Apr 16

Crossword Forge 5.5
Make crossword and word search puzzles easily
Plus a Developer Bonus Giveaway and a Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.97

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Try the Snow Leopard puzzle here

Extra! Extra!

In conjunction with this Zot we are giving away some of our iPhone apps. We have 9 copies of Save Benjis and 9 copies of Adam’s Game to give out. Email us at help AT (hint: replace ‘ AT ‘ with @) with the subject line “MacZot: Save Benjis giveaway” or “MacZot: Adam’s Game giveaway”. We’ll randomly pick 9 from each group Saturday morning , so be sure to send your email address before then.

P.S. Yes, you can enter for both apps but please don’t enter more than once, because we’ll only count you once.

This weekend’s ZOT?
April 18th and 19th


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9 Responses to “Crossword Forge 5.5”

  1. Jim VanDeventer Says:

    I was just looking into this a few days ago. Hey, Sol Robots; have you added the Across Lite text file to the export options yet? That sure would be swell.

  2. Cortis Clark Says:

    As you correctly pointed out in your email to us, there seem to be legal ramifications to adding support for that feature. That puts this feature much lower on the priority list. Sorry!

  3. Keith Says:

    This looks like a great product and one I could really use. Before purchasing, what is your upgrade policy? I didn’t see that on your site or here on Zot.

  4. Keith Says:

    Actually, just found the policy here.

    Does this also apply if purchased today through Zot?

  5. Jim VanDeventer Says:

    Hey Cortis, thanks for the reply. In my email, I was only referring to the process of compiling the .puz as being fiercely proprietary. No documentation I came across discouraged the .txt file creation: in fact, the instructions are readily available on the Litsoft website, here:
    At the very least, Crossword Forge needs to have a workaround. This should be top priority; and if it isn’t, can I ask what is?

  6. Cortis Clark Says:


    Yes. We offer 3 years of free upgrades for the MacZot licenses. The MacZot licenses are identical to our regular licenses.

  7. Cortis Clark Says:


    We can’t go into details about what our priorities are. It gives people unrealistic expectations, and causes trouble for us. We recommend that you buy (or not buy) the product based on its current merits. That said, we do listen closely to our customers and make great efforts to please them.

  8. Jim VanDeventer Says:

    I did buy it. It is pretty cool software, as is. My request just seems so small, it would probably take you no time at all; and it would save me from manually typing out the puzzles. Anyway; cheers Cortis.

  9. Mark Says:

    MacZot is having a string of like to have software. I think I’ll end up with this one too.