Mar 19

makes sending large files easy

Normally: $17.95

ZOT Price: $8.95

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How many times have you tried sending a large file as an email attachment
only to have it bounced? FileChute makes sending files drag-and-drop easy.
And it makes retrieving files a simple one-click affair for your recipients — no
special software needed.

To send a file, just drop it on FileChute.
FileChute puts the file on your MobileMe account (or another server)
and generates a link for retrieving the file.
Drag the link to your email and send it off. That’s it.
And since what you’re sending is just a link, your recipients
can retrieve the file from a Mac, a PC or any other platform.

You can even drop multiple files and/or folders at once. FileChute
automatically creates an archive in the format of your choice – it
supports dmg, zip and tar – and sends the archive file.

Setting FileChute up to work with your MobileMe account is super easy.
But since not everyone has a MobileMe account, FileChute also works
great with other FTP or WebDAV-accessible web servers. Perform the
one-time set up by following the built-in Help. Once it is properly
set up, FileChute works just as perfectly with non-MobileMe servers.

Still not convinced? Here’s what our users say

Dan Frakes on MacWorld Mac Gems:”…and if you frequently send larger files to others across the Internet, it’s the easiest solution I’ve seen…”

Mac|Life magazine (July 2008) says, “FileChute makes sharing files online cut-and-paste easy.”

gulliver on VersionTracker:”I just tried this out last night,
and I am so hooked. Rarely have I seen such a perfect little app,
I can’t think of what could be improved.”

sinemacula on VersionTracker:”Very nice little app – does what it says and does it well. I particularly like the built-in ability to get a short download url via snipurl – very cool indeed!”

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Snow Leopard ready. Intel or PowerPC Macs.

Get more info at

A macZOT Developer Interview with Jay Teo – Creator of FileChute.

Jay Teo at Yellow Mug Software Worldwide Headquarters

1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

Drag-n-drop simplicity.

2 Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

Like many indie developers, I created FileChute initially to scratch an itch. I wanted a way to send large files in as few steps as possible. For example, if the “file” is really a folder, I want the app to automatically zip it for me before sending. If the resulting link is long and unwieldy, I want the app to automatically obtain a short redirection link for me. Basically, I wanted to be able to drag-n-drop what I want to send and be done with it.

I didn’t (and still don’t) like web-based solutions or solutions that require my recipients to install special software (who wants to install yet another app just to receive a file from someone? That’s nuts!).

So I created FileChute. It turns out my itch is shared by enough Mac users that FileChute is now one of my best-selling apps.

3 What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

One thing I find interesting is the level of misconception regarding Mac software development. Every now and then, someone would ask me something to the effect of, “Isn’t it hard to develop for the Mac since Apple is so secretive and hates third-party developers?”.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Apple is secretive, but only with regards to future products. As a development platform, the Mac is really very “open” in the sense that the development tools are free and frameworks are well documented. Another neat thing is that, being UNIX based, Mac OS X is able to leverage lots of open technologies. For example, I’m currently working on adding SFTP support to FileChute. And I’m doing so using Ruby, an open source scripting language.

4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

FileChute is really simple from the user’s perspective. Drag, drop, send the link. :-)

5 What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

Things broke. Users complained. Developer (yours truly) stayed up all night fixing bugs. New version released. Users happy once again. Profit!

6 What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

I have many favorites. Here are three I use many times a day: Quicksilver, TextExpander and 1Password.

I’d be lost without Quicksilver. I’d still be on question 4 without TextExpander. And without 1Password, my head would hurt from all the random strings (you do use random strings for passwords, don’t you?) I’d need to remember.

7 What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

The “Cure Cancer” button has been on my to-do list forever. I’ll get to that once I’m done implementing the Stop Global Warming feature. Stay tuned.

8 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

Q. Is there a size limit to what you can send?
A. FileChute doesn’t have a limit per se. However, MobileMe limits each file to no more than 2 GB. Other servers may also have some kind of size limit.

Thanks Jay!

