Mar 24

TranslateIt! Deluxe 14 for Mac
Multilingual dictionary that allows you to look up words on the fly!
Lifetime License!

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Would you like to have a Mac OS X dictionary which could translate, on the fly, any word from any language?

Congratulations! You’ve just found it!

We are happy to present TranslateIt! Deluxe 14 for Mac!

Just hover the pointer over an unfamiliar word in any Cocoa Application, and you will see its translation in a pop-up window instantly.

Dictionary window:

Text translation tool window:

TranslateIt! for Mac features:

  • Look up words in any applications by simply moving the pointer over them
  • Integrated converter for XDXF, Babylon, SDICT, Apple Dictionary, DSL, DCT dictionaries formats
  • More than 300 ready to use additional dictionaries available – click here for details.
  • Words Quiz – (a game for easy learning of new words)
  • English, German, French, Spanish and Russian morphology support
  • Google Chrome, FireFox, Thunderbird and MS Office support (use extensions)
  • Translation from/to any language (corresponding dictionaries must be installed)
  • Translation Methods:
  • Translation from clipboard
  • Drag-and-drop translation
  • Manual input of queries in the main window
  • Double-click translation of words in dictionary entries displayed in the main window
  • Spotlight-like ‘search as you type’ input method
  • Searching through all installed dictionaries simultaneously
  • Printing of flash cards
  • Multilingual user interface

  • What do users say about TranslateIt!?

    TranslateIt is a mature and useful dictionary app. I’ve been using it for years, and it just gets more powerful with age without sacrificing simplicity. I find the wildcard searching feature really useful for finding all the words in Russian with a shared root and seeing all the different prefixes.

    Zak K.
    Country: Australia
    City: Sydney

    Thank you for writing. I use TranslateIT on my Mac since more than 2 years. I find this really great and useful for my work and everyday life. It would be also great to get iphone version ones.

    Sergey Bardadim
    Country: Russian Federation
    City: St.Petersburg

    I am german and live mostly in english speaking countries. I do need a
    very good english german dictionary, since I need to look up uncommon
    words. TranslateIt is the first program I found which fulfills my
    , it has never not found a translation for me. I also
    do enjoy the history function, which helps me to remember the new
    vocabulary. I highly recommend this program.

    Tarika Uehleke
    Country: Germany

    I use TranslateIt! for Mac every day and find it excellent. I don’t think there is anything comparable on the market.
    The program is unobtrusive and integrates into Mac OS very well. The dictionaries are extensive, the user interface is well designed, and the software is very stable – hasn’t crashed yet. I’m very happy with TranslateIt!.

    Gleb Dolgich
    Country: Lithuania
    City: Kaunas

    I think TranslateIt! is fantastic.
    I use it for German/English translation or vice-versa. It’s one of the few products out there that does both (I have English/German dictionary on my Mac, but it doesn’t do German/English). If there’s a computer nearby, TranslateIt! is faster than using a bound dictionary, and more reliable than web translators.

    Chris Wolf
    Country: United States
    City: Dulles

    This ZOT gets you a lifetime license to use TranslateIt!

    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    TranslateIt! Deluxe 10.2 for Mac is still available for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

    Get it here…

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    2 Responses to “TranslateIt! Deluxe 14 for Mac”

    1. MrMojo Says:

      Does the developer’s 30-day refund apply to the Translateit! MacZot?

    2. leonidus Says:

      MrMojo, TranslateIt! has 20-days of free tryal. MacZot promo for TranslateIt! will continue more 2 days. Each can working with program and decide buy or not buy.