Mar 31

Rohos Logon Key for Mac
Rohos Logon Key turns any USB drive into a security key for your Mac.

Normally: $30.00

ZOT Price: $15.00

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Rohos Logon Key turns any USB drive into a security key for your Mac. Using Rohos Logon Key you can add hardware level protection for your Mac.
Rohos Logon is a good Mac two-factor authentication solution for those who use or don’t use a password to access their Mac.

As a USB Key you can use:

* Any USB flash drive or iPod
* Bluetooth enabled mobile
* YubiKey OTP token

Your security benefits:

  • The Mac is protected but you don’t need to enter your password manually each time you unlock your Mac
  • Automatically lock your Mac screen when USB Key is unplugged
  • Two-factor authentication: PIN code + USB Key
  • Rohos Logon Key provides cross-platform security for Windows and Mac
  • Unlocking your Mac with a USB token is fully automatic and fast!
  • New option ” Allow to log in only by using USB Key” thus regular password based login may be prohibited.

USB Key security

Rohos Logon allows to use any USB flash drive with on-board serial number to be used as a security token. Rohos does not store any information on USB flash drive, thus allowing to use even non-Mac compatible USB sticks.
Protect your Key with PIN code to prevent unauthorized logon with your USB Key.

How it works

Rohos Logon remembers selected USB flash drive that user has chosen for protection. From that moment when USB drive gets disconnected from Mac – Rohos Logon immediately locks Mac desktop or does nothing.
Depending on a system option “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver” Rohos Logon will use screen-saver to lock your Mac or its own lock window.

If you don’t want to keep your single USB port busy with connected USB Key choose ‘Nothing’ for USB Key removal action.

Rohos Logon user interface allows you to quickly turn ON or OFF USB key protection.

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Universal application

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Mar 31

Golden Gate Bridge
Amazing structure, highly prized unit!

Normally: $50.00

ZOT Price: $0.02

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Get from one place to another in Grand style!

Think of it, now YOU can be owner of your very own bridge. And not just any bridge, this is perhaps one of the most highly prized bridges on the West Coast of the united states.

All your friends, and even people you don’t know, will flock to you like never before. They’ll come to you, millions of people a year. They will want to take a picture of themselves standing in front of your bridge.

What more can we say? Having your own bridge is kind of like having your own planet!!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to own a piece of America.

System Requirements: Yes.

This is Not the bridge.