Mar 18

DiskTools Pro
Get serious about taking care of your Mac
Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $79.99

ZOT Price: $39.99

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Get the best disk utility at a MacZOT! price

DiskTools Pro is a total system utility for the Mac, and the only one that allows you to schedule when to perform important tasks such as file defragmentation, backup and bad sector repair. With DiskTools Pro there is also no need to boot from a DVD, CD or separate volume in order to find and repair bad sectors, defragment files and perform many other tasks on the startup volume.

Use DiskTools Pro to:

Defragment your files
Create bootable backups
Find and fix bad sectors
Repair volumes
Receive S.M.A.R.T. alerts
Test disk integrity
Benchmark your volumes
Analyze drive capacity
Repair damaged preference files
Monitor your CPU
Find and repair broken aliases
And more!

4 out of 5 Stars
“This suite of hard disk tools included is extensive, though the way its interface works means it’s not going to intimidate the novice user. Standout features include making bootable backups and the ability to schedule defragmentation, bad sector repairs and backup across a range of your volumes. But DiskTools Pro also has a few more strings to its impressive bow.”
-Excerpt from Mac Format Review

DiskTools Pro Cares for Your Mac
“DiskTool Pro is feature complete and comes with a couple of nice surprises in the form of comprehensive SMART testing, an excellent manual, and scheduling capabilities.”
—IT Enquirer’s Product Review

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer (including Snow Leopard)
PowerPC G4 or later
80MB for Program Installation

*Currently there is no demo available for DiskTools Pro

Visit the Macware website to:
Learn more about DiskTools Pro
Learn more about Macware

This weekend’s ZOT?
March 20th and 21st


How many times have you tried sending a large file as an email attachment only to have it bounced? FileChute makes sending files drag-and-drop easy. And it makes retrieving files a simple one-click affair for your recipients — no special software needed.

Learn more about FileChute here…

Mar 17

Manage your money better than the banks do

Normally: $27.95

ZOT Price: $15.95

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Get out of debt your own way

The economy is in a rough spot right now – times are tough, jobs are scarce, and money is tight. It’s not a good time to have debt, and it’s an even worse time to have more. And here we are trying to get you to spend more money on some software.

The difference is – our program is going to end up saving you money.

We all know that we shouldn’t have debt, and if we do have any that we should get rid of it. “Get out of debt now! Fast! As fast as you can! Think of the money you’ll save!” the financial planners scream at us from our televisions.

But…realistically? So what. Talk, talk, talk. You’ve got bills to pay. You’ve got a life to live! You have expenses. Sure, you’ll try and send an extra $50 to your student loan on occasion, when you can. But if you happen to miss a few of those, well, what’s the harm? It’ll be paid off eventually, right?

And you’re right, it will be. But the difference between sending only the minimum payment to your loan and sending the most possible is huge. At the end of the day, would you like to pay all of that money in interest to your bank, or would you rather keep it in your pocket?

Better tracking yields better results

You don’t drive down the highway looking in your rearview mirror. Debtinator helps you keep track of everything you’ve done, but its focus is to help you plan for the future. You tell it where your money is coming from, and what you need to spend it on. It’ll analyze your situation and come up with a plan that suits you best. Other financial tools that only look at where you’ve spent your money are missing half the picture. You need to figure out where it’s best to spend the money to come.

Instead of demanding you make sacrifices and cut back to pay down your bills, Debtiantor tracks everything you want to do. If you want to spend $300/month on clothing, that’s fine. We’re not going to argue. Debtinator just needs to know about it. This isn’t one of those diet programs that says you can’t eat chocolate cake. This is one that shows you exactly what the effects of that cake will be on you down the road and lets you make the decision of whether it’s worth it or not.

You’ve probably got a little bit of extra money left over at the end of the month that you haven’t budgeted. It’s that $20 that a lot of us tend to have at the end of the month and end up blowing it on a pizza. Our bills are paid and we look in our wallets and think “Hey, free money!” and then poof! It’s gone as soon as we find it.

