Dec 26

Fast & Easy Prints

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Get a digital camera for the holiday season? Have you taken pictures recently? PrintSprint makes it easy to get prints of your digital photos!

Like fast & easy?

You’ll love PrintSprint!

If you’ve taken a few hundred (or thousand) photos with your digital camera and found it so tedious to make prints that you just don’t get around to it, then PrintSprint is the solution for you.

While there are many ways to make prints, they usually involve multiple applications, windows, or several views and modes and lots of clicking. PrintSprint makes it simple to select photos, set the print size, quantity, and crop and then generate your order.

All from a single window.

Better yet, PrintSprint never modifies your originals and it works with your organizational system so it doesn’t matter if you’re using iPhoto, Aperture or have your photos on your hard drives or CDs.

PrintSprint Features:

  • Print photos at home or fully prepare them for sending to a service
  • Easiest way to make prints from your photos.
  • Works with iPhoto, Aperture, or custom photo organization on your hard drive.
  • Crop and rotate photos
  • Easily set print size and quantity


  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

For more information check out the PrintSprint pages at Blue Lamp Software.

One Response to “PrintSprint”

  1. rbarr99 Says:

    Does this offer true cropping. I seem not to be able to do it and the video does not show true cropping.