

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    MacObserver – Aug 29, 2007

    The revolutionary enhancement that transforms Apple’s Mail into a powerful email organization system.

    Key Features of MailTags 2.2

    Integrated Interface

    Use MailTags’ convenient side panel to add tags keywords, project, priority, notes to your messages. Use contextual menus to tag several messages at the same time. All of MailTags interfaces feel built in, not added on.

    List Display
    Display your tags in extra columns in the message list view. See due dates as they approach.

    IMAP Support

    Save your tags to your IMAP servers so you can access them from multiple computers.
    Note: MailTags is not fully compatible with GMail IMAP. Tags on GMail IMAP accounts will not be saved to the server.

    Works with Mail’s Smart Mailboxes

    Build smart mailboxes that search your messages for keywords, projects and even due dates.

    Works with Mail’s Rules

    Set tags automatically as you receive Mail by using MailTags actions when creating a Mail rule. Use with Mail Act-On to create keystroke rules to tag messages.

    Works with Mail’s Search

    Search for your tags by using Mail’s search field, narrow the search to keywords, projects or notes. Use simple and/or logic to find tags.

    Tag Mail 3.0 Notes

    Create a note for yourself with Mail 3.0 notes feature and tag it with projects, keywords, tickle dates and priorities for future reference. Find those notes in smart mailboxes.

    RSS support

    Tag news items for future reference. Ideal for workflow management where a RSS subscription notifies you of forum posts, support requests or tasks.

    iCal Support

    Create To Dos and Events in iCal directly from Mail and maintain the link between the original message and the items in iCal.

    Send Tags in Messages
    Not only can your tag your outgoing mail for your purpose, you can send tags with the messages to create an informal workflow with your recipients.

    Incoming Reply Tagging
    Automatically copy tags from earlier messages when receiving replies. Maintain tags in a discussion even if the other correspondent doesn’t have MailTags.

    Applescript Compatible
    Construct Applescript work flows that access your MailTags data to use them in other applications.

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.5 PPC or Intel (MailTags 2.2)
    Requires OS X 10.5.3 +
    Mac OS X 10.4 PPC or Intel (MailTags 2.1)
    Note: Not all features listed are available in MailTags 2.1 for Tiger

    Spotlight must be enabled

    For more information, visit

    This weekend’s ZOT? – iBank 3 – October 11th and 12th.

    Your finances never looked so good.
    An intuitive, full-featured personal and small business financial manager.

    iBank 3 is designed to manage bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments; analyze income and expenses with live updating charts; and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting. With iPhone sync, MobileMe integration and Direct Connect for online accounts, iBank 3 is a robust financial application able to meet the needs of the casual consumer to online investor.

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