Mar 31

Golden Gate Bridge
Amazing structure, highly prized unit!

Normally: $50.00

ZOT Price: $0.02

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Get from one place to another in Grand style!

Think of it, now YOU can be owner of your very own bridge. And not just any bridge, this is perhaps one of the most highly prized bridges on the West Coast of the united states.

All your friends, and even people you don’t know, will flock to you like never before. They’ll come to you, millions of people a year. They will want to take a picture of themselves standing in front of your bridge.

What more can we say? Having your own bridge is kind of like having your own planet!!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to own a piece of America.

System Requirements: Yes.

This is Not the bridge.

9 Responses to “Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. sjk Says:

    I’ll take on in each color, please.

  2. em Says:

    does it come with cars?

  3. ZOT Says:

    Everything you see is included.
    Even the water.

  4. Steve C. Says:

    I’ll take it, if I can apply for bailout money when it comes time to repaint.

    Which is always.

  5. Patrick Packard Says:

    We have greek painters which are doing a great job on the Eiffel tower. Maybe I should get in touch with zot to deal a bundle ?

  6. macmac Says:

    But what happens if the usb drive goes south?

  7. macmac Says:

    Sorry for that post.. somehow I ended up posting to yesterday’s app.

  8. ZOT Says:

    Don’t worry about it macmac – The bridge comes with a USB drive also.
    Patrick – The Eiffel Tower would be a nice one to own also. Thanks for the offer.

  9. t5tr Says:

    Great Mike, never thought I would Zot a bridge! #)