Jul 14

Pony World Deluxe
A light, life-simulation game in the World of Ponies… A great gift for yourself, your girlfriend, kids or grandkids.

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Pony World is filled with the fun and adventure of a lovely pony you choose and control yourself. You are the one who decides whether that pony leads a peaceful life with his/her family, taking care of a spouse and children, or whether he devotes his timeto working, farming or having fun.

Vast and impressive as the sheer array of activities and amusements on offer here is, Pony World Deluxe proves well-worth a roll in the hay.

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The game also gives you the chance to try many additional minigames such as the beauty contest, races or exciting memory games. Money gained by your pony will allow you to extend and decorate your farm. You can plant evergreen trees and fruit trees that will supply you with food, beautiful fountains and colorful umbrellas as well as decorative stones, flowers, bushes and plenty of different, fascinating scenery. What’s more, if you have a desire for trading you can develop your farm for profitable agriculture. Or you can just enjoy your life with visits to the disco or theatre every day, launch fireworks on the farm or play football and hopscotch. The wide variety of choices and developments will give you plenty of entertainment.

    When you enter the Pony World:

  • Think about your pony’s career and decide on his job as a hospital manager, juggler or a magician, etc.
  • Turn the farm into the most beautiful dreamland or create a beneficial business from growing fruits and vegetables
  • Participate in beauty contests, races and memory games
  • Take care of your pony’s needs: keep him/her clean, fed and happy
  • Meet other ponies in parks and develop your network of contacts
  • Invite other ponies to the restaurant, coffee house or theatre – it might be the start of a love story
  • Get married and start a family
  • Go to the forest and pick mushrooms, or maybe some berries?
  • Change his/her hairstyle, hair color, tail and even give him/her a tattoo
  • Let your pony play ball, hopscotch and admire the fireworks
  • The daily newspaper will give you news from the ponies’ town, the weather forecast, theatre plays and job offers

And all of that only in Pony World!

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System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later. Mac PowerPC/Intel

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