Jun 23

Fancy Image Stacks for Rapidweaver
Beautiful web image effects made easy!

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Every one wants images on their webpages! With the Fancy Image Stacks, you can add elegant, yet simple, effects to your images. There are over a dozen image stacks in this set that give you over 24 effects to choose from. The Fancy Image Stacks utilize JQuery and work very well in all of our favorite browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, Opera, and Internet Explorer (not a favorite but a necessary evil). They even work on your iPhone!

For a great video overview of these stack check out the screencast done by They did an awesome job!

There is no downloadable trial version.

Make sure you also check out the User’s Manual.

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Fancy Image Stacks Overview

The following is a full list of all of the available Fancy Image Stacks:

Caption Stack

The Image Caption Stack is the simplest stack in this set. There are no fancy effects and no javascript. However, the stack does allow you to place a text caption below your images. It gives you are similar effect as an Image Stack with a Text Stack below it. Although, since this is all within the same stack, the text will be much closer to your image, making it look like a true caption should.

360 Degree Stack

The Image 360 Degree Stack allows you to show off your products with a 360 degree view. As you hover your mouse over the image, it will rotate around to showcase all angles of the product. This is accomplished through combining multiple images in a sequence and rotate through them.

Hover Stack

This stack contains a text background with an image cover. When the mouse hovers over the image, the background and text are revealed. This stack supports the FadeOut and Slide effects.

Popup Caption Stack

This stack contains an image background with a caption that pops up when the mouse hovers over. This stack allows a portion of the caption to always be shown as well as the ability to hide the entire caption.

Puzzle Stack

The Image Puzzle Stack is a really fun stack that allows you to turn any image into puzzle like above. The puzzles are very easy to play, just click on the square you would like to move. The puzzle also keep track of how many moves you have done and how long it took you. This stack works great as a marketing tool for you website by letting your customers have a little fun!

Reflection Stack

The Image Reflection Stack provides an elegant reflection to your images. Drag and drop and instant reflection. It could not be easier!

Revealer Stack

The Image Reveal Stack gives you show a portion of a larger image and with the click of a mouse, reveal the full image.

Zoom Stack

The Image Zoom Stack gives you’re a great effect of zooming the image from a thumbnail to the full version by simply clicking on the image.

Gallery Stack

The Image Lightbox Stack gives you the ability to create lightbox galleries with the flexibility of allowing you to place you images anywhere you want on the page. It provides navigation controls within the lightbox that make it simple to click through the images in the gallery.

Magnify Stack

The Image Magnify Stack is an amazing stack that allows you to hover over an image and have a magnified version of it appear. You can then navigate over the image and watch the magnified version move along with your mouse.

Preview Stack

The Image Preview Stack show a full scale preview of an image when the mouse hovers over a thumbnail. The preview window hovers along with the mouse above all content and can be configured to show in any position relative to the mouse (left, right, above or below).

Prints Stack

Prints is a beautiful stack that allows you to easily create a gallery of images that look like photo prints. As you hover over the images, each one will rotate in a random direction. When the image is clicked, the image will open in a lightbox.

What software is required?

In order to be able to use any of the Stacks plugin that are on this site, you will need to have the following software installed:

Apple OS X 10.5
Realmac Software’s Rapidweaver v4.2+
YouHead Software’s Stacks Plugin v1.2+

Developer’s Website:

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