Dec 25

FontPack Pro

1,000+ commercial use fonts for $1

Normally: $150.00

ZOT Price: $1.00

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FontPack Pro

A premier collection of over 1000 classic, refined, designer and creative style fonts, including a 5-computer license to use the fonts in a variety of for-profit, commercial or personal projects across your organization.

All fonts are available in OpenType format and work in all applications including Quark, Adobe, Microsoft, iLife, iWork and more.

FontPack Pro features:
- 1,000+ royalty free, commercial use fonts
- All fonts in OpenType font format
- 5-user license
- Use on both PC and Mac
- 100% compatible with all applications
- Fully embeddable into documents, Powerpoints, PDFs and more
- International character support
- Completely unique designs from our own font foundry
- And more!

Commercial Use Recommended for:
Web development
Graphic designers
Creative artists
Corporate design
Game development
Online & print publications
Product design
Direct marketing
Mailing campaigns
Video editing
Print & Broadcast media
Greeting cards
Wedding & party invitations
Event announcements

This ZOT will be available through Dec 27th at 10pm PST via a link on this page.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

9 Responses to “FontPack Pro”

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  2. FontPack Pro Mac PC : 1000 Fonts OpenStype Pros à 1 $ au lieu de 150 $ Says:

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  3. Maeric Says:

    The MacZot font collection is sizable but after going through it all, I found all the font families are missing the italic versions. Still pretty good for a buck but not for complete families in text documents. Will have to use these fonts for display text.

  4. hexagonstar Says:

    Bought it, where’s the d/l link to the full pack???

  5. hexagonstar Says:

    The Email I received from you says “To download this software, click the TRY button on our home page during the promo” and so I did. And what do I get? A 29Kb file with one font in it! Is this a joke?

  6. Maeric Says:

    For me, the download link came in an email several hours after I bought it. That TRY button doesn’t work except to give you one font… I clicked that too and thought WTF? I have the whole font collection now but wish the italics versions were included as some of these fonts are pretty cool for text docs.

  7. hexagonstar Says:

    Well, I haven’t received any other email so far. Let’s see if it arrives until tomorrow.

  8. mikeZot Says:

    Hi All,

    The TRY button on our home page gives you a single free commercial use font from the collection. You will receive information on how to download the FULL FontPack Pro within 12 hours after your purchase.
    This ZOT will be available through Dec 27th at 10pm PST.

    Mike Biskup

    Connecting Independent Developers with Mac users worldwide!

  9. GreggJ Says:

    I’m glad I only paid $1. These fonts are not very good, but since there’s no preview of the set even on the developers site, there’s no way to know that. The expanded, narrow and wide versions are merely stretched and squashed from the regular glyphs without any regard for kerning, leading, etc. I guess creating italic versions would have been too much work.