Sep 06

Keep your Mac in shape

Normally: $20.00

ZOT Price: $10.00

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MainMenu is a powerful maintenance tool to keep your Mac running like new, packed in a slick and simple interface. Improve application performance, make searching faster and speed up your disk access. All that and more is just two clicks.

Run your Mac faster

Clean caches to improve application performance, rebuild your Spotlight library for faster search, and repair disk permissions for faster disk access.

Batch tasks

Optimize may your Mac while you grab a cup of coffee: save time by grouping your common maintenance tasks into convenient batches.

Easy to use

MainMenu sits readily available in your system menu so you have all the functionality right at your fingertips.

For pros only

Clean log files, remove temporary files, flush the DNS cache, disable and enable the Dashboard, and remove corrupted preferences files.

Growl notifications

Let MainMenu unobtrusively inform you when it completes maintenance tasks.

System requirements

MainMenu runs on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. MainMenu runs on both Intel and PowerPC architectures.

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12 Responses to “MainMenu”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Not even for $10, not after the sketchy garbage that went down after my lovely free version of mainmenu had an update, I updated and find out it’s a paid upgrade, with minimal changes if any and a $20 price tag. I’d give the original developer $10 in this situation in a heart beat, but not someone that bought that app and tried to make a quick buck. Stick with onyx.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Is that what happened? Someone bought it and made it pay? Thanks for that info – now I won’t buy it either. Maybe if they made it $10 retail and $5 on a Zot. But like you said, not under dubious circumstances either way.

  3. Edward Noble Says:

    I examined this last time around. Checked out the developers website. I was so impressed I bought their whole bundle. Great combination of small utilities. I love Main Menu, Sponge, Renamer4Mac and ResizeMe. All have come in very handy. I recommend them all highly. Edward

  4. Edward Noble Says:

    Oh, I left out SLIDEPAD – which I use the most of all. Edward

  5. Jim Says:

    I have been waiting for a deal to update to the paid version. Like some, I was saddened when I realized the free ride was over. However, the dev sold the project and I don’t think there is anything sketchy about it. It does seem like the new publisher is still just recovering from the initial investment because there really is nothing spectacular about the latest update. I would love to see some (substantial) new features for the price. Still, I am considering this.

  6. Philipp Mayerhofer Says:

    Dear macZOT readers,

    As some of you have pointed out above MainMenu turned commercial with the 2.0 release in July.

    While the past developer always stated his intentions that MainMenu would require a paid license at some point, we should have been more clear during the upgrade process.

    Our team worked very hard to make an excellent application even better. You will find that MainMenu 2 offers not just a modernized user interface, but a number of new network and application tasks to make your system administration as easier, as well as more stability and security under the hood.

    We’re proud to be back on macZOT today and I hope you enjoy today’s special offer.

    Best regards
    Philipp Mayerhofer, Dare to be Creative Ltd. (MainMenu developers)

  7. cjc1959au Says:

    The new version won’t even let me get in and try it.

    It just keeps doing the Register/Buy?quit screen.

    Sucks that it now costs money, but I would buy it at $10 if I could check it out and see what else the new version does over the still free 1.74 that I had installed.

  8. cjc1959au Says:

    So now I AppZapper my 1.74 and 2.0 tells me my trial period is now over.

    CRAP even.

    How is one supposed to check out software that doesn’t even all you to look at it.

    Perhaps it’s trying to tell me I need to save my $10.00!

  9. Norbert Hochenleuthner Says:

    Dear cjc1959au,

    the new MainMenu version comes with a 15 day trial period.
    If you didn’t get a chance to take a look at the new version please contact me via email ( and I will figure something out for you.

    Best regards,
    Norbert, Dare to be Creative Ltd. – Support

  10. El Cid Says:

    It is true that the previous developer of MainMenu made it clear from the onset of this application’s release to the public that it would not be free forever, although the transition from one developer to a commercial one did not take place in a user friendly fashion, the new owner/developer deserves credit for his acknowledgment of the flawed process.

    I would suggest to Mr. Philipp Mayerhofer of Dare to be Creative Ltd., that a “release notes” link would make a desirable addition to the application’s page(s) on their website, that is the most clear way to present to the public the improvements and new capabilities of upgrades, perusing their website I did not find any such information.

  11. DW Says:

    I’ll give this developer high marks. After some upgrade confusion he offered a refund, and rather than punish a developer I thought the workaround, a licence to give to a friend. The developer has always offered quick responses to my emails, and responds well to suggestions.

    There are other free programs that do similar things, but I is a lot easier having it in the menu bar. I do a lot of media editing and work on an older machine, and running the crons, and cleaning caches, sometimes mid work day (week), seems to keep things running smoother.

    I would hope that it becomes the OS X version of the old Mac Army Knife, where a bundle of tools is easily accessible, but has lower overhead than Dashboard.

    I also like the menubar icon choices, in particular the hammer and spanner (wrench). Sounds silly, but I prefer to have static applications in my menubar, not the dock.

  12. El Cid Says:

    @DW, I couldn’t agree more with your statement, this application is precious to me, I was awaiting a promotional discount – such as the one being offered here today – in order to upgrade, MainMenu is one of my top three maintenance apps, its simplicity of use belies its plethora of capabilities, all easily accessible from the menu bar.