Debtinator will keep track of all of that extra cash for you and show you how to put it towards your debts. Don’t send the minimum to your mortgage. Send the minimum + that $20 you would’ve wasted. The best part is, you’re never going to miss it. You’ve already got money budgeted for pizza, so you’re not missing out. You didn’t even know you had it, so you’ll never notice when you include it with your loan payment. But your bottom line will show a huge savings.

This is how the banks do it. They watch every single penny they have coming in and going out and they’ll do whatever they can to bring in just a few more of them, because they understand that over time it adds up. You should have tools to do the same thing.

And it gets better. As debts get paid off, that frees up even more money. So once that car payment is gone and you have another $200 every month, don’t waste it on video games and movies, start sending it to your mortgage instead. You’ll never notice the difference – you’re still paying the same amount of money every month, you’re just writing one big check instead of two small ones.

Plus, you don’t need to make any changes to your lifestyle. Most debt repayment schemes want you to make sacrifices. “Just spend a little less eating out every month, and save thousands!” Don’t get me wrong – if you want to drop your clothing budget from $300 to $250, we’re all for it. Then you can create a scenario and see how much additional money that’ll save you. But it’s always your choice. If you want to cut back and pay off your debts even faster, then awesome! If it’s more important to you to go out to a movie from time to time and have a dinner on the town, then that’s awesome, too. The point is, all you need to do is be honest about how you want to live your life, and Debtinator will help with the detail work.

If you really miss that extra pizza every month you were treating yourself to, then just add it back in - another $20 in the pizza budget and Debtinator will leave it for you. The point is to play around and see what works for you. You can re-run a scenario as many times as you need until you’re happy with the results. Spend a little less or a little more now, but always know its effects over time.

Save thousands in interest with better planning

Frankly, I feel like a con man advertising this thing. It sounds too good to be true – give us $15.95 and we’ll give you back $1,000! But we’re not actually giving you any money like the scams claim, we’re just giving you the best tool to make sure you keep it in your pocket. It’s your money. Keep it.

The only sacrifice we want you to make is $15.95 to buy a better calculator to keep closer track of your money. So order a small pizza without the hot wings instead of your regular order and that pays for it. Then, when you start using it, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

When you factor in things like mortgages, we’re talking the ability to potentially get out of debt decades sooner with and pay hundreds or thousands less in interest. Surely $15.95 is worth that, right?

Getting rid of your debt means gaining freedom

How do you know who to send those extra payments to? Sure, you may be able to find that extra $50, but who is the best one to send it to? The debt with the highest interest rate? The one that has a low balance transfer rate now, but will skyrocket in 6 months? The one with the lowest balance so you can get it paid off more quickly?

Debtinator includes 21 different repayment strategies, so you can compare them all and see which one works best for you. Sure, realistically, using any strategy is going to save you a fortune over the minimum payments. But if you’re already doing something, you might as well do it right and save yourself that extra $500 by using the right strategy. So use the approach that works for best you.

We’re not here to judge, we’re not here to complain, we’re not here to demand that you radically change your life to pay down your bills. We’re just trying to give you a tool to manage the money you do have more effectively so you can get out of debt that much quicker.

If you have any debts at all (and who doesn’t), please give it a try.The savings can be huge.

Debtinator is a universal binary and requires MacOS X 10.5.4 (Leopard) or better.

For more information, visit’ve got tons of documentation, quick start guides, and tutorial videos to help get you up and going fast.

Keep track of your transactions and schedule payments

And how do you keep track of it all? How much to pay to whom and when? By using the built in transaction ledger. Far more than just a simple checkbook program,
Debtinator helps you partition your bank account into virtual budgets so you can use the Envelope Method
in modern electronic times.

Plus, after you’ve run created a scenario to figure out your optimal repayment strategy, you can then save it as a payment plan so all of your spending is scheduled out for you. No more
needing to keep track of how much you’re sending to your mortgage and when, it’s all available for you and logged into your ledger with a simple click of the “Apply” button once you write the check.

And as an added bonus, you can keep track of your credit cards in the ledger just as easily. This isn’t just for bank accounts, after all. Track all of your spending and see where your money is really going.

