Feb 22

Quick and Easy Screen Prototypes

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ZOT Price: $49.95

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Create five screens in ten minutes without any programming knowledge or prior training!

Create quick screen prototypes and experiment interactively with your clients, quickly visualizing scenarios of your application, even before the coding has started.

Make effective presentations by showing screens to your customers, and getting valuable feedback from them.

Improve project communication by bridging the gap between clients and developers, using MockupScreens to visualize the application being built.

Build better systems by clearly understanding your users’ needs. MockupScreens makes it easy to turn abstract ideas into a detailed prototype.

Satisfy your customers by building on user feedback and managing user expectations, using MockupScreens to demonstrate the design and function of the system.

Get better results by staying focused and avoiding rework, using MockupScreens to clarify requirements and set the priorities right

As Seen on MSDN Magazine:

“MockupScreens makes creating wireframe screens and organizing them into scenarios as simple as pointing and clicking.”

Switch between Mac, Black and white or Windows skin for your mock-ups.

Make comments right on the screens and print meeting-ready documentation.

For Independent Consultants…

If you are independent consultant or developer, then MockupScreens allows you to prepare bids and proposals much more quickly than you can do today. If you can develop and submit an additional proposal every three months, this piece of software will pay for itself immediately.

Or if You Work for Corporate IT Department!

And if you work for corporate IT department, then MockupScreens avoids misunderstandings and expensive development projects that result in the wrong system being developed. And we are talking about tiny fraction of the cost of project development!

Understand Your Customer:

Once the requirements have been gathered, take the easy route and test your grasp of the users’ needs by presenting them with the one thing they understand best. Give them a visual representation of the screens that they’ll actually use when the new system is installed. MockupScreens lets you show them what you believe they need, in terms that they’ll understand. Users will have an opportunity to tell you what they REALLY want, before program development begins.

Get Better Software Requirements!

Misunderstandings are costly in software development. If you are not careful, you could find yourself aiming at a moving target while scope creeps up on you or even end up building an application that nobody needs or wants. The right thing to do is to use prototypes as a tool to show you where you are wrong – immediately.

Ensure Your Team’s Success!

Many top-notch software development teams don’t have system analysts on board. The task of developing the requirements often falls to the programmer who has the best communication skills. With developers, users, and management speaking their own special languages, there are many opportunities to “get it wrong”.

You can ensure your success by creating and presenting visual prototypes, including screen shots or screen mockups. Mockupscreens lets you speed your way through the creation of visual prototypes. You don’t need to be an artist to create clear, stunning screens with MockupScreens.

System Requirements: Mac OSX Leopard or Snow Leopard.

Need More Info?

For much more details along with more screenshots, short video demo and discounted multiple license packages
click here to go to the MockupScreens website.

What are you waiting for? Start creating screens right away!

3 Responses to “MockupScreens”

  1. wbrisett Says:

    I wonder if there are any plans to add Android and iOS skins?

  2. ubrgeek Says:

    *argggh!* Why couldn’t this zot have come out a month ago when I had disposable income!??! :)

  3. goochisan Says: is STILL broken… can’t download the trial.