Feb 20

LinkAssistant – the industry’s leading link building software.

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Run a winning link-building campaign and explode your website’s sales!

Do you have a Website that you need to rank above the competition? No matter if you already have the top ranking, or if your site is stuck on page 38 in Google, here’s the #1 working solution for you: you need more links pointing to your site. That’s simple: the more links from related Websites you have, the better your "link popularity". And this, in its turn, translates into surprisingly better search engines positions and dramatically multiplies your sales.

LinkAssistant is a brilliant Search Engine Optimization product for Mac designed to help you immensely with link building and let you boost your search engines rankings, drive more targeted traffic to your site, and increase your profits online! It’s the killer combination of dozens of unique features, ease-of-use and unparalleled Customer Support that makes LinkAssistant easily the most powerful and effective link building software you’ll ever lay your hands on.

LinkAssistant is slashing your SEO workload 70-80%!

It’s no secret to us webmasters and SEOs that a site’s link popularity is the single most important factor in all modern search engines — and building links is the #1 priority for anyone who wants to escalate their site’s link popularity and see a huge growth of sales.

LinkAssistant is a powerful tool to automate and improve the many tedious link development tasks you have to invest your time in every day in order to be successful online. It gives you a plethora of easy-to-use, yet powerful SEO tools to seamlessly manage your link building campaigns, dramatically improve Google rankings and drive more targeted traffic to your site!

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  • You will find potential link partners among hundreds of high-quality sites with related content.
  • You will produce a professional link directory with categories and subcategories that is nothing short of stunning and that fits your site’s design like a glove!
  • You will create personal emails to webmasters and site owners, and won’t even have to care to find out their name or email address — LinkAssistant will do that for you.
  • You will check if your link partners are still linking back to you: now you can easily reveal black-hat SEO techniques your link partners might be using against you.
  • You can find and auto-complete online submission forms in FIVE most popular link exchange networks, getting hundreds of links fast!
  • You’ll be totally search engine friendly – LinkAssistant leaves absolutely no traces of its SEO activities.
  • And much more with the most powerful search engine optimiaztion tool!

LinkAssistant was the key to online success of thousands of happy Internet Marketers and SEO professionals from over 30 countries around the world.

Now it’s your turn to unleash the potential
of this powerful link building software!

And with today’s pricetag this gem of a tool is a must-get. Grab LinkAssistant and start getting profitable links right now!

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Today’s your unique chance to also complete your SEO arsenal with other industry-standard SEO tools – at shocking deal-a-day prices. (Thanks ZOT!)

LinkAssistant is perfect at one of the most crucial SEO tasks – link management. Now what about other SEO activities? There’re tools that will boost your efficiency at the rest of search engine optimization jobs. Read on to see how this works.

Briefly, the whole SEO process looks like this:

Rank Tracker 1. Choosing the most profitable keywords for your website.
This involves finding the keywords people are most likely to type in Google when searching for your product or service, and doing research to see at which ones your competition is the weakest. Once you’ve found your golden keywords, all the way through your SEO campaign you’ll need to track your site’s positions for these words and control your rankings.

The software that will help at these tasks – keyword research and tracking of websites’ positions – is Rank Tracker. For those who missed the Feb 17th ZOT, Rank Tracker is on discount today. Get this rockest-fast rank checking tool for only $49 (not $87) today!
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WebSite Auditor 2. Optimization of website content for high rankings.
The first thing that makes or breaks your SEO campaign is the content of your webpage. Create a search engine friendly webpage, wisely stuff it with your keywords, make it look natural – and be sure Google will look at you with delight!

SEO tool that will analyze your website and direct you in successful optimization of your content is WebSite Auditor. It’s also yours today for just $49 (regular price is $87).
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SEO SpyGlass 3. Creating a smart and efficient link building strategy.
Top rankings in search engines are practically impossible without numbers of high quality incoming links, or backlinks. Depending on the niche where your business competes, you may be fine with just a hundred of links – or you may need thousands of them. The easiest way to find out exactly what quantities and what kind of links you need and where to get them is to analyze backlinks of your top competitors’ website.

