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Essential tools for webmasters

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Welcome to Scrutiny’s first MacZOT!

Improve the quality and search engine ranking of your website by checking your images, your internal and external links, generating an XML sitemap for submission to search engines, validating your html and making essential SEO checks such as page title, headings, meta description and keywords.

How does it work?

Feed Scrutiny your homepage URL and watch it follow internal links to find all of your pages and carry out checks from the same viewpoint as a search engine robot.

What will it tell me?

  • It will check images, all internal and external links and report the server response code for each.
  • It will highlight problems with colour and tell you which page(s) each bad link appears on.
  • It will list all of your pages and export this information as an XML sitemap conforming to the standard protocol for submission to search engines.
  • It will use the w3c html validator (or your own instance of that free software) to check your html validity.
  • It will make essential SEO checks such as page title, headings, meta description and keywords.
  • It will allow you to manage as many sites as you like with different settings for each.

How does that help me?

Fixing these problems will improve your visitors’ experience and improve your search engine rankings.

Visualising your site’s structure as a graph will let you easily spot pages which are ‘out on a limb’ or not as well-connected as they could be.


“Thanks for the great tool, I think webmasters who don’t need advanced options … can make great use of it to spot main on page problems and remove obstacles to high rankings!”
– from review by Singley via Macupdate

System requirements

Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, Intel or ppc. Crawling very large sites will require more resources and internet bandwidth than smaller ones.

More information

More screenshots, history and further information is available at:

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