Nov 19

Jumsoft iWeb Themes Bundle
Create amazing iWeb sites!

Normally: $69.99

ZOT Price: $34.99

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Dressing up a Web site…

…is a difficult task for those who are not blessed with specific talents and/or skills. Create your Web site effortlessly as we offer you a collection of brand new and original iWeb templates for your homemade, but by no means, sketchy Web site. Each template contains the following set of page layouts: “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Blog,” “Podcast,” and a blank page. Arrange the layouts of your favorite template to suit your preferences and create a uniquely customized Web site. This is as fun as it gets! Purchase a template, download it, and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Simple as that!

iWeb enables you to compose your Web site effortlessly. We know that sometimes you like the design of the Web site theme, but the color schemes does not fit your needs. That’s why, each of iWeb themes we offer has different color schemes to choose from.

Four simple steps get you started. Buy, download, install the theme, and add your content – pictures, movies, or whatever you want on your Web site. iWeb themes come with their own installer application, so you don’t have to worry about moving them to iWeb. As always each theme contains numerous page layouts you are likely to need, such as “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Podcast” “Blog,” and “Blank.”

There is no TRY button today, because these are themes which do not have trial versions. See ALL the themes, and find out more about the Jumsoft iWeb Themes Bundle here….

Requires iWeb 2 or higher.
* iWeb themes support all browsers except Internet Explorer 6.0 or earlier.