The unique software to unveil any website’s link strategy and easily create your own winning link building plan is SEO SpyGlass. Regular price: $87. Today at MacZOT for as little as $49. Hit your chance to get this backlink tool to your Mac!

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LinkAssistant 4. Getting high-quality links and controlling your link partners.
Exchange links with topically relevant websites, get lots of one-way links, create a link directory on your site, and control that all your inbound links stay in place, so that your search engine rankings are stable.

Today’s main offer LinkAssistant is the best help at all these and lots of other link management tasks. Hit the Buy button for LinkAssistant and check its full power.

What real users say about these tools:

I didn’t expect to see this big a jump in rankings this fast!

When I stumbled upon SEO SpyGlass, I hopped on it… I was in for some education… At that time I was sitting at page 6 in Google for my niche keyword. After SEO SpyGlass showed me the efforts my competitors were using… I can’t really get into specifics…. but let’s just say I found something that my competitors had left out… and used it to advantage.

Now my two main search terms have both jumped some 50 spots, to rank #5 and #2 in the last 19 days! I didn’t expect to see this big a jump in rankings this fast, so I’m looking forward to seeing how my campaign continues… I do have some stiff competition in my niche, so I think it’s a great start, and I’m sure I’m going to continue moving up!

Kristoff Rand

Finally grabbed that #1 position in Yahoo that’s been eluding me for years!

SEO SpyGlass is exactly what I’ve been searching for for a long time now… With its invaluable insight into why my competitors sites get listed higher than mine, I managed to increase my rankings and finally grab that #1 position in Yahoo that’s been eluding me for years!

Thanks for such a superb tool! I hope my competition never discovers SEO SpyGlass!

Dave Thomas

I finally managed to snatch the #1 position for my main niche keyword I’ve been chasing for months in a row!

SEO SpyGlass ability to quickly and effortlessly reveal the proven SEO methods my competitors are using to consistently show up on page 1 in search engines is simply astounding!

With it, I finally managed to snatch the #1 position for my main niche keyword I’ve been chasing for months in a row!

Pavol Senko

8 Responses to “LinkAssistant”

  1. Mike Hill Says:

    A question to the developer: on your website it says tha LinkAssistant is the only link building software that does not “leave traces of its actvities”. What’s this?

  2. Link-Assistant.Com (developer) Says:

    Hi Mike,
    good question!
    We’re talking about search engine friendliness. There’re tools that will generate a link directory for your website and the code that Google and other search engines see on your website after that has elements that are clearly identified by Googles as footprints of SEO activities. This way this software, if detected, may be risky. LinkAssistant was designed to let you avoid this kind of footprints in the code.
    The same thing about emails that are sent from LA. It’s practically impossible that thousands of emails that you send in bulk were sent by a machine.

  3. Link-Assistant.Com (developer) Says:

    Sorry, the last phrase should read
    It’s practically IMPOSSIBLE TO FIGURE OUT that thousands of emails that you send in bulk were sent by a machine.

  4. Chik Says:


    I utilize iWeb for my blog and I’m wondering if your products are suited for iWeb? If not, what other blogging sites (Typepad, WordPress, etc) are better suited?

    Thank You – Chik

  5. David McDougal Says:

    I missed out on all the other products you offer, and would like to take advantage of them this weekend.

    Is there a upgrade path from the basic to pro (enterprise) versions of your software if we buy them here.

  6. Link-Assistant.Com (Developer) Says:

    sorry for the delayed answer. Weekend…

    >I utilize iWeb for my blog and I’m wondering if your products are suited for >iWeb?

    There’s absolutely no problem with that. Our software will work for iWeb or any other.

    @David McDougal
    >Is there a upgrade path from the basic to pro (enterprise) versions of your >software if we buy them here.

    Yes, David, you’ll be able t upgrade SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and WebSite Auditor any time you choose (switch tothe Report tab and hit the “Publish” button – you’ll see your personal upgrade link then). As for LinkAssistant, the stable Enterprise version will be launched in just a couple of weeks, and you’ll be able to upgrade it as well.

  7. Chik Says:

    Thanks you, David. I’m just getting started. Which two apps are the best to begin with?

    Thank You,


  8. PaulG Says:

    Wake me up when ZOT! has something other then SEO or Website management apps… I mean really… ;)