Mar 23

It’s your life. It’s your journal.

Normally: $20.00

ZOT Price: $10.00

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myDiary is a clear and easy-to-use ‘journaling application’
with some cutting-edge functions like an integrated video diary, image and file management. myDiary is a ‘Staff Pick’ at

Today’s diaries are more than text. myDiary is especially made to record your day in pictures, movies and files. Today’s digital world is complicated and stressful. There is no gain in dealing with excessively complicated programs.

All entries are encrypted and can be protected with a password.

myDiary uses one elegant window and every important function is just one click away. If you create a new entry, record a movie with your iSight camera, take a desktop picture or add a file via drag&drop – myDiary is always ready, and integrates seamlessly in your Mac life.

Key features

  • Password protection and AES-256 encryption
  • Easy creation of video diary with iSight or compatible camera
  • AutoSave in background. Never loose an entry
  • Export of single entries and the complete diary
  • Easily export and print images and a list of applied files, films and images
  • Apply and manage unlimited images, movies and files for each entry
  • Drag&drop support for images, movies and files
  • Integrated Quick Look for entries, images, movies, files and complete diary
  • Designed for speed and ease-of-use
  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later. 5.5 MB

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    One Response to “myDiary”

    1. Raf Says:

      Great that myDiary is available on macZOT!

      I was a long-term Journler user who recorded diaries every day. Unfortunately the developer discontinued developing and I started my search for a new piece of software. After looking at some of the well-known places for new software I was really amazed how polished and straight-forward myDiary is. I think it’s even better than Journler for this particular task and a shame I didn’t know it before.

      Since a couple of days I record video with my iSight and write a couple of thoughts down. A good thing is that myDiary works without the fuss of managing files. You just write your entry and myDiary takes care of the rest. I also like the QuickLook integration.

      Since I was testing it in the last couple of days, I’ll buy it today. For just $10 you can’t do anything wrong.