May 26

IMCapture for FaceTime
Stay face-to-face with your partner even when FaceTime conversation is over!

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IMCapture for FaceTime is intended to record and capture your FaceTime sessions on Mac and Iphone 4

Try, Buy, and learn about IMCapture for Yahoo! Messenger here…

Using this software you don’t need to worry about missing any important details during a conversation. You will be pleasantly surprised with the IMCapture for FaceTime friendly interface that really facilitates and speeds up work with the application. Supporting the most popular audio and video formats, IMCapture enables top quality conversion of your recorded calls using advanced settings.

This recording tool becomes an irreplaceable software both in your everyday life and business. Enjoy your FaceTime calls saved and converted by the powerful call recorder IMCapture for FaceTime!

The recording process itself and the Record time are displayed in the initial window. Moreover, IMCapture for FaceTime enables automatic recording feature that won’t let you miss an important call. If you don’t want to record all calls by default, simply uncheck this function in Preferences.

IMCapture is dedicated to Online video and audio conversations, one-to-one interviews, and online conferencing. iPhone recordings are all the rage now that a large number of Internet users can tap into broadband.

Read more about IMCapture for FaceTime usage at online tutorial

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

FaceTime account

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