Mar 30

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myManuals is made for creating all kinds of manuals. It’s for teachers wishing to have more attractive teaching aids, trainers dreaming of interesting training manuals with screenshots, and software developers writing gorgeous user manuals.

With myManuals you’ll succeed in crafting attractive manuals and templates in no time. You can customize the design with CSS to fit your needs exactly, or add your corporate design. You can export each manual to a valid webpage, PDF, XML, WORD or RTFD.

The easy-to-use and precise preview allows you to customize your manual for any export format. In addition, you can reuse text and images easily within new manuals.

By intention, myManuals makes use of CSS.
It gives you maximum freedom to customize each manual to fit your design needs.
myManual comes with additional CSS files.
Feel free to give them a try. If you need help with the CSS files contact

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System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later.

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3 Responses to “myManuals”

  1. Raf Says:

    Another great piece of software by MOApp. If you have to write (and update) manuals and organize them in chapters, include images and set custom headers and footers, myManuals is the ideal tool. I use it for more than half a year now and can highly recommend it. Instead of focusing on formatting and messing with different styles, you just write. In the second run you can add images and optionally set headers and footers. After you’ve finished the work, just export and publish your documentation (I especially love the universal PDF output).

    Creating manuals without the fuss… that’s myManuals. I prefer it over Pages, Word and other “sophisticated” applications that get more in your way than let you finish your task.

  2. Mark Says:

    Looking at the example manual, it looks like some page breaks are missing. Is that because the manual is designed more like a webpage instead of a printed page? If the manual that comes with the app is an example, then it’s not what I want.

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