Jun 30

Jumsoft iWeb Education Themes
Outstanding web tools for young people – or for sites wanting to appeal to them!

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Young people look for fashion everywhere in everything. A Web site is no exception!

Attracting youth to your site or keeping young people interested in building a site of their own requires a fashionable look.

Reveal your class, school, university and even YOU on the Internet with the new and high-quality Education iWeb themes. Choose your favorite theme – Primary, Cool Class, Teens, College, or University and create a cozy net space for your or your group. With each Education iWeb theme, you get five different color variations to use with it. This allows everyone to find a style that fits.

Education iWeb themes are recommended for those who belong to an educational community from primary-school to the university. They are also great for companies that provide goods for student customers. Exceptional designs with sweet details will help you display the essential information in the best possible way. As always, each theme contains numerous page layouts a designer is likely to need, such as “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Podcast” “Blog,” and “Blank.”


The Primary Education iWeb theme is recommended for web pages aimed at primary school kids, but it is also great for those who need to express the child-like atmosphere. With vivid colors, detailed pencils, funny headings–you’ll find everything you need to attract the youngest ones attention as well as keep a playful mood. There are five different color schemes to choose from— Gold Foil, Bright Blue, Bright Olive, Parrot Blue, and Tan.

Cool Class

The Cool Class Education iWeb theme is especially good for students in the higher grades. It also perfectly fits a school preferring to present a serious as well as friendly atmosphere. There are five different backgrounds to choose from— Mixed Brown, Sand, Flame, Wood, and Wood-au-lait.


The Teens Education iWeb theme reveals a fashionable attitude that is especially attractive to teenagers. This theme also provides a crazy and cheerful mood. You may think the Teens Education iWeb theme is too messy, but we’ve found teens love it! There are five different color schemes you can choose— Orange, Scarab Green, Parrot Blue, Pink, and Lilac.


The College Education iWeb theme is especially good to hold the attention of the scholarly and serious viewer. It perfectly fits the needs of students as well as tutors. There are many options to help a designer display all types of information. The College Education theme variants allows you to highlight your news in several ways—loud, very bright, bright, noticeable, or neutral.


The University Education iWeb theme maintains a solid and scientific ambience. Order is key, so important information is emphasized by placing it against background colors, not by using the cute details. There are five different backgrounds to choose from— Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Flame.

Four simple steps get you started: buy, download, install the theme, and add your content – text, pictures, movies, or other information you want on the Web site. Education iWeb themes come with their own installer application, so you don’t have to worry about moving them to iWeb.

System Requirements: iWeb 2 or higher.

There is no trial for these themes. Please view them on the Jumsoft site.

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