Jun 13

The missing “Collect for Output” feature of Adobe® Illustrator® is finally realized, and then some.

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Collect Adobe Illustrator Files in seconds! Art Files is a stand-alone application that takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files and turns it into a simple point & click operation. Art Files focuses on gathering just the information you need to get your files packaged up or ready for archiving.

Art Files …

  • collects Adobe Illustrator documents in seconds.
  • finds linked images and identifies font files so you don’t have to. Just drag & drop.
  • is perfect for archiving artwork for opening at another location or a later date.
  • boosts productivity. Greater efficiency leads to fewer mistakes and better creative.
  • can collect several documents at once. Shared fonts and images are only collected once.
  • integrates Quick Look and Spotlight to help you find broken links and to confirm you have your assets in order.
  • multi-user licenses are easy to deploy, so now is the perfect time to buy for your design team! Contact us after your purchase for more info.

Art Files supports Illustrator documents all the way from 8 to the latest CS5.1.

  Illustrator CS5.1 (15.1)     Illustrator CS5 (15)     Illustrator CS4 (14)
  Illustrator CS3 (13)     Illustrator CS2 (12)     Illustrator CS (11)
  Illustrator 10     Illustrator 9     Illustrator 8

Here’s what people are saying about Art Files

Art Files 2
4.5 out of 5 review from Layers Magazine

Design A Print-Ready Promotional Ad Using Photoshop and Illustrator
Art Files completes this workflow example on Smashing Magazine

Art Files: Illustrator’s Missing ‘Collect for Output’
A detailed review by GoMediaZine


Download our demo and try it out for yourself. Or click here to visit Art File’s website for more information.

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