May 09


Easy, beautiful home inventory
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***Apple Staff Pick at Mac App Store Launch***

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“Compartments is so well-judged and nicely implemented that we can see ourselves cataloguing everything in the house. This well-priced, useful piece of software could pay for itself many times over…” -IT Reviews

“In the age of advertising hype, Compartments is easy to use, faster than expected, and fun.” -Mac360

Includes FREE Upgrades–Never Pay For Upgrades, Ever!

Quickly generate PDF reports for insurance

In the event of disaster or theft, you can easily generate an inventory report of all or some items with one click. The automatically calculates the total estimated value of everything. The report can be printed or saved as a PDF and e-mailed.

Keep covered in case of gadget breakage

Compartments keeps track of everything you need to know about your products: serial numbers, purchase dates, scanned or photographed receipts, and the exact date of your warranty expiration. WarrantyGuard also keeps track of the warranties that are about to expire, so you can be ready to purchase extended warranties if necessary.

Organize your stuff with super-smart collections

Search for anything by name, tag, or type and then save the search as a collection. Collections are auto-updating. For example: save a collection for all items tagged as “Valuable.” Any new items you tag with “Valuable” will automatically be added to the collection.

Keep the whole family in sync

Keep everyone up-to-date with automatic data syncing across multiple computers using a free DropBox account. That way, everyone in the family can find out where items are. Plus, one Compartments license works for all the computers you own.

Easily identify everything with beautiful icons

All items and locations have beautiful icons identifying what type of thing they are. Find items on a list in a glance by looking at the type icons. Plus, sort any list of items by name, type or location.

Keep your data safe, even if your computer is lost

What if your computer gets stolen or damaged? Don’t worry. Compartments data can easily be stored on DropBox so it’s accessible from any other computer. Compartments data also be backed up with a single command.

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System Requirements: Chronicle requires Mac OS X Leopard or greater, and is Snow Leopard and Lion compatible.

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Video Walkthrough and Review

2 Responses to “Compartments”

  1. velomac Says:

    The system requirements (above) states: “Chronicle requires Mac OS X Leopard or greater…”. Shouldn’t that be “Compartments requires…”? Chronicle is another of LittleFin Software’s apps.

  2. mikeZot Says:

    Fixed it.