Mar 05

Browse, import and export your music, TV shows, movies and books.

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A Mac App Store exclusive. Click image above for a large screenshot.

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Imagine seeing all of your collections in a single application…

Collections gives you a realistic representation of your tastes and passions at your fingertips. Catalog, browse, and share your music, movies, TV shows and books with a single virtual library. Clean looks and beautiful UI make Collections stand out from similar apps.

Adding items into your library could not be simpler.

  • Directly import from your Mac
  • Find items by EAN, UPC, ASIN and/or any other keyword, for example title, author, director, actor etc.
  • With your iSight, place the product bar code in front of the camera and that’s it, simple as that.
  • Designed for extensibility
    There are three types of plug-ins. Exporters, importers and libraries. Libraries can load practically anything – audio, video, images on your hard disk and/or from other applications, for example, music albums and movies from iTunes are loaded by a plug-in.
    – With plug-ins we can easily extend the functionality of the application.

    Collections takes advantage of Apple’s hottest technologies
    Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text and Image I/O (just to name a few) to maintain a beautiful and responsive interface, even in older Macs. The idea is simple, the software must work great on any Mac. (If you own a super powerful computer, Collections will take advantage of that!)

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    One Response to “Collections”

    1. None Says:

      If you use iWeb regularly like I do this is a must own product with “the feature that isn’t in the app”. iWeb is GREAT but oddly handles sites, keeps all sites open at all times in one enormous list. 50 “sites” and they have 30 pages-an organizational and scrolling nightmare. Multisite can keep one site (or a couple) open at a time and easily switch. Indispensable made more so by Apple appearing to no longer develop iWeb. And, best of all…this Zot price is right!