Mar 28

Create tiled patterns and background images with zero artistic skills!

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What is it?

Patterno is an easy to use application for creating tiled patterns and background images on your Mac. It is useful for designing your site or Twitter page, for creating business or post cards. Almost any task where you need some kind of seamless texture or want to have number of graphics objects to be tiled on a surface can be covered by this app.

I am not an artist, can I use it?

Patterno doesn’t require any artistic skills and comes with 50+ ready-to-use design templates. You need just a few minutes to create your own masterpiece! Application slim user interface, real-time preview and overall logical simplicity turns the routine tasks of backgrounds, wallpapers and banners-making into a joke!

What other people say?

“Great and clean interface for Patterno. And it is awesome! I love it”
 Christophe Schmitt,

Where can I see more screenshots and images?

Please visit the product’s page here.

System requirements

Patterno requires Snow Leopard to run and fully supports 64 bits.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.