And if life changes and something unexpected comes up? Not a problem – just regenerate your payment plan and Debtinator will adjust your schedule to compensate for that unforeseen expense or additional income. If that $500 car repair bill is going to cause you to miss a mortgage payment in 5 years, you can find out about it now and take steps to address it before it becomes a problem.

Finally, if there’s some financial tidbit that the app is missing that you’re just dying to have, please tell us about it. We’ve thought of a lot, but we haven’t covered everything. So let us know. If the app can already do it, we’ll show you how. If it’s a good looking feature, we’ll add it in. Trust us, we hate debt even more than you do, so anything we can do to stomp it out for everyone, everywhere, we’re willing to look at.

Good luck!

Debtinator is a universal binary and requires MacOS X 10.5.4 (Leopard) or better.

For more information, visit’ve got tons of documentation, quick start guides, and tutorial videos to help get you up and going fast.

Mar 16

Flash Decompiler Trillix
See the insides of Flash. Now with Adobe Flash CS4 and Flex files support.

Normally: $79.95

ZOT Price: $49.95

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Flash Decompiler Trillix is a tool for everyone, whose work or hobby is connected with Flash technology. Flash is a very popular standard nowadays and all of us deal with it from time to time. No matter if you are a Flash professional or just learning it, Flash Decompiler Trillix will bring all of its handy features to your fingertips:

  • export SWF elements
  • By means of Flash Decompiler Trillix you can easily decompile SWF file into its component elements and extract the needed elements into various formats. You can export Flash Video, sounds, images, texts and more into appropriate file formats.
  • convert SWF into FLA
    • You may have lost your original FLA file for some reason. Flash Decompiler Trillix will help you reconstruct your original FLA file in a few minutes. There are more than 50 settings for SWF to FLA conversion so one can achieve the best results.
  • convert Adobe Flex files to source project
    • Now you can easily convert Flex files, created by Adobe Flex Builder, into a Flex Builder project.

    Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.X for Mac features other useful options like processing several SWF files at once, preview and playback SWF files, preview ActionScripts, etc.

    Flash Decompiler Trillix is easy to work with, as its interface is logically structured and leads you step-by-step to the desired result.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later. Snow Leopard ready.

    For more information visit

    Mar 15

    Fancy Image Stacks for Rapidweaver
    Beautiful web image effects made easy!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $20.00

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    Every one wants images on their webpages! With the Fancy Image Stacks, you can add elegant, yet simple, effects to your images. There are over a dozen image stacks in this set that give you over 24 effects to choose from. The Fancy Image Stacks utilize JQuery and work very well in all of our favorite browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, Opera, and Internet Explorer (not a favorite but a necessary evil). They even work on your iPhone!

    For a great video overview of these stack check out the screencast done by They did an awesome job!

    Please take these amazing image stacks for a test drive over on our Fancy Image Stacks Demo Site.

    Make sure you also check out the User’s Manual.

    Fancy Image Stacks Overview

    The following is a full list of all of the available Fancy Image Stacks:

    Caption Stack

    The Image Caption Stack is the simplest stack in this set. There are no fancy effects and no javascript. However, the stack does allow you to place a text caption below your images. It gives you are similar effect as an Image Stack with a Text Stack below it. Although, since this is all within the same stack, the text will be much closer to your image, making it look like a true caption should.

    360 Degree Stack

    The Image 360 Degree Stack allows you to show off your products with a 360 degree view. As you hover your mouse over the image, it will rotate around to showcase all angles of the product. This is accomplished through combining multiple images in a sequence and rotate through them.

    Hover Stack

    This stack contains a text background with an image cover. When the mouse hovers over the image, the background and text are revealed. This stack supports the FadeOut and Slide effects.

    Hover Image Stack

    This stack contains an image background with an image cover. When the mouse hovers over the image, the background image is revealed. This stack supports the FadeOut and Slide effects. (The fadeout effect is very cool here!)

    Hover Popup Stack

    This stack contains an image background with a caption that pops up when the mouse hovers over. This stack allows a portion of the caption to always be shown as well as the ability to hide the entire caption.

