Dec 22

SuperSync 3.0.1
Music Libraries in Perfect Harmony

Normally: $29.00

ZOT Price: $14.50

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10 Responses to “SuperSync”

  1. ubrgeek Says:

    So for which version is this Zot? Also, I see it can find duplicates, but can it help delete them?

  2. Colin Says:

    I have been eyeing this one for some time, but always felt $29 was just a tad too much. Thank you, MacZot!

  3. J. Scott Anderson Says:

    I have to admit, that I’ve been pondering a purchase of this really fine software for some time. However, the functionality is so obvious, that I keep thinking that Apple will introduce it as part of their MobileMe syncing that I hesitate to waste any money. Again, the software is really good (I’ve tried it), but seems obvious. Maybe I’m wrong. Better yet, maybe I’m partly right and Apple will pay these guys for their work and put in the functionality so that all parties win.

  4. Colin Says:

    @ J. Scott Anderson The same can be said of a lot things with Apple. I would not count on them having this as a high priority, and for $15 I’ll happily risk it.

  5. Brad Says:

    This Zot is for the latest version of SuperSync. This includes free updates for the life of the product. (Or at least until we sell it to a huge company like Apple… thanks for the suggestion Scott!)

    Duplicates can be deleted– SuperSync has a “trash” function. SuperSync will also find duplicates where tags or filenames have changed, but the data is the same, which helps if you’ve been updating your tags or iTunes renamed your files.

    Thanks for shopping at macZOT for SuperSync!

    - Brad
    SuperSync Developer

  6. J. Scott Anderson Says:

    Colin, you are with me on the $15 risk. I also risked it, thus my comments. It would be sweet if Apple would snap up stuff like this a bit faster.

  7. ubrgeek Says:

    Hi Brad – Thanks for the reply. I just picked up the app and I’m looking forward to being able to FINALLY get all of our libraries in sync.

  8. ozron Says:

    I’m interested in picking this up (with 2 licenses) at the Zot price, but how do I upgrade to a 5 license pack? Can I pay the $10 difference to upgrade? Thanks.

  9. Brad Says:

    SuperSync is sold in 2,5, and 10-paks. For 4 licenses, 2 Zots is best. For 5 or more licenses, your best bet is to go to and get the 5-pak for $39, or a 10-pak for $59. About the same price as the ZOT special!

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