Mar 22

The customizable Twitter client.
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The customizable Twitter client.

Kiwi is a full-featured, themeable Twitter client for Mac OS X. Kiwi supports multiple accounts, groups, saved searches, and rules/filters. Kiwi gives users the power to change the theme to match their desktop.
Kiwi comes with nine built-in themes, many more are available online.


Kiwi likes to spend a lot of time on your desktop,
so we made sure he would fit in. Choose a theme or build
your own — it’s easy.


Kiwi can show one minimalist timeline for
the social media Zen master,
or display lots of accounts for the
social networking butterfly.


Kiwi can manage your tweets
with rules and regular expressions,
plus he can combine Twitter accounts
to create personalized timelines.

Watch the Demo

Too big? Click here for a smaller version.

Form follows function, on foot.


Kiwi is themeable: it comes with nine themes and you can
download more. Themes aren’t just skin deep either;
they can change not just the look of Kiwi, but also what
information is shown and how Kiwi behaves.


Define rules to hide content that you’d like to skip
and highlight the content you don’t want to miss. Use
simple searching and powerful regular expressions
to see exactly the content you want.


Kiwi works great with one account and
smoothly navigates through many. Kiwi comes with a mini
account window that lets you keep tabs on everything
all at once.

Inline Images

See Twitpic image thumbnails right in your timeline. They
expand as hove your mouse, or just click
for a preview.

Saved Searches

Twitter isn’t just about your friends anymore. With
saved searches you can find out the latest news about
the trending topics that are important to you.

Real Retweets

Full support for sending and receiving Twitter’s new retweets. See both the original author and the your friend that sent

Account Groups

Get organized, create mashups, and construct
your own groups of users. Kiwi can merge many accounts
into one timeline, or keep them separate, you decide.

Theme API

Want to create your own theme? It’s easy.
Themes are built using simple HTML and CSS
that’s easy to read. And since Kiwi uses
WebKit, you can use all of the latest
technologies like CSS 3 and transition animations.


Kiwi requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and a Twitter account.

Want to Learn More?

Visit the Kiwi homepage.
Read the Kiwi FAQ.
Or follow us on Twitter: @kiwi_app.

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Kiwi is made by YourHead Software. The makers of Stacks and Blocks, two great plugins for RapidWeaver.

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Fluid Layout

Stacks lets you
build pages that flow text to the
dimensions of a theme even if the theme
has a variable width. You can build
flowing columns, flexible rows, and tiles
of images.

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Nesting Objects

Build columns
within columns within rows within
columns. Or group a stack of objects
inside a box. Almost anything is possible
with Stacks.

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9 Responses to “Kiwi”

  1. adin Says:

    Is there any way to see profiles or follow/unfollow directly from inside Kiwi?

    I saw that auto-scrolling is part of the non-demo version, which isn’t immediately obvious from playing with the demo….

  2. Shishir Says:

    I am very disappointed after buying the license that Kiwi is Snow Leopard only.

    Ideally such restrictions should be put up in bold on the top of the page. Instead its hidden somewhere in the long details.

    Extremely disappointing.

  3. El Cid Says:

    @Shishir, Zot’s promo’s OS requirement details are usually located near the bottom of the description, the responsibility for reading all the applicable information BEFORE buying rests with the buyer (i.e. you, me, et al) it is you who failed to find Kiwi’s compatibility requirements, not Zot, I refer you to Zot’s FAQs page, question 4:

    Q4: If I don’t like the item I ordered, can I return it?

    A: Because the products can be tried before using, there are no returns. Please click on the TRY button to demo the product. We realize that some people purchase the product without trying it first only later to find out that it wasn’t what they had thought it was. Please do not buy the product unless you really want it. We pay the developers the day after the offer ends and complete our financial transactions with them at that time.

    Emphasis, mine.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not related in any way, shape, or form to MacZot and/or its owner(s).

  4. Shishir Says:

    Hi El Cid,

    I am not blaming anyone. Surely its my mistake. But IMHO it would be more responsible for developers / sellers to emphasize the limitations.

  5. Robin S Says:

    I bought it, because I seem to collect Twitter apps. I’ve been mostly using Socialite (formerly EventBox), and I like being able to create smart folders. Now that Twitter has lists, I can use those, too, in Socialite. I don’t see that I can do that with KiWi, but I hope for that in the future. I definitely like its small footprint, something Socialite could learn a thing or two about, and I also like the themes that are so easily applied. But, what I really like is having that Kiwi in my dock. He/she is so cute! It’s worth $4.95 just for the icon.

  6. goochisan Says:

    Can’t download a trial… Anyone else have a problem with YourHead’s site?

  7. Melusine Says:

    It’s too bad there isn’t a version of this for Leopard – I would have loved to have tried it, and most likely, would have bought it. Nice website, anyway.

  8. Steve Says:

    I’m a bit disappointed I missed out on this one. I bought it a few days before for the $10, and it’s an excellent piece of software for Twitter, probably the best on the Mac right now. Uncluttered, powerful and very simple. Just how a piece of Mac software should be!

  9. ysl boots Says:

    Better means more features.
    good post,I think so!