Feb 22

MathMagic Personal Edition v6.0
the ultimate equation editor on the planet!

Normally: $89.95

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The Ultimate Equation Editor!

MathMagic is an easy-to-use and powerful equation editor for a broad range of users, from Novice to Professional.

If you are a student, teacher, professor, tech writer, engineer, researcher, editor, contents developer, or a human being, you will have to deal with some equations and scientific symbols, from time to time.
And you will find MathMagic useful and ease your life whether or not you are good at Math.

How it works

MathMagic Personal Edition is a stand-alone equation editor application.

You run MathMagic, write any equation or symbol in the editor window fast and easily via keyboard or palettes, or typing TeX expressions or pasting LaTeX or MathML from other editor.

Then, you can bring the beautiful equation to other applications and documents, via Copy&Paste, Drag&Drop, or Export in PICT, EPS, JPEG, PDF, Plain TeX, AMS LaTeX, LaTeX, or MathML.

Since MathMagic is built on top of TeX-like powerful equation formatting engine and WYSIWYG editor, you get the high quality equations on both screen display and various outputs.

You can also re-edit those equations by pasting back to MathMagic editor window. Or save your equations in the equation Clips window by drag&drop for future use.

MathMagic also read various foreign equations, such as MathType equation and Wiki equation via Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste.

Where it works

MathMagic equation works well with

  • Word processors, such as iWork Pages and Numbers, AppleWorks, Nisus Writer, Mellel.
  • Presentation software, such as Keynote or PowerPoint.
  • Layout or graphic software, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress or Illustrator.
  • Others, such as TeX editors/engine, MathML/XML applications.

via Copy&Paste, Drag&Drop, Export in PICT/PDF/JPEG/TeX/MathML.

What you get

  • the regular MathMagic Personal Edition, with at least 3-month of Free upgrade and free tech support
  • After the Free upgrade period, you use the last version of MathMagic Personal Edition continuously.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, including 10.5.x Leopard
  • PowerPC or Intel Macs (Universal Binary)

External Links

MathMagic Home
MathMagic Customer Support

whenever equations are the question,
MathMagic is the magic answer.

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7 Responses to “MathMagic”

  1. Vince Says:

    This rivals Bad Dog Software for the most complex/cluttered screenshot around! Wow! It might be a good app, but geez, easy on the pop-ups and inspectors and pallets!!

  2. Robert Says:

    So for 29 bucks, you ONLY get 3 months of updates? And to continue with updates, you need to pay for more? This does not sound good to me.

  3. Eddie Says:

    I agree. The 3-month upgrade time frame is not attractive. They do offer 1 and 2-year options on their website, but not on this Zot.
    In addition, they offer academic pricing including 2 years of updates.

  4. MathMagic support Says:

    We are sorry for the confustion.

    It means that if there are any upgrades during the next 3-months, you get them free. And you can use the software continuously as long as it works for you.
    It doesn’t mean that you can only use MathMagic for 3 months.

    Its regular price is $89.95. So you get the same product and service as the regular one offers. In addition, we offers those free upgrades for the next 3 months.

  5. barry Says:

    how does it compare to mathtype?

  6. MathMagic support Says:

    Thank you for asking.

    We’d like to say…. MathMagic is simply better.

    Similar in terms of the basic User interface but MathMagic offers more features and many more controls over the equation shape.
    Better equation quality as it is fine tuned by many high end large publishers over the past 10+ years.

    MathMagic can also read MathType equations.

    One thing we could not figure out yet is the compatibility with MS Office 2008 when re-editing equations.
    If there is anything else we missed, please correct.

    You may try both as fully working trials are available from both developers.

  7. barry Says:

    cheers – good answer :)