    Puzzle Stack

    The Image Puzzle Stack is a really fun stack that allows you to turn any image into puzzle like above. The puzzles are very easy to play, just click on the square you would like to move. The puzzle also keep track of how many moves you have done and how long it took you. This stack works great as a marketing tool for you website by letting your customers have a little fun!

    Reflection Stack

    The Image Reflection Stack provides an elegant reflection to your images. Drag and drop and instant reflection. It could not be easier!

    Revealer Stack

    The Image Reveal Stack gives you show a portion of a larger image and with the click of a mouse, reveal the full image.

    Zoom Stack

    The Image Zoom Stack gives you’re a great effect of zooming the image from a thumbnail to the full version by simply clicking on the image.

    Lightbox Stack

    The Image Lightbox Stack gives you the ability to create lightbox galleries with the flexibility of allowing you to place you images anywhere you want on the page. It provides navigation controls within the lightbox that make it simple to click through the images in the gallery.

    Magnify Stack

    The Image Magnify Stack is an amazing stack that allows you to hover over an image and have a magnified version of it appear. You can then navigate over the image and watch the magnified version move along with your mouse.

    Preview Stack

    The Image Preview Stack show a full scale preview of an image when the mouse hovers over a thumbnail. The preview window hovers along with the mouse above all content and can be configured to show in any position relative to the mouse (left, right, above or below).

    What software is required?

    In order to be able to use any of the Stacks plugin that are on this site, you will need to have the following software installed:

    Apple OS X 10.5
    Realmac Software’s Rapidweaver v4.2+
    YouHead Software’s Stacks Plugin v1.2+

    Developer’s Website:

    Mar 14

    Give Your Image an Edge

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $7.49

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    Scrapbook Quality Photo Edging

    Have you ever looked at a photo with a cool torn-paper edge and wonder how you can get that effect on your own photos? Using EasyFrame, you can apply all sorts of cool frames and edge effects to your photos in seconds.

    Just open an image file, select a frame, adjust the image by dragging if necessary and save. That’s it. Instead of saving, you can even drag the framed image straight to another app (think Mail, or blogging software).

    EasyFrame comes with a rich collection of built-in frames, but it also lets you very easily add your own edge effects.

    “It’s simple to use, very stable and does exactly what it says that it will.”

    “I just downloaded it a few minutes ago … was sold on it instantly.”

    “All software should be like this. Elegant, simple and effective. Not to mention extremely reasonably priced. It really does do everything I ever needed higher-powered and clumsier apps for.”

    “For adding an artistic frame around a picture EasyFrames is hard to beat.”

    “lovely product have been using it for years wonderful company”

    Get more info here…

    Requires – Mac OS X 10.4 or later

    Today’s ZOT – EasyFrame will also be available through this weekend at the bottom of our home page.

    Also from Yellow Mug Software –

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    March 20th and 21st


    How many times have you tried to email a large file only to have it bounced? There is an easier way to send large files and you have just found it.

    FileChute makes sending files easy. Just drag a file and drop it on FileChute. FileChute puts the file on your MobileMe account and generates a web link for retrieving the file all in one step. Next drag the generated link into your email and you’re set to go. And since what you’re sending is just a link, your recipients can retrieve the file from a Mac, a PC or any other platform.

    We’ll also have a ZOT Developer Interview with Jay Teo, the man behind Yellow Mug Software. Creator of Today’s ZOT – EasyFrame

    Learn more about FileChute here…


    Mar 12

    Life Manager Pro
    Organizer software to get things done.

    Special Offer this weekend – The Mac Sale 3 Bundle.
    Over $500 in Software for $49.99! – Click here…

    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $24.50

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    Life Manager Pro is the Solution to Get Things Done

    Life Manager Pro is a personal organizer that includes several modules that connect and relate to each other to from a comprehensive system to manage your life.

    Life Manager Pro integrates with the Mac Address Book and iCal and syncs with the iPhone or iTouch.

  • Collect – Collect or capture all the things that you need to do that are in your head.

