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Your personal travel planner
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Plan, organize, and relive your greatest adventures


Search the world for interesting places, points of interest, or even a friend’s street address. Locate cities, hotels, museums, airports, and more. Map Search uses an extensive online geographic database that is constantly improving.

Knapsack’s incredibly detailed world map let’s you view your trip’s destinations at any level of detail. Get an overview of your trip or zoom in to see all the parking lots near your hotel.


Plan that ultimate family trip with something for everyone. Lay out your travel plans, destinations, activities, and even your packing lists. Fill your days with scheduled events and keep a list of all things you hope to do. When you return from your trip, add notes about what you liked or didn’t like to create a memory of your trip.


Built-in smart groups automatically show your upcoming, recent, unscheduled, and top-rated trips. Your travel plans have never been so organized.

Create your own groups to categorize your trips. Create a group called “Europe” and drag all your European vacations there. Or, use a group called “Business Trips” to organize those not-for-pleasure excursions.

Sync your trip to your calendar in iCal. Update your activities or to do items in iCal or Knapsack and the changes are immediately synchronized. Take your trip with you on your iPhone or iPad and make changes while you’re traveling. When you return and sync with iCal, your changes are automatically made in Knapsack. Alternatively, publish your trip to iCal with a one-way export.


Just as you might stick a pin on a map to mark a spot that you’ve visited, you can use the map in Knapsack to place pins that represent locations from your trips.

Click on any map pin to see a postcard from that location. Location postcards give you a place to describe each destination in your trip. Add your own photo to memorialize your experience.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6

See more details and screen shots on the Knapsack Homepage

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