Jan 25

ProStockMaster – Pro License

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The First and The Best Stock Photography Workflow Management Tool!

ProStockMaster is a unique desktop software adopted by thousands of amateurs and professionals involved in stock photography.
Introduced in 2006, ProStockMaster was the first application in the world dedicated to
stock photography and imaging workflow management.

New to Stock Photography?

Got a digital camera? Start selling your pictures on the Internet with our dedicated stock photography software and get paid instantly! Thousands of amateurs and professional photographers use our application to generate a very nice additional income by selling their photos at leading stock photo web sites.
All you need is your creativity and a digital camera with at least 5 megapixels sensor. Get started with stock photography!
Read the step by step guide about how ProStockMaster can help you get your photos onto some of the most popular stock photo sites, and generating income today!

ProStockMaster is an archiving, organizing, keywording, uploading and image preparation Java desktop application
currently available on Windows
(Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 2003, 98, 95),
Mac Os X
and Linux platforms.

ProStockMaster is a unique all-in-one application for stock photo contributors. The application automates image processing and uploading to multiple microstock photo agencies.

Adopted by thousands of stock photographers around the globe, ProStockMaster frees your hands for your camera, allowing you to concentrate on what you really love to do – shoot your pictures.

With ProStockMaster you can

  • simultaneously upload all the selected images to multiple stock agencies
  • upload all images in the specified folder
  • translate keywords from 23 languages during the image description
  • auto-generate additional IPTC keywords matching a pattern you entered.
    You can generate English keywords directly from the words in your native language!
  • search your images by a keyword
  • IPTC and XMP editing
  • EXIF reading
  • earning statistics
  • convenient IPTC metadata copying function for mass metadata deployment on similar images (series)
  • extract metadata from existing images
  • import and export keywords from/to external files (keywords templates), including optional on-the-lfy translation
  • metadata translation for all the images in a folder (ISO-8859-1 Latin)
  • 25+ different GUI skins, so you can choose the look and feel that you like

    …and even more exciting features helping you to save hours of your valuable time.

    David C. Coleman – Artist/Photographer
    David is located in Brunswick Hills, Ohio

    Review David’s portfolio

    David’s work varies from portraits to commercial and industrial photography.
    He has been involved in illustrating 3 books, several magazine articles and covers.
    He is also an exclusive photographer and a top contributor to Dreamstime stock photography web site.

    “Stock photography has always slowed my workflow down, usually having to be done after the
    normal duties of a studio photographer. ProStockMaster makes stock photography fit for me. It helps
    me organize and upload my images, cutting my workload in half for stock. Before ProStockMaster
    I had allowed my image uploads to drop off dramatically. I am now able to upload images without taking away from
    my other work. ProStockMaster is an awesome organizer and time saver!”

    Read more testimonials here.

  • A new ProStockPhoto Partnership has recently been established with Panther Media.

    PantherMedia is a midstock/microstock agency with a worldwide distribution network and flexible subscriptions. Your commission is up to 60%!

    System requirements:
    Min 1GB RAM, 2 GB RAM recommended, Intel Core CPU or similar, Java 5 available
    Graphics card of at least 128 MB RAM recommended.

    More information is available on The ProStockMaster website

    Currently Supported Stock Photo Sites (more added periodically) :

    11 Responses to “ProStockMaster – Pro License”

    1. ZOT Says:

      Photo Contest? Yes!
      Check out the bottom of our homepage today for information on how to win today’s ZOT!

    2. ubrgeek Says:

      But here’s the question: Under what rights are we submitting the photo? Creative Commons? Commercial?

    3. Tommy Says:

      Oddly enough, I’ve been considering trying to sell photos. So this is an attractive buy for me. But, as usual, questions loom:

      Q1) Same as ubrgeek. Especially if you plan on trying to sell your photos, giving away your best one on a chance to save $50 is counter-productive. (Personally, I’m always happy to pay for quality software. The answer to this question will have no bearing on whether I actually buy it.)

      Q2) Speaking of quality software, has anyone used this and can comment on its worth? $50 isn’t an impulse buy.

    4. David Mail Says:

      We speak here about commercial royalty free stock photography. As a part of the registration process in every stock agency you will have to sign an artist’s agreement. The agreements differ between agencies as well as differ their commissions and prices, however almost always it’s a royalty free non-exclusive license, allowing the agency to sell your artwork to their clients.
      All stock photo agencies have their Terms online, for instance:

    5. Tommy Says:

      Thanks David. Good information to know.

      But my question was more about the contest photo. Do we give up any rights by submitting a photo to the contest?

    6. Folsom49er Says:

      Having managed some very large photo contests (working with sponsors like AOL, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, etc. … giving away cameras, trips to Tanzania, Galapagos, etc.), I can tell you that you can’t run a contest without acquiring rights to submitted photos. While the use of those photos will be limited, the required language in the rules, usually written by corporate attorneys, effectively causes the entrant to give up all rights when a photo is submitted. That’s because photos are going to be published online, may be published in magazines, and may appear in promotions (read “advertisements”) for future contests. It’s rare for a big company like Fuji or Kodak to abuse this “rights grant” that will appear in the rules. If you talk to their attorneys, as I had to do on many occasions, they make it clear that they work through reputable ad agencies who wouldn’t have any interest in using contest photos, except as needed to run future contests where such use would be appropriate. Smaller companies might be foolish enough to try to cheat photographers using a photo contest, but if it ever got into a courtroom, they would soon learn that that can be a costly strategy.

    7. ZOT Says:

      Hi All,

      The Photo contest today is solely a macZOT phenomenon. We will not use it anywhere else and we don’t want the rights to your photo (other than the right to share it with our audience tomorrow.) We will credit you, and we may share more than just the winner. If you are concerned about Copyrights – please cover your self in whatever works for you.

      We’ve gotten about 10 entries so far. Nice Stuff!
      Thanks – Mike Biskup

    8. kit Says:

      I’ve looked at the bottom of the home page for the contest but don’t see anything there about a contest?
      Maybe I’m just blind……

    9. Tommy Says:

      Make sure you’re looking at and not

    10. Folsom49er Says:

      To Mike Biskup: When you say, “other than the right to share it with our audience tomorrow,” you’re negating your statement “we don’t want the rights to your photo,” so you might want to make sure you have posted rules that either gives you full rights or spells out specifically what you will and won’t do with entrants’ photos. The latter is often not sufficient to get sponsors to participate in a contest, but it may be fine for your purposes. Big sponsors usually have “belt and suspender” lawyers who insist on broad rights language in contest rules.

    11. ZOT Says:


      If anyone is concerned about needing detailed rules for this contest, I suggest they don’t participate. This a relaxed contest – A way to give away a license for today’s ZOT – In the spirit of having fun and sharing. We’ve got about 15 entries now, we’ll choose a winner before 10pm pacific. In less than 4 hours.