  • Vision – Do you have a vision for your life? Life Manager Pro helps that vision become your reality.

  • Goals – Life Manager Pro can be used as goal setting software, focusing your mind on what exactly your goals are in all areas of your life including work, career, health, social, family.

  • Projects – Life Manager Pro tracks your projects to make it easier to complete them.

  • Actions - Life Manager Pro uses the Getting Things Done approach to actions that simplifies the whole process of finishing actions by allowing you to focus on the actions that need your attention now.

  • Contacts - The contacts module keeps a record of all your contacts and the actions that they have done to help you.

  • Calendar – A calendar is an essential tool to organize your life. View your calendar by the month, week or day. Quickly see the details of all your meetings and appointments that you have today.

  • Resources/Reference – Record all your resources: your favorite web sites, equipment, references, passwords, financial information etc.

  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4.11 or later. Snow Leopard Ready.

    For more information go to

    Mar 11

    QuizMaker Pro 2010
    Generate, administer, archive, analyze, and score tests with up to 10 different types of questions.
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below

    Normally: $24.95

    ZOT Price: $12.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    QuizMaker Pro 2010

    QuizMaker Pro 2010 is a full-featured application which generates, administers, scores, analyzes, and archives tests or quizzes with up to 10 different types of questions within a single test. The program can be used to print multiple versions of a single test with answer keys for each version. QuizMaker Pro will administer your tests and provide detailed score analysis by individual, class, or test. In the new version, tests can be placed online for downloading and taking by students. The student’s results can then be email to you. See the feature set below for more information about this exciting new version.

    Possible Uses of QuizMaker Pro 2010

    In the classroom…

    …create classes to group your students. Store tests in QMPro. Enable the tests as you need them or set a single test that all will take. Analyze student scores, see what questions are being missed, track how each student performs.

    In the school…

    …with a site license, place all data on a LAN server. Install on client computers connected to the LAN. Students are grouped by classes for teacher convenience. View and analyze all scores from any computer on the LAN (password protected).

    In the home…

    …take practice tests, review material for class. Learn a new subject by testing yourself. The new ‘Practice Mode’ allows the user to see correct answers immediately. A great tool for home-schoolers.

    In the office…

    …set up on individual computers or on a LAN, QMPro is an excellent tool for employee evaluations and training. Add employee numbers/ID’s to the class lists for easy tracking. Email or printout user scores for maintaining records.

    For the individual…

    …QMPro is a great tool for studying for those important exams. Use the ‘Practice Mode’ for immediate feedback. Enable multiple takes of a given test to track your improvement over time.

    This QuizMaker Pro version 2010 is the same program licensed by Harvard Medical School to prepare their students. QuizMaker Pro is also being used by schools, homes, and businesses as a convenient and reliable method of assessment, preparation, and study. Online help and registration documents are available within the application.

    Additional Information (including instructional videos):

    QuizMaker Pro 2010 Features

  • Up to 10 different types of questions can now be included within a single quiz file.
  • Un-graded survey questions can now be included within the quiz.
  • Question types now include Multiple Choice with multiple correct answers and Short Answer with multiple responses required.
  • Essay questions may be included and graded by the test admin.
  • Added entire quiz “Find and Replace” functionality.
  • Added ability to assign categories to questions. Results will indicate performance by category
  • Added “Change Case” option when creating tests
  • The new Practice Mode allows test takers to immediately see the correct answer(s).
  • Test creators can append a test onto another test.
  • Test questions can be added to the end of the quiz or inserted between to existing questions.
  • Test creator may assign a point value to every question, thus weighting certain questions.
  • Test scores can be exported to TSV format for importing into spreadsheet programs.
  • Quizzes can be uploaded by the test admin. to an internet server via FTP.
  • Quizzes can be downloaded by any user from the server and are immediately available for testing.
  • Test creators can set the quiz parameters to have test results forwarded by email.
  • Administrators can print out multiple version of a quiz with corresponding answer sheets for each version.
  • Tests can be printed with text styling included
  • Program can be set to use a computer voice to read questions and answers.
  • Test analysis shown with graphical representation.
  • Individual score data shown from within the scores screen
  • Include multiple media attachments (picts, movies, sounds) with each question
  • Quiz explanations show within the test window.
  • An alternate location may be designated for the Quizzes and Pictures… folders
  • A styling toolbar makes adding text styles easy.
  • Features drag-and-drop adding of pictures, movies, and sounds to the correct folder.
  • Classes and student names now entered within the same screen.
  • Student information may include a unique identifier such as a student or employee ID.
  • Students may add their own names to any pre-created class.
  • Includes improved, printable help within the program.
  • Uses single, consistent graphical theme.
  • System Requirements

