Mar 10

intuitive and powerful app for organizing and sharing movies

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iVideo is a movie organizer designed with both consumers and professionals in mind. Whether you have a few videos you’d like to share, or whether you have thousands of movies scattered across multiple hard drives and endless stacks of CDs, iVideo is up to the job. Every feature in iVideo helps you get the most of of your movies by following this design: organize your movies so you can find them easily, play them using the integrated movie player (or the player of your choice), then share your favorite movies with friends and family.


  • Browse your movies by thumbnail and set new custom thumbnails for them.
  • Give your movies keywords, notes, ratings, extended information, and more.
  • Keep your files where they are, even if they are in multiple folders or hard drives.
  • Set up separate libraries for work and play and switch between them easily.
  • Create smart playlists that automatically find movies matching the given criteria.
  • Add bookmarks to your favorite online movies, including YouTube videos.


  • Watch movies directly within iVideo and easily switch to other movies in your playlist.
  • You can also watch them in full screen with a controller and multiple monitor support.
  • Play your movies in a different media player with a simple keyboard shortcut.
  • iVideo can optionally remember where you were in your movies for later viewing.


  • View and create web pages in iVideo with beautiful custom themes.
  • Seamlessly share movies with people on your local network or online.
  • Convert your movies to work on Apple devices like the iPhone or Apple TV.

Minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9, QuickTime 7, G3 or Intel

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5 Responses to “iVideo”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Would love to see some comparison with Clipstart as that app has been pretty well reviewed. Also yFlicks which is similar, actually not many reviews of these types of apps about.

  2. Duncan Says:

    Well, yFlicks appears to be dead in the water, so I downloaded this and tried it out. Much faster than the Versiontracker, et al. reviewers claim, even over a network. Couldn’t get it to play nice w/WMV files, with Flip4Mac installed. But developer responded to my email w/in 90 minutes, and says he’ll fix the problem shortly. That’s reassuring enough for me to give it a go.

  3. Duncan Says:

    Developer just sent me his fixed version–works fine. I’m sold.

  4. sjk Says:

    Lack of support for native EyeTV recordings/metadata remains a deal-killer for me with these types of video organizer apps.

  5. belle Says:

    ivideo, eher sounds great!
    well, i think enjoy your movies and videos, video conversion tools may your necessary, this one i come across days before not bad, whether the speed and the quality and also can watermark with company logo, text or another image.