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Video Conversion made Easy
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VidConvert is a video converter designed to make converting your videos simple and easy. VidConvert will convert just about any type of video into one of the many popular formats of today. Creating videos for your iPhone or iPad, for your Mac or TV, or formats such as DivX and MPEG are just a click away with VidConvert.

You do not need to be an expert to use VidConvert. Simply add a file, select a format and a quality, and click convert. Optionally you can change your save folder from the main window. For advanced users you can select the Advanced quality if you choose to allow such options as custom Frame Rate, Bit Rate, etc. But for most users simply choosing Normal or High quality should be sufficient. After your conversion is finished simply add more files or quit VidConvert and the job is done.

Supported formats include iPhone, iPod, iPad, QuickTime, .mp4, MPEG-1 and 2, DivX, Xvid, and audio only formats such as .mp3 and .m4a. VidConvert can add iTunes compatible videos directly to your iTunes library for convenience and for syncing with your iPhone, iPod, or other iDevice. It’s also possible to turn your favorite videos in audio only tracks for playback in your favorite audio device. And VidConvert is not limited to creating videos just for Apple devices, in fact any device that can play one of the supported formats can play a video converted by VidConvert. With VidConvert converting your videos couldn’t be easier.

Feature Highlights:

* Supported input – Most any type of video format
* Supported output – iPhone, iPad, iPod, Retina, Apple TV, QuickTime, .mp4, DivX, Xvid, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD (.vob), Windows Media, Flash, .m4a, .mp3, .aiff, .wav, .wma
* Full 64-bit support for the fastest possible conversion
* Normal and High quality presets to make video conversion automatic for most users
* Info panel to obtain Container, Video, and Audio details for each video
* All Apple Devices format to play on all iDevices or Apple TV
* Crop and Trim and more in the Advanced panel to customize your conversion if needed
* Drag and Drop simplicity even with folders of videos and List reordering once videos have been added
* Easily change Save To folder for each batch
* Progress indicator with time remaining for each file
* Sparkle updater to always have the latest version

Language Support:

* U.S. English with more to come

Minimum Requirements:

* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or later (Snow Leopard Compatible)
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 12.2 MB Hard Drive space

VidConvert Website

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April 23/24

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