  • QuizMaker Pro 2010 requires OS 10.3.9 or better
  • Version 2010r1 is a Universal Binary build which will run natively on Intel Macs and PPC Macs.
  • It will run with 512 MB of RAM. 1 GB or more is recommended.
  • QuizMaker Pro 2010 requires a monitor capable of at least 800×600 resolution. A 17-inch monitor will handle that requirement.
  • About Class One Software

    Class One Software ( has been offering quality software products for the education market since 1994. Developed for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, Class One Software titles emphasize ease of use and practicality. Our programs have been registered by schools, universities, parents, and individual learners of all ages. All software comes with a 30-day demo period in which the user can try out the program with all features enabled before deciding to buy.

    Roger Clary, owner of Class One Software, is a retired school teacher with 35 years of teaching experience at all levels. He and his wife, Patricia, a retired teacher and educational consultant, extensively test each piece of software to assure that it is easy to use and meets the needs of the education market.

    Additional Information (including instructional videos):

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    March 13th and 14th

    Life Manager Pro

    Life Manager Pro is the Solution to Get Things Done. Life Manager Pro is personal organizer software that includes several modules that connect and relate to each other to from a comprehensive system to manage your life. It integrates with the Mac Address Book and Ical and syncs with the Iphone or Itouch.

    Learn more about Life Manager Pro here…

    Mar 10

    intuitive and powerful app for organizing and sharing movies

    Normally: $20.00

    ZOT Price: $11.00

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    iVideo is a movie organizer designed with both consumers and professionals in mind. Whether you have a few videos you’d like to share, or whether you have thousands of movies scattered across multiple hard drives and endless stacks of CDs, iVideo is up to the job. Every feature in iVideo helps you get the most of of your movies by following this design: organize your movies so you can find them easily, play them using the integrated movie player (or the player of your choice), then share your favorite movies with friends and family.


    • Browse your movies by thumbnail and set new custom thumbnails for them.
    • Give your movies keywords, notes, ratings, extended information, and more.
    • Keep your files where they are, even if they are in multiple folders or hard drives.
    • Set up separate libraries for work and play and switch between them easily.
    • Create smart playlists that automatically find movies matching the given criteria.
    • Add bookmarks to your favorite online movies, including YouTube videos.


    • Watch movies directly within iVideo and easily switch to other movies in your playlist.
    • You can also watch them in full screen with a controller and multiple monitor support.
    • Play your movies in a different media player with a simple keyboard shortcut.
    • iVideo can optionally remember where you were in your movies for later viewing.


    • View and create web pages in iVideo with beautiful custom themes.
    • Seamlessly share movies with people on your local network or online.
    • Convert your movies to work on Apple devices like the iPhone or Apple TV.

    Minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9, QuickTime 7, G3 or Intel

    For more information, please visit Thanks!

    Mar 09

    Simple WindowSets
    Manage Finder windows with ease!

    Normally: $12.95

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    About Simple WindowSets

    Are you always digging into the same folders? Do you often have several Finder windows open to perform a task? Then Simple WindowSets is for you! Simple WindowSets sits in your menu bar and is always there when you need it!

    You position some Finder windows on your desktop, arrange them however you want, with any view options you want, and then use Simple WindowSets to save them as a set. Your set can be comprised of as many windows as you like and you can save as many sets as you like. Now that you have a set saved, you can restore those windows any time you want by selecting the set from the menu. It’s that easy!

