Jul 29

Jumsoft Aperture Themes 2.0
Create Your Own Gallery
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Make Them See

Create your own gallery. Share your view with the world.

Aperture Enhanced

As every Apple fan with a knack for photography knows, Aperture is an excellent application that allows you to import, manage, and enhance your pictures in integrated, straightforward steps. Jumsoft takes it another step forward, giving you more options for handling your photo collection with professionally designed Aperture Themes 2.0.

Pretty Easy

Have a huge folder of photos or pictures on your computer? Why not display your gallery in the most convenient, modern, and (most importantly) professional way? Give up the tedious habit of uploading photos on the Internet one by one for effortless and lightning-fast import with Aperture and its 16 stunning themes from Jumsoft. The neutral coloration and simple, yet sophisticated styling are suitable for all sorts of galleries. For this reason, the six themes from the previous version and ten new additions to Aperture Themes 2.0 will meet the needs of both professional and amateur photographers and collectors.

Style and Function

Choose one of seven beautiful new themes that display photographs in their original sizes, or opt for Retro, Exposure, or Precision, which will crop your pictures into squares and organize them in perfectly neat lines. Each of the high-quality themes contains up to 10 layouts, allowing you to find that perfect combination of style and functionality. As a result, you will receive a total of 51 stylish layouts that showcase your photos with grace.

Ready, Steady, Show

Three simple steps will get you started: buy, download, and install the Aperture Themes 2.0 bundle. Choose the theme and layouts you prefer, and show the world what it is you see.

Jumsoft Aperture Themes 2.0 will be available this weekend at today’s price. Look for a link on our home page.

Aperture 2.0 or higher.

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