Nov 20

Fortora Fresh Finance

The People Friendly Personal Finance Software
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Fortora Fresh Finance Personal Finance Software

Fortora Fresh Finance is the straightforward personal finance software for your Mac. With Fortora Fresh Finance, you can easily manage your personal finances, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of credit cards, bill reminders, budgeting and more. And you can easily generate reports to see where your money is going. Fortora Fresh Finance’s streamlined user interface has an easy learning curve, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Stay on top of your finances and know where you stand
Track your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and expenditures much more easily than doing it manually, and always know your net worth.

Enjoy a streamlined user interface
The uncluttered user interface is super easy-to-learn and use, especially compared to other finance software out there.

Never forget to pay another bill or make an important deposit again

Easily setup recurring or one-time reminders for your financial tasks.

Keep your budgeting on track
Easily setup multiple budgets and compare your actual spending with your target spending.

Print Checks
Print standard and wallet checks, making bill paying a breeze.

Take advantage of extensive capabilities
With features such as split transactions, account transfers, real-time search, bulk-editing, import filter rules and much more, you have all the tools you need to manage your finances effectively.

From users…

- I have recently tried other money management software
and yours is the best by far.
- You’ve made me discard all the other personal finance software for good.
- This is the money management software I’ve been wishing for.
- The support is incredible.

See where your money is going
Quickly generate detailed reports, such as Income and Expenses and Cash Flow reports.

Import transactions from your bank
Save time by optionally importing transactions from your online banking service instead of manually inputting them.

Securely connect directly to your financial institutions
Save even more time by optionally connecting directly to your financial institutions and automatically downloading transactions with a single click.

Import data from other finance software
Looking to migrate from your old financial software to something better? It’s no problem with Fortora Fresh Finance.

Suitable for use with most regions
Fortora Fresh Finance is designed to work well for users of many different regions of the world.

Supports multiple currencies
You can manage your foreign accounts with ease in Fortora Fresh Finance.

Works with multiple users/networks
Share the same financial data between multiple users of the same computer, or multiple computers over a network.

Your data is portable

Your data works with both the Mac and Windows editions of the software (great for users who use both Mac and Windows computers.)

And much more
Packed with the features you need, nothing more and nothing less, you’ll find that this is the perfect money management software for your personal finance management needs.

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System Requirements

Fortora Fresh Finance is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including OS X 10.7 Lion.

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8 Responses to “Fortora Fresh Finance”

  1. kitm Says:

    I would like to try this out but I keep getting a message that I’ve used it for more than 21 days so I need to buy it. So apparently I tried it sometime in the past and now can’t try it out again. Too bad the developer is so restrictive and doesn’t realize that people may try out software and not buy it for some reason but decide to try it agin and be unable to because of the restrictions. Result: Lost Sale.

  2. Folsom49er Says:

    This comparison …

    … says FPFS comes up short. I’d like to hear from the developer. Is it a fair comparison? Do you plan to add the missing features, i.e., portfolio support?

  3. cfixsen Says:

    BUYER BEWARE: The purchase of this license will only work for 1 year. There’s not a single mention of that on this page.

    I purchased Fortora about 2 years ago. About 6 months ago, they decided to retroactively change ALL licenses to 1-year licenses. Which I think is pretty shady. I wrote and asked about getting a perpetual license, but they insisted that it didn’t exist.

  4. fortora Says:

    kitm: I apologize for the inconvenience, please send an email to and I will send you instructions on how to resolve your issue.

  5. fortora Says:

    cfixsen: This is not accurate. You will receive from upgrades for 1 year, however the software will work forever. If after 1 year you would like to continue receiving free upgrades, you can renew your license for a discounted fee. But the software will continue to work regardless.

  6. mlgoodson Says:

    I’d also like to follow up on cfixsen’s & fortora comments. I have used Fortora for many years and really like it, but about six months ago, the software stopped updating (fine, and exactly what fortora said). As fortora said, the software does keep working. What was not mentioned is that EVERY time you open and close the software (twice per session), a window comes up to tell you that the software license has expired and isn’t being updated. In short, after a year, the software becomes nagware. This might not be a deal breaker for some, but I found beiing nagged twice per session ( every few times, every month or so, no problem) excessive and irritating for a piece of software that I purchased.

  7. fortora Says:

    mlgoodson: We are going to change this soon and have the software periodically display the notice, say one time a week.

  8. fortora Says:

    Folsom49er: I’m not sure I agree that review states Fortora falls short, and it seems the review is outdated. We do have portfolio support, and yes we are working hard to address issues and possible shortcomings and constantly improving the product