May 11

Maik Barz “Stacks 2″ Bundle

Get Professional Results Quickly and Easily!

Normally: $57.50

ZOT Price: $24.99

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Stacks is a simple and powerful way to create pages in RapidWeaver: A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout.

This weekend we’re offering two Maik Barz’ Stacks bundles.

Maik Barz “Stacks 2″ Bundle – All NEW Stacks, described on THIS page. (None of these are included in the other bundle.) Compatible with Stacks 2 only.


Maik Barz Stacks Bundle No.1 This is the same bundle we’ve had in previous ZOTs, none of the Stacks are included in the other (Stacks 2) bundle. These Stacks work with Stacks 1 AND are compatible with “Stacks 2.” AND if you have “Stacks 2″ some of the Stacks will already update to “Stacks 2″-enhanced versions. We plan to provide updates for all of them!

Click here for more info and/or to purchase Bundle No. 1.

With the “Stacks 2″ Bundle, you’ll get a bundle of Stacks created for “Stacks 2″ designed for your everday work at creating stunning websites. Get professional results easily and quickly!

These Stacks require Stacks 2! They are not compatible with Stacks 1.x!


Rotator Stack

Rotate and scale your Stacks while you move your mouse over them.
See examples here

Smooth Scrolling Stack

Smoothly scroll to specific positions on your page.
See examples here

Rotapplr Stack

Create a fancy apple-like vertically srolling teaser box.
See examples here

Stack Filter

Create a filterable list of Stacks which rearrange in a fancy way depending on your filter.
See examples here

YouTube Stack

Play YouTube videos on your website using YouTube’s embedded video player. No matter if it’s a single video a playlist or a set of one user’s video uploads.
See examples here

Tweet Stack

Spread your Tweets: Let your visitors create tweets from your site using the embedded ‘Tweet’-button.
See examples here

Jump on the Stacks bandwagon in a serious way this weekend. Grab this bundle and save a bundle.

System requirements:


  • Content Switcher Stack (in the other bundle): Just got content switch update! thanks! Multiple blocks is huge! And “hide on startup” is perfect! This is a monster stack now! (JiveDig –
  • Stack Filter: Awesome stackfilter by @Barzille, filter your content with awesome namination, great supporst as well. (wikomac, Twitter)
  • Lightbox Stack (in the other bundle): Just wanted to say that it works fantastically, too. Best Lightbox I’ve used. (L. Richards)