    Why I created Simple WindowSets (SWS)

    The whole point of creating SWS was to make a product that I wanted to use. I personally needed this task. I’m constantly in-and-out of folders all day long so I needed something to speed that process. Spaces in 10.5 Leopard is one solution, but that’s much more than I need. So the goal of SWS is simply to save sets of Finder windows and allow you to most easily retrieve them. I didn’t want it to have every feature that you can imagine. I put in the features that I think will impact a person’s productivity. Version 3.0 was just released and this version is the most powerful and easy to use version yet. The global keyboard shortcuts have become essential for me. I’m still amazed how much time Simple WindowSets saves me every day.

    It’s a Menu Bar Application!

    Simple WindowSets runs primarily from the menu bar. When you launch it you will see the icon at the top of your screen near the date/time and spotlight search field. That’s Simple WindowSets! The menu has most of the commands you need to perform common tasks. As a menu-bar application it is available to you at all times. If you need more advanced capabilities then you can choose “Manage WindowSets…” from the menu and the Manager window will display containing other advanced functions.

    Customizing the Menu

    You can use your own images to represent your sets in the menu. Simple WindowSets comes with some images but by using your own you can personalize the menu and make it work better for you. You simply name an image the same name as a window set, then put the image in the following folder (~/Library/Application Support/HAMSoft Engineering/Simple WindowSets/MenuImages), and this image will be used for that set.

    Under the tools menu are some commands that will help you set up the images in the menu. Above are some examples of what you can do with custom images.

    Global Keyboard Shortcuts

    You can restore the first 10 window sets in the menu using keyboard shortcuts. To do this, hold down the control-shift keys and then press the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 0 on your keyboard. The appropriate window set will be restored for you. For example pressing control-shift-1 will restore the first window set listed in the menu.

    The keyboard shortcuts will work any time, no matter what application you are currently using. Notice that the title of the menu has (control-shift 1 thru 0) in it to remind you of the global keyboard shortcuts.

    Modifier Keys to access all functions from menu!

    You can access other options by holding down modifier keys when in the menu. Holding the option key down allows you to update the selected window set. Try the control, shift, and even command-option keys for other functions!

    What window properties are saved in a set?

    All of them. There are many properties such as how the window looks, the size of the icons and text, the current view (i.e. icon view, list view, column view, or flow view), where the window is positioned, how the window is sorted etc. These properties are saved for each window of your set. When you choose to restore your set after it’s been saved, the windows will return just as you left them.

    What are people saying about it?

    Craig Grannell from Cult of Mac

    Lists Simple WindowSets as one of his 6 most favorite menu extras

    If you regularly work on projects requiring a bunch of Finder windows, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to set them up every time. Also, Finder isn’t the most stable of apps, and one quick crash is all it needs to take with it your careful planning. This latest release of Simple WindowSets does away with such problems, enabling you to define window sets based on currently open Finder windows and restore said sets from its menu-bar extra’s drop-down. Usefully, existing sets can be updated, and preferences settings enable you to append or replace on-screen Finder windows with a selected set… it’s therefore an essential download.

    A recent customer

    I’m a designer by trade and having your program sure cuts down on my time in opening different clients and all the windows I need each time. Thanks for the great work.

    Review on MacUpdate

    I rather like this. I use a lot of different split-pane settings, and this lets me choose them quickly. The program works very well. I was in the midst of trying it out when I experienced a glitch from another program that was severe enough to prompt me to erase my drive and reinstall everything. (Let me be very very clear – Simple WindowSets did NOT harm my system. It was something totally unrelated.) Anyway, I had saved my preferences for SWS, and afer reinstalling, the program still remembered all of my previous settings perfectly. I was sold on it.

    Review on

    …No Negatives, It does what is says it does and does it very well.

    What are the computer requirements?

    Simple WindowSets will work on Macintosh computers with system software of MacOSX 10.4 and higher. It is a “Universal Binary” application so it will work on both PPC and Intel based Macs.

    More Information

    Simple WindowSets Website

    Other HAMSoft Engineering Products